Poland vs United Kingdom (14603 views)

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gb crumbs
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ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Grand Final

Continuation of the previous game

POL won the first match 4-0, and the second match is technically 2-2 at the moment. However, the entire second match is being replayed for some reason!

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/shoutcastcollective
12.05.13 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 611057
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 238


if there will not be double fh :D but I doubt about that on radar
Check cf nationscup final between pl and be
lol you had your double fh
You have € 130881 on pl POL
Possible win: € 349452.27

Bylo blisko. Wierze w garnitur lesta
fok off iwth only one map
we'll play sd and gold again anyway, don't worry
UK go win that shit
Or esl champion, dnbradio will smash ur faces next nc.
good job clanbase
FUCK i don't know who to bet on anymore FML
Chuj tam ze tmoe gra 2 mecze w niedziele i repra w przeciagu 1.30h
nice fair play by UK, I think most of the teams would demand forfeit in their situation
Sweden wouldn't take forfeit ":D"
Why u think that, wtf?
radar best map.... :)
chodz na ts cweloo <3
gl fake R0SS :PPP

PS: would love to hear that fake little voice of you! xD
Polish Powa!
2 maps better be played, or else...
so what if there will be draw in sd/gr there will be Radar decider? If one of teams will win both of those maps than looser will forfeit radar or what?
official CB ET GS claims only radar will count.
so they can play gr/sd and if it will be 4-0 or 3-1 for one of them than looser should forfeit official round(radar). if there will be 2-2 they should play radar as a decider.
just replay supply and grush ._.
We will play supply and grush..if a decider is needed then radar will be played i guess
why will those maps be replayed?
coz they want to replay those maps
for what reason? :D
show for those 400 ppl
they rly like grush and sd
The second game was supply and grush, it was 2-2 and dialer lagged out on the decider (radar). After a while we decided to move the match to Sunday, since we didn't want to play them without their full lineup. Ohurcool said the only map that has to be played Sunday is radar, but we don't want to show up just for 1 map so we decided and agreed with Team Poland that we shall play the whole second match again on Sunday(Supply/Grush). The winner of that match, wins NC.
thx for explaining & if both teams agree I don't see any problem, have fun and good luck :-)
Yeah idd, thanks :-]
that sounds nice and all, but you forgot the part about Ri and tMoe and aToOn all having multiple EC offis scheduled for Sunday

but who cares if EC is delayed by a week as long as both teams agree, right? :)
worth it ;)
forfeits or dropouts kk thx : )
we will
Wiadro kurfa specjalnie tak zamulasz z tym NC zeby aren nie grac a trza shamana koxic !! Więcej fragow z tej miotły bo po 2 fragi to suabo daj BL'a na start i jedziesz ;p GL&HF
az dam wszystko co mam
You have € 40 on pl POL
Possible win: € 105.6
zebys Ty taki cwany byl jak z nami grasz :D!
a nie jestem? strzelam po dżondrach, padam na fulla i ogólnie jest malina ;D
na globie ciskacie czy na privie ?
na prv
na jakim ;D? Ja na sunwellu ciskam
Can't wait for it!!! To be honest im glad dialer did lag out, now we can once again play :D
You have € 60 on POL
Possible win: € 157.8

Było dobrze czekamy na mistrzostwo :DDD
GL Chan
ohurcool has spoken
i hate them as well, fucking faggots
Morons who need to cheat even in nc final, dialer fcking wallscanner, rest probably the same.
Please don't speak to me, i feel offended an might have to call the police
There is no law in poland bro, polish people do not respect police.
Good one, i must give you credit for this
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boy e fame 2k13
Nie rozumiem.
boś cwel
Może najpierw zdefiniujemy to słowo, zacznijmy od tego że wywodzi się ono z więzień i określa więźnia 2 kategorii czyli tego który odbywa stosunek stojąc tyłem do partnera. Przeniosło się ono poza więzienie również w podobnym znaczeniu - to było dosłownie. W luźnym tłumaczeniu może ono określać osobę która daje się wykorzystywać bądź naraża się na wstyd bądź zostaje posmiewiskiem w celu odniesienia korzyści. Może to być także określenie osoby o najniższym statusie w grupie. Co za tym idzie cwelem może być gość który zostaje klaunem by na przykład kumplowac się ze znanymi graczami lub zagrać w reprezentacji w grze komputerowej mając zerowe umiejętności.
Od Diska się odpierdol :x
+1 hahaha zajebiście rozumujesz :XD
epic story
Best of luck Poland!
izi, poszlo jak po chuju
fawking farse if you ask me, the UK chaps beat these guys silly 1st time, they all rage quit, now new line up better hax, the UK play like noobs as they know one map wins for them, start to play the game and Pols drop connection like how many times before, cant find a 6th, UK dont want to win unless pols best team playing so let slide the fact Pols dropped out, they already lost, im hoping the UK boys come out n whoop ass and put this to bed fast, have nothing against Poland cept the fact UK are the better team if SqZz has a decent game he beats Poland on his own crumb koop medx1 all played piss poor but still scare the Pols
wtf did i just read
this guy has just completed sherlock exam, he knows whats he is talking about bro
Here I think you lost these -> "."
gl sqzz, ross, razz
gl cpt.fanatic: D
R0SS will rape em. gg
3-3 :p
:D no words
boring match

