NiggaZ in PariZ vs greejtsjot (7656 views)

de Bl4d3
de Kevji
de ScaTmaN
de stray
be Adeto
be Azur
be Buzzer
hr Haseo
be xAeee
de ZeYoS

CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013
Second League
LB Round 2
11.08.13 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 15408
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 20


match of the day XDD
hf playing that late, have to start working @ 5.30 friday, cu.
misschien straks, ik ben juist terug vant werk en ik heb eerst nog wa belangrijke dingen te regelen :-)
5h sleep are enough... dont whine :D

im always sleeping 4-5h when I have to go to work/uni ;P
yea its no problem for some people, but I need my time to sleep a bit, and i'm sure 4-5h is not enough for me. Maybe it is for 1 week but not for always :)
hah feel u at that :d
inb4 stray can we move it to 22:30 cuz we got cs:s world cup final :)
Buzzer looking for another gif that suits this match

real names -> odd change
gl both !
This lineup is totally false...
so what's the real one?
scatman, snoop, butchji, drago, kresti, bl4d3, ultimate german team
prolly : Spur , BlEiB_ReChTs , Wald , Dreckig , Klapperschlange , 6th
so you are not going to play? ;-)

e: you have just gave him kevji, stray, flopje, you + 5th Dreckig that is not in your lu, so sure it's TOTALLY FALSE...
fixed :) who is Dreckig? I don't see him on your roster @ CB
bleib_rechts=scatman, spur=stray, wald=flop, klapperschlange=kevji

willst du mich eig verkackeiern sind doch die gleichen spieler nur unter nen anderen nick, ye indeed totally false lu...
lass mich , eigentlich wollte auf die namen hinaus :( Hat aber wohl keiner verstanden :(((( CB NAMES ONYL! :D

Azur's face is pretty accurate! :)
So is mine! All colored 'n stuff!
shit gif, i'm not even avi :S
Why do you have to be so mean? I had to put my time(two complete minutes) into this and make it, and now you're just being mean to me and hurting my wittle feelings :(
the benched guy in the back is timbolina
Azur nerd :S
gl rezta en r4pzz
wont be played at this time/date, as in no players for v56.
inb4 +frSnatix for one of the teams
hf Flopje :D
So whats up , do we play this game today? :o
remyy Thursday, 8th August 2013 13:50
wont be played at this time/date, as in no players for v56.
Wont be played at this day. I'm only one avi I think xD

And for rescheduling you can wait till viko azur or eron are online or w/e because I can't be bothered about it anymore :)

more like "I can't fucking do anything on CB because i'm too noob" :S xoxo
ninjas in pyjamas? ohh wait
double forfeit gg cu XDDD
if we could play this at 21:30 or 22:00 it would be great :~>

Because i say it
Lu so far: nl@det0, beAzur, beBuzzer, bexAeee + 5th/6th
ahah didnt know :P i guess he's playing with them ye :)
who the fuck is that snake guy
who the fuck are you ?
who the fuck are you ?
who the fuck are you ?
who the fuck are you ?
who the fuck are you ?
im timbolina nice to meet u
im biggie nice to meet u
im buzzer nice to meet u
who the fuck are we?
maxi come play with us on sunday <3
nah mate... its too hot these days. :)
you are too hot for me :(
so fucking true!
how are you mate? everything going alright man?
enjoying the seaside atm but i have to get back home soon because so many people needs me :[
I guess all bitches from ur hometown??;-)
yep, they cant live without me :S
im specula nice to meet u
ich bin vllt avi wenn ihr n monster braucht un hüüü !!!! st st
gl xAee
ben toch avi :)
gl stray!
gg belle mentalité monsieur le capitaine, fair play et tout! oublie pas de lui serrer la main après
Je suis comme ça moi! Le coeur sur la main!
gl v56
+hrHaseo for now 8)
gl flop.. branco is watching u :D
gl deutsche leute :) its to easy for nip
team ger
Quotesince we play with 3 CS player who have no clue of ET the 2nd div is to strong.... but thanks for rating us that high :P

QuoteNiP for 4th or maybe 3rd div if possible...

but as I can see, ET is still serious business in 2013
whats wrong about these quotes? i mean u can totally see our point of view and we said its too hard with csler ? ;)
why are you ruining the fun of 2nd league for other, "lower" teams by playing with TeamGermany+you&scatman in it? ;)
as you can see we dont got it anymore, we didnt even pracc at all so what is ur point?
yea I can see, it's hard to carry stray and scatman. should of replaced him with those cs guys ;) also 90% of teams don't prac so
ihr jungs zockt immernoch?
adeto destroyed, wp
You have € 1000 on be v56
You won € 2970

thanks guys!
gg guys gl in final!

Now its done, NiP say thanks to the admins and oppos we played .

Cheers NiP founder ScaTmaN_ aka NiP BlEiB_ReChTs
*NiP* BlEiB_ReChTsMaN_ [0:20]: THX ET fun game . carrer is over full focus on CS now. Nice cup gl in final boys


I think I am allowed to post this even more now :)
Haha we still love you! <3
gg wp <3
actually cant believe that i lost against u, i remember like a year ago or so i played against u on lan with nbs and we had like 20 knife kills :$
haseo MVP
haha, that someone actually manages to win with haseo who doesn't revive/gib at all in the team and mainly just camps behind his teammates waiting for them to die and the enemy being on a low hp... respect for that
We at be GreejtSjot like to try and make the most effective use of our players. In this case where Haseo is being introduced. We utilized his ability to wait for the perfect situation behind his fellow comrades and thus used him as our defensive medic, giving him the opportunity to properly use this insight of his.
Hmmm, brb calling myth busters
better stop hatin cus it aint helping mate
inb4 scatman quits again
wollt ihr mich verkacken?

You have € 96 on de NiP
You lost

wp guys
You have € 75 on de NiP
You lost
shame on oxid
how is this possible :o
that's my boy