head hunters vs Serious Incident Called Karma (7008 views)

pl gruchaaa
pl Elviss
pl Estaloth
pl hunter
pl Michalek
pl riddick
fr An7ho
ee freeze
de Oxy
fi Squall
fi lettu
fi twidi

ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVII
Lower Bracket Round 2
10.06.13 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ridji (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 41803
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 56


good luck estaloth friend

twidi bad :D
avi na to XD
Gl&HF team sick6
No, I can't even do it this time Oxy, a bridge too far.
GTV needs a section where people can bet on players like who s gonna get busted next

gl six
gl An7ho banane
rizlaaaaa :D gl :*
glllll anthooooooooooooo noob <3
gl oxy + kresti
- kresti + squall
An7ho sale merde!
still banned?
he was banned for tk only, not due to his strange skill :DDD
just how much you have to tk to get banned? o_0
Strange skill? didnt know low was called strange skill ;)
no kresti??????
Couldn't even if we wanted to, one of our players is leaving the country tonight.
what better way to kill polaks than with fins gj ! :D
cant watch et but i wish u all the best fabien <3 :*
2-2 adler decider
gg estaloth
forfeit win for :h

lettu played for turbot :D gg

gg tipsa XD
this is gg bro

thanks for proofs , calling police brb
that was the 1st matchweek of playoffs, this is the 3rd

"The player must spend 1 matchweek (from Monday to Sunday) without playing for any clan in this cup. For Example if the player played on the Thursday of matchweek 1, they will not be eligible to play for their new clan until Monday of matchweek 3."

so lettu playing for turbot on that game didn't prevent him from playing for us on this game
but u stole our player :(
you can use lettu again in 2 weeks :D
looks like there is 5 finns active in ET playing for 10 teams in EC :D
"5. Do you want to add during the Playoff Stage?
Yes NMP, max. 1 player per season
(if Group Stage total is <3)
No I think you did something wrong!"

what about yokoo? :P
as far as I know that is one of the rules in the rulebook that is there, but isn't actually in use

could easily find multiple examples from latest seasons where teams have been allowed to add more players to their roster during group stage / playoffs
ye but you couldn't easily read the rules about mercing in multiple teams,

also according to oxy (when we're already at server), people who were supposed to play didn't show up, but still you added lettu half an hour before game so good lying skills.

e: What is the New Member Procedure (NMP)?
1. Add the player to your clan
2. The player must spend or have spent 1 entire matchweek (Mo-Su) during or after the group phase without playing for any clan in the cup.
3. Fill out the APL Form
4. Happy gaming!

another rule that is there but isn't in use?
we knew in advance that we needed a merc, so we took lettu and added him to our roster

freeze on the other hand was supposed to show up, but came 30mins late so we had to get a last minute merc after the game had already been supposed to start

at that point it wouldn't have any difference if we added mind to our cb roster or not, because according to the rules:

A player must be on the Allowed Playerlist (APL) before being allowed to play a match. That means, a player must be added to your clan roster as well as to the APL before the official starting time, the scheduled start time of the match shown on the wid page. If a player plays who isn't on the APL the clan will receive a Red card and a forfeit loss. When a player would have been allowed to be added to the APL (thus would have no problem going through the new member procedure) the clan will only get a Yellow card and the match result will not be changed.

mind would have been allowed to add to the APL so we should be punished with a yellow card, not more than that
yet you didn't say a single word about mercs at all, instead of asking us to play later or sth you decided to do act weirdly. from all i remember you couldn't get players for sunday - still we agreed to move it for monday, because we don't want any more forfeits.

i asked you about rematch earlier today, you refused. i don't know what are you trying to accomplish with this. for me its lack of respect. you can't get 6 allowed players for last nine days. its whole matchweek + 2 days for extra reschedules. do you have anything else to say?
Are you kidding me? We were perfectly clear about the situation of our roster on the server, as we were informing you step by step that we're getting replacement players. There was no need to delay or even inform you prior to the game about it, as we did not know. Our players had agreed and promised to show at 9, one didn't... We got a player that went 6-23, didn't play the game in a year, and yet you're here, the butthurt tryhard you are, trying to claim forfeit, using "so they could prove with proper roster who's better" as reasoning, which, you know, has happened before, were you looking for reasons to whine back then already? But hey, you know what, go ahead and take your forfeit for all I care, you'll end up being knocked out next round anyway having accomplished nothing. This has nothing to do with disrespect, this is merely you being a sore loser acting like a 5 year old and doing everything in his might to get his way. According to clanbase rules we'll be given a yellow card using a mind as a player, if ohurcool decides we need disqualification... Go for it, but this match won't be replayed.
Read them rules newschoolers.
what have i done
oh u man, et killer :D