Effectus vs bSTURZ (6921 views)

nl MOTiF
nl rezhni
nl sj33
nl xPERiA
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CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013
Premier League
LB Round 2
12.08.13 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: PHOTOSYNTHESIS (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 36333
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 50


izy specula testi
what swani wrote :D
Snatix has played for lost, supski and now bSTURZ for the summercup, call the CB police please
supski only as merc...
cuz of this shit we had to wait 1week but now he is allowed
eat shit noobie! :D
To be satisfied, I demand proofs that Snatix is allowed to play for you with quotes of the CB rules.
noob :s
azur, it´s ET and 2013, come on!
snatix is not that good u or anybody else should whine about
this comment makes a lot of sense, congratz
u will see it on monday :<
Computer died once again, my HD burnt. Won't have one before at least 1 week.. sorry
im still dreaming right?
Ur key player can't play :D
the only engi in et cant play*
:/ sorry. That's why i had random 999 yesterday, my whole computer was freezing. When i started my computer this morning it just died
as a professional gamer u always need a replacement computer^^

k then I have to think about it what we gona do
good luck mate :] dont think too much in Arnold...you risk to fail this game xddd

cu on the floor @ supply <3<3<3<3

I LOVE your name mate :

Where is mize!? NL finest
trains on monday
NL finest cheater*
How dare you Say that about nls finest aimer.. Fuck u
even u said it so fuck u2
better fix whatsapp instead of writting here!!!
gl xPERiA, Luna & Photom8 :D
gl Specula, Snatix, fuchs, xPERIA and ofc Testi :XDXDXDXDXDXD
You have € 40 on eu bSTURZ
Possible win: € 275.6
good luck photo & motif
gl kevin friend
good luck friends
gl photo
gl dogface
gl powi :)
gl effectus!
gl snatix, specula & testi !
thx, it helped!
for sure :)
my gl is megagl :))
needs good guy dkadi ffs
Gl bsturz
omg eujen omg
bist du avi? wir könnten unseren bu engi heut gut gebrauchen^^
xDDDDDD youre such a try hard
we just played one round supply before the offi...

Sorry Mittagschicht
gl&hf both teams! Snatix will carry
Won't play sadly :(
veel geluk vriendje
vee geluk vriendje
gl powi :P gl bsturz :)
veel geluk photo&co
sj33 his comeback after his great LAN performance..
bsturz trying hard by doing warmup match, and by doing so theyre coming late now on the server, good job u fucking faggots
hf photo m8 :)
gl ranzige rudie
I want my money!
You have € 664 on eu bSTURZ
You won € 1686.56
how cute

You have € 6666 on eu bSTURZ
You won € 16931.64
You have € 500 on eu bSTURZ
You won € 1270
testi and specula know how to roll on radar XD
xperia frajer
fuchs :D
I know i sucked!!!! Those fags are unhit
in general u also suck...

u here around 18/19cet? not sure when i finished it here ;)
just message me
Good try photo m8:)