rockit.ET vs Belgian Fraternity (9478 views)

be chry
lv Clown
gb koop
ee Night
is phyzic
gb razz
be AL1
be chizz6l
be Gifted
be Sup3r
be uNDEAd

ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVII
Group A
1st Matchweek
02.05.13 22:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 65728
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 100


np for bF
bonne chance homobro
hf chry Night ;)
gl AL1 :)
mAus replacing tomoyo
odds are perfect, time to release kraken aka AL7 the gf fucker
You have € 90 on bF
Possible win: € 2462.4

I have faith in belgium
:XD nice bet
ofc its a nice bet, otherwise I wouldnt place it

This logica --' :D
You have € 2 on bF
Possible win: € 128.28

GL HF Ri...
dean replacing AL1
dean replacing chry
dean replacing dean
me replacing sup3r
phyzic certainly fits in. chry doesnt
giel too noob laul!
yeah man to low they carry me hard every time
play good pls, cba carrying you anymore
it's okay buddy x theres still a place for you in bf :$
Chry for TOMOYO !! All day errrrday
so sweet :$
some faggot edited my comment
rockit, please accept the challange on cb for sunday.
We already got an offi on sunday at the time you proposed
hmm, what about 20:00 then? if 20:00 is not doable, then well play at 22:00 but we rather not, since we gotta get up early the next day
Can't say, no ones really online to ask :D, might be better to do it after our offi, so like 22cet? or something

ill ask and let you know through IRC
razzm8 got this
gl Ri, you got dis
score ?
bf not stronk enough
expected more from Ri...
out damage them by 22k and you expect more?
just another proof that adler is a lotto map
all bout dmg all bout dmg son
trying to imply that we weren't ass raping you on supply and radar?
And headshots please :D
If u don't have 5k damage & 40 hs per round , that means u're shit for phyzic ! :D
i was talking about 1st stage of supply defense.
still 4-2 xD
I will remain silent
I have never seen a bigger rambo than phyzic, no idea why gav isnt replacing him
you so wise
Makes me sick
cause hes more unhittable than gav :s
actually have more stable ping than gav and no packet loss at all so i should be more hittable if anything, but kinda hard to hit me when im constantly giving you 3hs
got to find one demo when im crouching with 48stable ping against you standing,aiming your head (exactly middle,since u didnt spot me) shooting 15bullets and hit one bodyshot and u werent moving and it wasnt thanks to my (shit) aim.. and u had like 78ping -> unhitable..

but true,there is one guy,who is more unhitable
that must have been on a uk server, the only servers i get anything below 98,
and on the uk servers my hitbox is all over the place i admit that.
If he didn''t move , box did not move too, ping 78 doesn't shrink the hitboxes .So u can't talk about "unhitable". There are 2 solutions left : 1) U hadn't 48 ping ; 2) you're aim sucks really hard. Choose the best one .
3) this game is old and bugged as fuck and winning duels is often random, depends on server, packetloss and pings
Yeah probably that's why I lose every duel
There was server where you could see hitboxes and bullet tracers..

once i tried it with guy from iceland (its year ago from nq friendship :D) and the bullets were "going" through his hitboxes not hitting, that made me seriously laugh,how bad this game is...
you can always see bullet tracers
fact is phyzic is the best aggressive medic and aimer atm, and in a team like that he's best as a 'rambo', especially when you take into account that teams nowadays are less stable/durable and pracc tactics less, aim and aggressivity take on more importance
funny sentence comming from a busted twice cheater who have never attended any lan :)
men, why are you flaming people out of nowhere. I really get it why so many people hate you now. /out
Hate me? im genuinely nice to almost everybody just annoyes me when people make stupid comments :D
It was to weslann tho :p

to Testi:maybe hes going vila,zeto,jetro's way :D
How is saying you are rambo stupid?

You are rambo, simple as and in some teams you need a rambo. Apparently you are at your most valuable with your rambo style and you team can make up for that with their objective minded style. What's wrong with that?
wasn't referring to that part of his sentence, its the replace me part that makes no sens what so ever.
ok nvm then :) I even replied to the wrong comment :p
just like rockstar :( it comes with the role i guess buddy :\
U don't need anything else from him apart from pure aim, when u have Night in the team. U might wanna learn thing or two, before u flame ppl.
Talking about replacing people sweden should have replaced you long time ago. I see absolutely no reason why they would add you on their team besides you waking up every day on your pc. then you brag to everyone like you got chosen for your skill. you played shit throughout NC and EC and only one mediocre day where you played against portugal, who are you to say phyzic should be replace? sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up already fucking wannabe-somebody in a dead game
I dont know why i feel like i need to reply to you but fuck it.
1. I've never braged like i got picked cause of my skill, its nothing new that i got picked cause everyone else was inactive.
2. You are mad for no reason at all
3. All i said was that sqzz would be a better add then phyzic.
Physic arrested , motif: multirape
phyzic rambo no brain noob lowskill dmg whore medic no revive noob lowbie oc div 2 player whore noob mita vittu potatoes
Lady Macbeth Ri phyZiC114 kills
Killing Spree Ri phyZiC 14 frags without being killed
Mad cus bad. See ya bro.
fuck you :<
chill. you are out of control
phyzic online only!
Good to see others are realizing this B-class hippo is shit!
people still flaming about hitboxes :d get skill lows

fysic best <3 :)