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ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVII
Lower Bracket Round 1
02.06.13 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fanatic (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 20377
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 49


I moved our cf-cup game to 21.30 (from 21.00) and set this to 20.30 instead of 20.00. I hope it's okay because I'm not sure if we could make it that early at 20. Thanks and see you on sunday
Its fine but if you have players already at 20, we would prefer to start then.
aight sure
thx vokki for informing us again
nah, he is too clean
no wonder, you have been asslicking him for ages already
No I didn't but compared to your house his ass should be clean as paradise indeed

Fakken webhero :/ keep the trash waves for yourself
just curious how come he has been asslicking xanah for ages, if 'we' all knew each other (E-FRIENDS AND STUFF) long time before Xanah started to roll in savak or before his time in ff and this ross team
who is the next?
GL polaks
RooFi aka midoc słyszałem, że nowe konto na CB się szykuje po buscie? :D
Tak jestem pierdolonym haxem. Cwel to Ty
Midoc już się tak nie spinaj bo ci żyłka pęknie
Tyle, ze midoc to nie ja ;)
Midoc nie ładnie kłamać ja już znam twój plan powrotu do ClanBase (Bóg jeden wie po co...). Dla zainteresowanych tutaj mówię o adminach CB Ray0 = SanTi, midoc = Roofi.
warto czasem popatrzeć :D
Takich jak Roofi nawet bustować nie trzeba bo z haxem nawet o low nie zawadzał.
Thunder = Med ? Och pozdrawiam nejdem na ryj na drewnianych - "nie gram na Was już więcej".
Nie thunder nie równa się MED nie zgadłeś niestety :(. Raczej się nie znamy.
pierdolony hax i cwel <3
Wiem, Ty cwelu ;)
ej Fanamejt, jakbys nie pamietal to Robaciek jest avi
nie pierdol, ten mecz jest 20:30, wiec sie wyrobisz na swoje zajebiste offi
ale to jest EC :< jak zagram to nie mogę OC prem grać
kogo polecasz na dzisiaj na mercoW? :/
fanamejt mam dla Ciebie jednego, niestety nie siedzi czesto na IRCU odkad przestal grac aktywnie... Oldschool ktory zbawi Wasz team w prestizowym cupie - Penek

kontakt na xfire:
badzmy powazni :/
Jestem avi fanatic jak cos to pm:)
bardziej powazna kandydatura niz robacka...
Med + Undetected rifle avi
pm pl pius for rifle
gl wiaderko and furman
avi /msg
pmme via crossfire

sry dont use cf anymore, pm me irc lets talk business
fanaticREPLY yesterday, 20:38
please unban either furman or wiaderko, we need 1 player for tomorrow's officials and cba to play with someone new, outside our brotherhood :S

Just wait on that. I'm sure admins will agree with you. gl
When can we expect dialer to be on the list?
im stiill drunk can we reschedule it?
13:12 <fanatic> kamz rly avi tonight? xd
13:12 Whois • fanatic [fanatic]
13:12 Address • fanatic@Fanatic.users.quakenet.org
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13:12 Server • *.quakenet.org [QuakeNet IRC Server]
13:12 Auth • Fanatic
13:12 Idle • 5 secs
13:12 Sign-on • Wed Apr 24 12:14:45 2013 [5wks 4days 1hr 7mins 11secs]
13:15 <Kamz> no
13:15 <Kamz> trolled hard
13:16 <fanatic> ...
*** Query Closed ***

alez kurwa zabawny jestes szkoda ze po cwiercioku latasz jak pierdolony arab w wtc wez wypierdalaj
translation: mad
drinking since saturday 16 cet and you? still cappy orange juice and shit internet games and moviemaking?
drinking behind pc alone does not make you cool :l
being drunk after 100ml of vodka as well :-)
Ye we all know, you can drink 5 l vodka and still stay. fcking egos
i like to go out and drink with mates, not stay at home and drink vodka all day like alcoholic :/
nice try

2/10 for effort
then why you are pming gtv admins to delete my comment :(((
yes gonna pm myself to delete it, brb
so mad
drah dellort
faza milion
eurocup hahaha
rofl all that play time and still getting raped
Nice skilldrop Tmoe
Weird, jere even carried from time to time. It's like you guys suddenly play 'bad' (still better as me, for the record)
Like two cheaters carried you guys the whole time? This can't be true?
Are u retarded? They were playing (wiaderko, furman) with cheats maybe one offi, jesus fucking christ.

e: Surely wiaderko with bimbot (which is totally useless for a rifler) carried them all for 2nd place in NC, u got a deal.

edit: btw: rifle can be used on bimbot. Ofcourse no rifle cam, for as far I know. But don't forget you can increase xx_humanaimvalue.
or maybe we just played with completely random lineup, that has never really played serious together. but yeah it's hard to play without two cheaters that have carried us the whole time, true dat!! :-)

while on the other hand you got a team that has been playing together with those 6/7 people for months now, so we got raped, that's normal.

plus of course super merc twidi carried them to the victory!