a.ToOn.eu vs bSTURZ (5196 views)

be chry
gb razz
fi Statti
pl Elviss
de Specula
fi vokki

CB ET 3on3 OC Spring 2013
Premier League
Bronze Final
16.06.13 19:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 13778
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 29


This is going to be played today?
Considering none of us was avi for the semifinal I doubt this game will be played :D
maybe admins should send you a bunch of emails in advance to remind you you signed up for a tournament
That would actually be very helpful!
dunno why he mad when we let him win:D
on the monday of each matchweek, news is posted on the cup page with a reminder to schedule your matches

on the thursday of each matchweek, unscheduled matches are forced, an e-mail is sent to the clanleader of each clan with a forced match, and a news is posted on the cup page with a list of all forced matches

on the day of your match, a PM is sent to all players in your clan, and if you don't open the PM in a reasonable time then an e-mail is sent with a reminder that you have a new PM

if this is not enough for you and your team, then you have some issues and should probably reconsider signing up for any future CB ET cups
Well I didnt signup for tournament nor do I keep checking cb page
same here :<
just don't bother signing up for any future CB ET cups please
hahaha u r so funny 1st season we have to drop out and now this aha ye we r the only team who has to drop out, u r just a sad cunt ;) and ye its again ONLY my fault i know im just the leader and have to say it gg and we already drop out in the groupphase but u took us to play in the playoffs
It's not really specula his fault that the teams drop out. Because he is the leader, he tells you that they drop out of EC(wich didnt influence this year's EC aswell)

As for the 3o3 matches, we are having a hardtime getting fuchS arround, and since he carries our asses its hard to play with a merc.

Sorry for the inconvience, we are not the only team dropping out(look in our group, we lost 1 match and we didnt play the other 2 because they dropped out and yet we are still through). So stop blaming specula and just blame ET for being dead.
what does ET's activity level have to do with anything? you guys can't play 1 offi per week in a cup that you signed up for because ET is so dead?
QuoteCB ET 3on3 OC Spring 2013
Premier League

Sorry bro they need real skill
Avi, q here or post at my fanpage
gl kiwi & Specula
gl kiwi :))
Specula ... 1st division player ... seems legit ... :D!
GoodMood Bro ?! :D
gLuck fuchS
pssst u guys didnt play a single groupphase match in this 3o3 oc season, u arent allowed to play any cb games anymore
ohwait ur nick is razz my bad u are allowed to do it :<

ohurcool where is the logic?!
i hvant played any game this 3on3 OC, and im in Atoons's CB so no problem
sry I thought u were playing with queens(which didnt play a single game) this 3o3 oc season :<
k rakji my comment make no sense now :D
if someone hasn't played any game, nothing is stopping them from deciding which team they'll play with. :D
why u quited TS and game?wtf
hmm what do u mean now?
lol wat
Testi out razz in is 75% more chance to win
-fuchs -testi
+swanidius +vokki
it's funny that you don't say "ohurcool where is the logic?!" when adding swani/vokki benefits you. :) but when it's someone else it's: "ohwait ur nick is razz my bad u are allowed to do it :<"
I guess u didnt understand my last comment dude^^
no, I got it. :P you thought it'd be unfair because you thought razz played with Queens in this OC (but he didn't).

it's ironic because Swani and vokki DID play with turbot during the 3o3 OC, and you don't seem to look at it the same as the previously mentioned situation.
no no u didnt got it^^

I meant that queens didnt play any single game and they didnt got punished, like ohurcool wrote Im not allowed to sign up for the further cb tournaments because we couldnt play the last 2 offis, while queens are still allowed, u know what I mean?
where did he say you're not allowed? :D he said you shouldn't, because you made it obvious that something as simple as messaging your opponent and 2 teammates before an offi is too complicated for you.
they can punish queens (or any other clan) by not allowing them to signup for next cup, giving them red cards or whatever, but they can't just disallow individual players from playing, technically they (as individuals) didn't break any rule.
tbh if i was cb admin i would let queens play and not u because ur shit.
You guys playing after all?
didnt vokki pm u yet?
Atoon: Statti, razz, chry
lol @specula´s teams
I find if pathetic to have players like Specula playing in 1st div while they are really focking bad ...

Get players of your skill with you dude ... this is focking pathetic ...

Good luck Razz.
i laughed :)
Ye, it pisses me off. Why is specula in 1st division he is focking bad, pls ohurcool ban specula from ET he's too low to play 1st division, focking hell
ye pls do me the favour im too bad since aim is everything in et and im just playing with fuchs and testi because they r skilled indeed fo apricot
ye testi way too skilled for anyone in a 3o3 team, so i think apricot has an unfair judgement towards you
Haha guys ... but reallly ... like you have a brain Specula ... indeed ... you are so focking bad bro ... :D!

I think that you are a nice guy. But you ain't that kind of player who can make a difference in a team.
You are not agressive and you are very passive.
I think this is a very accurate analysis. Could you maybe analyze Testi for me also? What do you think of his skill? What should he improve? Does he make a difference in a team? How about his teamplay? Pls respond in 10 minutes
I think Testi isnt as usefull as some players with a aim that is worse than him.
rambo doesn't pay!!1
razz 1 man army
got my 80fps issues fixed :-)
3:1 for atoon

are u agree?