one.soldier vs Violence Solves Everything (5647 views)

nl abort
gb crumbs
gb MerlinatoR
ee Night
gb owzo
gb sharky
se lelle
no riven
ee RommY
ee ZeD
it art
at Raul

Group C Matchweek 3
UFO & Village
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Legacy Cup 2013
Manager: MerlinatoR (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Village

Total Pot: € 61637
The bets are closed.

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Language: English

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Artstar vs Merlinator
shits bout to go down
what is going to happen is that jem will be bent over
while merlinator and his crew ass fuck and ride him
whos better in et? merl or artstar? and why no one uses the best rtcw LT in ET? dont remeber the last time i saw merl playing et...
They are both awesome, although Artstar plays more et than merl I believe.

I guess merl doesn't want to play et otherwise he would. Last team I remember him playing for was Chocomel when I was in there :-]
I pretty much only played ET for LANs between RTCW cups - I would play ET but I don't like playing so much with bad players.
hmm. bad players? if u use this exacly squad (maybe + proper rifle - juncie no offense) and some propper prac on et what would u have? a top 4 team in my opin? but i got no clue bout et so maybe im just totally rong...
maybe if we continued after CDC3 we would be in that position, but we did not - we prefer RTCW over ET as a team for sure.
look what you did! they recruited night and i got benched :(
the fops (lt) role is used a lot less in ET, or at least is more of an ammo cabinet than a spam class. :P on most maps anyway. of course there are maps like supply where artilleries are needed almost every spawn for most of the stages but it's nothing like the way LT is utilised in rtcw =) the recharge rate kinda forbids it.
hey gooby y u no irc xoxo
soz kooby i was at college
ive read some gay shit
but this exceeds all
gl both
rocka på owzo!!!
rape em as usual owzo! HF Merl, jem!
gl Artstar :- D
Lol, 80-1 for VSE - wtf?!?
You have € 300 on vse
Possible win: € 9885

i want to believe
bb 300 euro's
just why
Because I believe in vse. Btw, will Rommy play this game?
if he shows up, sure why not. :D
You have € 250 on gb one
You won € 252.5

yeah, won 2.5 !
go go abort <3
izi Dżem
gl sTAR:]
Two noobs representing my family /facepalm