Lost Soldiers vs Serious Incident Called Karma (5073 views)

si Aniky
pl ridji
fr kartez
de laNgo
de rakji
it vj7o
fr An7ho
ee frEeze
fi twidi
mt toxiccc
de oxy
nl leonneke

CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1
Winners Bracket Round 1
22.04.13 22:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: MerlinatoR (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 33590
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 31


gl An7honator!
where Oxy? kicked from his own team? dat ET
probably benched himself because of lags
nerds gonna get raped
Go, get them snatix! T'es me meiiiiilleur! :)
Please, c'est tellement facile que je ne jouerais pas ce match :S
Avi Fab :)
Gl Aniky :) Lost Soldiers YU CAAAAN DUUU THIIIIS!!
gl both
You have € 213 on lost^
Possible win: € 21180.72

LET'S GO LOST !!!!!!
you can remove me for this match !

hf lost<3
Won't be played today, most likely Sunday/Monday.
gl l'homme inconnue :D
gluck twidinoob
gl catcher & krest:))
gl laNgo - gruß symbol and mega6au
gl vito :)))
gl lost
gg ridji łoch soldier
no snatix no win
2s close to be 6/0 xd
You have € 500 on lost^
Possible win: € 6470

ggs, bad luck on supply
i want my stats ! this shit buggy stats :\
laNgo is going for TOP3 in EC! hf!
sick6 direct invite so shit, stomped by #3 seed team
wp lost soldiers, you've just shown how strong you are by completely annihilating sick6

wow, felt like oxy for a second
well sick6 didnt play with their real lineup..
people still take ET so serious. the better team won today, we were awful.
Remind me of direct invite against ec quali team : http://www.gamestv.org/event/35383-to-make-odds-even-vs-lost-soldiers/
what :D
Its because i bet on them
You have € 1111 on  SICK6 You lost

YES!!11 Go Lost Soldiers!
You have € 10 on lost^
You won € 129.4
wp lost !
Wp Daniel! gg lost
You have € 300 on de lost^
You won € 3882
lol what

No Snatix insta win

well played boys :)
Comment se fait-ce? T'avais un autre offi à la même heure ou quoi? :x:d:x:/D:d::x:D/d
You have € 20 on lost^
You won € 258.8

i trusted you vj7o :P
You have € 51 on lost^
You won € 659.94
You have € 555 on de lost^
You won € 7181.7