Violence Solves Everything vs gstars (3580 views)

gb Artstar
de idlaw
no kl0vn
se lelle
no riven
ee ZeD
gb crumbs
gb kiz
gb meeky
gb neo
be strango
gb Warphase

Group C Matchweek 1
Assault & Ice
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Legacy Cup 2013
Manager: (Requestee)
Maps: Assault

Total Pot: € 12576
The bets are closed.

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Language: English

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Gl rivjee aka reaper aka god!
Is vse an old clan or that name is just a new thing for the current tournament...Serious question =D
old with new members
Old members are in backup but decided to take a step back and let somewhat new players to play. Lelle,Rivendale & RommY are definitely oldschool. Riven actually played in the same team but it was named after.
I ve been added to a team called vse some time ago, seems like you got faked...but atleast we ve never played a match. "lol" :)
You have € 74 on g*
You won € 1296.48

so much moneyy
You have € 50 on no vse
You lost

thx for last minute crumbs lineup switch :o(

goed gespeeld trouwens, belangrijke panzerkills op assault & mooi lt werk op ice :)

Tja we moesten freak eruit gooien (voor bekende redenen) dus we hadden geen 6 :(
wrm, hackt ie ofzo?
ja, is zukkit :x
op cf zo meteen een write up van de game (:
You have € 26 on g*
You won € 455.52