Replay of radar only would've been a bit hype, supply + grush again though? cba
gl though :p
gl anim
<brandoN> u can bet all on poland, sqzz plays instead of me this time.
inb4 delayed
no stream?
Where is stream ??
Kurwa troche zalosne :XD
130,881 € on POL Lost

sory XD troche chujowo dzisiaj zagralismy
"mowisz, ze jeszcze musimy pocwiczyc zeby w niedziele pyknac ich 4-0, bo inaczej nie damy rady? chlopaki juz takie pewniaczki, ze nie wiem czy jeszcze lepiej mozemy zagrac :D"
You have € 1111 on  POL You lost
totally unusual final. Even those extra match ended witch unusual 3-1 result :D
nice skillboost :D ggwp!
Congratulations United Kingdom
ggs! UK CHAMPIONS, champagne time.
where is radar?

wp poland, gg's wiaderko well played
gg uk beasts today
II miejsce tez jest spoko :P
II 2x z rzedu ^^ do 3x sztuka, to moze za rok sie uda! o ile ktos w ogole jeszcze bedzie w to chcial grac :D
tego Ci nie zagwarantuje, ale moge podopingowac :P
gg's in b4 kamz highest achievement 5th in NC comments about UK praccing every day over the weekend or some shit and that he could have played with his pointy nose hitting the keyboard and win.

Anyway, was fun to play both sets of games - thanks PL for making it a close/enjoyable match.

Now we just need more people to sign up for ICL Lan!!!
glad to see my comments got to you

grats on the special olympics victory lolo
Was great motivation. Thanks.
To be fair ET is dead, theres only a bunch of guys left who still play like 24/7, whereas Kamz made a 5th place when there actually was some competition left. Neverless funny to see that there still is so much discord in the uK team. :D

funny thing is i've not even watched any matches this nc or followed any of it, just wrote random comments making people believe I care because I know there are people out there like ross/koop that will bite :D

and it was bronze :P when teams were actually quite strong unlike the last few seasons
Haha doing the same every now and then, it just cracks me up when nerds go enraged over a dead game. :P

Yeah I think I remember that, eventhough I've been inactive even before that. Too bad you only realize whats good once its gone, but anyway keep the trolling up, cause thats like the only reason I still check cF and gtv once in a while. :D
Quotethat he could have played with his pointy nose hitting the keyboard and win.


holy shit that made me laugh
gg getting ganged up on by two virgins (well u would be if it wasn't for LAN but that hardly counts:d)

can't forget how excited u were when u told me the story but I just felt sorry for u:((

y u bitin br0 ;[
people getting laid at lan? LOL?
i tak kibicujemy bialo-czerwonym
Ross > Sqzz , deal with it.
Thanks, but sqzz is the best player in the game - deal with it :-)
After anderson and squall, Deal with it.
please, you got more damage than sqzz so you're automatically the better player :D
he was trolling some part of game just spamming nades, as if he is not the best medic in the game lol
lol stoner
u serious right now?
No zMk no win
You have € 130881 on POL
You lost

You have € 250000 on gb UK
You won € 357500

dafuq, why are you ranked 78 in gbooky?
Tbh Poland was on fire with teamplay on the First match and Imo they woulda won it if it wasn't for dialer laggin out
It wasn't as much as them being on fire rather than us being unprepared. This match however we prepared for, not the last one.

But they did play well
and now we focused too much on resolving our lag issues:D and fucked up goldrush... we never seem to have luck:D
Anyway gg was fun
prepared or unprepared you wasnt able to do obj on SD which was your map!
we weren't really trying
everyone kinda relaxed after the 3-0
You were doing so much useless things and then when you started trying to atleast get the gold/truck haha
glad ohurcool didn't back down and enforced the one map of radar. What a fucking vagina. Can't even be bold on the internet, can only imagine this kid in real life. V a g i n a.
Wstyd wystawiac busta wiaderko , po prostu wstyd http://t.entirely.pro/profile.php?id=1626
czlowieku widziales kiedy ten mecz byl rozegrany? :D!
wiem widziałem , ch.. z tego lubie przypomniec o tym
wstyd wystawiać busta wiaderko...
fanatyk z pingiem 200 przez caly czas - gg
choc i tak Polska by przegrala