Czech Republic vs Switzerland (10808 views)

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Group A
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SUI forfeit match.
25.02.08 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Nationscup XI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Bartichello (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te

Total Pot: € 22496
The bets have been cancelled.

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Radio Commentary
cz TeamPlay Radio
By: smOke
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Language: Czech

Total Slots: 250
Listener Peak: 16

Enemy Territory TV
cz eeriness ETTV
By: Smejky (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 2
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
de #LoFT ETTV3
By: benJi (ettvd)
de Ana's ETTV #3 [old]
By: Anaconda (ettvd)
de OldMans - ETTV 2
By: 8Bits|Skydriver (ettvd)
ua ClanBase ETTV
By: Bartichello (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 9


easy for CZ
gl cze :)
izy bash for cze if teente will not be panzer:)
You have € 130 on CZE
Possible win: € 165.1
without gifty and mlk but i thing we will kick czechs ass muahahahahaha.....
GL cZe.;)
kolik vsazite na cesko? :)) ja vsazim 35 euro :))
na konec sem vsadil 40 euro :)) na CZ ,)
fajn si tou vcijno pojab !
jebane czechy piredolone
gl cpu teente <333
gl les petits suisses
gl mates!
50 € @ cze.
TNT in not a panza biatch ! but smg biatch gl
cz for the win...
You have € 9 on CZE
Possible win: € 15.21 toje nahovno tohle ... easy bash 4 cze
Reaver, Dabster, Gunner, Rapt666r ! :P

GL <3

GL !
cz lineup
cz cpu
cz Flash
cz Loo
cz marv
cz teente
cz Traktor
You have € 90 on CZE
Possible win: € 177.3 gl
GL CZE. 25 na vas :)
You are not alone! GOGOGO CZE! ;)
izi for CZE

i want muflon in the lineup :D:D:D:D
muflon sux!!!!!!!!!! in et allinall a nice guy imo

flashka desi gl
loo sux
marv overated
teente overunderrated
wtf! who is cpu

4:2 for cze
a jnbhj = ?? O_o !!
<3 muflon

you dont know cpu? hes a beast!!
GL cZe i have POPcorn 4 this match i hope it will be enjoyable :)
CZ winner!!! please GOD xD rofl !
no gifty no win ! gl Switzerland ! <3
gL&hF cz
Celemu nasemu teamu hodne stesti
Match is removed, SUI cant play :(
Co ze ? dnes se nehraje ?
svajc hraje hodne dobre. sledoval jsem je tak to bude asi hodne kruty :)
gl switzerland, even though I don't think they win without me :/
überhaupt ned eingebildet, was?
überhaupt kein brain, was? :O
ez bash for Dabster
IZIIIIII switzerland

<3 GuNnEr - DabSter !
switzerland lineup is probably:

but i would not be wondering if they would change it after the sweden match...

gl&hf gifty and gunner
MTM played against Sweden and Finland so i guess and hope he ll play today too! that man is a maniac!
gifty ftw
gl gifty&gunner
izibash gL CZE xD
switzerland GL
cze should take this
You have € 100 on CZE
Possible win: € 166
that's a mint of money :XD
go CZE go!
go cze !!

bandit|Loo :> remember invite ?:P
easy for cze
You have € 75 on CZE
Possible win: € 120.75 Goog Luck CZE!!
traktor to povodi :) so easy bash for cze
jaaaak traktor? jakeej traktoor??
omg that's one man army lineup omg
swizz lineup?
GL traktor
traktor piiiiiiiiiiiiicooooo
go <[o]> Raptor,reaver, dabster :)
no chance to win...look at demo FRA vs. SUI xD
dost nesmyslna odpoved cloveku, co preje gl svym spoluhracum nemyslis?
You have € 50 on cz CZE
Possible win: € 64.5
Izy 4cz
gl cechacci
easy for suisse GL les mec
gl traktor
gl TBA
Good luck wild card Loo:)
too bad, i guess sui is going to forfeit this match
it's bad, i wanna see our guys in that easy match :(
You have € 33 on ch SUI Cancel bet
Possible win: € 180.51
gifty go pwn some :p
You have € 261 on CZE
Possible win: € 318.42
it will be masacre!4:0 CZE
highskillers vs. Traktor -> Zetor power!!!
switzerland forfeits match
i said, Traktor power!
wtf with these forfeits :// ive bet 3 times on NC matches and they all been canceled ://