CPLAY Tt eSPORTS vs TCM-Gaming (2083 views)

de Saiiless
de MingSzu
de D-man
de Intox
de LordKevko
se Jwaow
il Brokenshard
be Belgianbeast
es Motroco
de Pheilox

CyberGamer SteelSeries League of Legends Challenge
3rd/4th place match

Hosted by
CyberGamer Europe

AT Gaming replaced TCM gaming, therefor this match gets cancelled
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Game: lol League of Legends
League: CyberGamer SteelSeries LoL Challenge » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Summoner's Rift

Total Pot: € 322
The bets have been cancelled.

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By: timbolina
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Viewer Peak: 1,395


belgianbeast gona roll them
you got any clue on Animated Violence line-up?
shit game
ez for jewshard