ingaMev2 vs Controlled Gaming (3479 views)

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fr Faks
fr saNjih
fi dTEC7
us Equanimity
gb Element

CB ET 3on3 Ladder
10.08.13 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: sEnhorG (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 4128
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 5


gl both
can this get accepted maybe?
You have € 333 on eu #CTRL.d Cancel bet
Possible win: € 982.35
gl mcleod!
You have € 2210 on no ingaM3Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3889.6
gg poisson strong

wp bosshk
dat poisson <3
ryan :(
controlled need to be updated to dtec8.0
maybe in that version we can see enemys hitboxes hihi
you kidding? I was finally able to hit them on grush defense after I realize it was pointless to aim for their models, but spread my aim all around hoping to find some hitboxes, and was able to carry through half of the defense
lol whine nice life
i smell the madness and jealousy of carried guy in goldrush defence

wont accuse anybody, but poison's aim was strange in some actions.
is nice sitting on mcclouds shoulders
u sure? forever carried? its sad bro, u should take some lessons of spreading ur aim around and hoping to find some hitboxes instead of being bad with ur stupid tracking on models
u almost won mekloot
don't talk to me about winning when you couldn't win your own matches
we won from same oppo 2days ago, bye
because you win against "ingame" who has completely different lineup each offi, makes you overall better than ingame. ok who needs logic
yes it makes us overall better, good thing that u agree with me
lol u gotta be shittin us xd
base you're so shit
you run away from games
man you shouldnt even talk
u tell ur mates to get another war after u come server and act like ur afk

u got bashed in ufo wen me and my mate didnt even no the map

blow a dick u fucking gay lord
All the hate
omfg XDDDDDDDDD ure too skilled for me, like i said im low+ max, so whats ur point? prefer playing my own skill.
but still rolled u last offi cu
you cried to glenn last week because you didn't want to play against me, then you go and search med war while we were med- max. you're just running away from the people you constantly talk shit at like you're good.
its just sad to see that u would actually pussy out of a normal war
not even offi
We played vs hizzy and co and atleast won 1 map. If we would play vs your shitty clan we would lose for sure, so yeah i prefer taking a lower skill and have fun, like i said im low+ max, so i prefer playing my own skill.

Or you wanna spend talking 20mins ingame and rage on each other like we do now? I wanted to play a 6o6 without bullshit, ur total bullshit so i took another war, now gtfo
what im not low+max :/

im obj player ":D"
;D atleast it was fun playing vs a decent and nice oppo like you guys
dont know if troll or serious
We All like to play against You hiiiizzzzyyyyyy<3:-]
mad little boy, you whine about shit talk when you're starting it yet again, gtfo with your senseless arguments and grow a pair

Don't talk shit when you're against it, or when you talk it at least be ready to take it back. idiot
Arguments, omfg XDDD bro stop it, is this ET or politics? Ure trying to win every single conversation on a fucking fora of a dead game;D
But its oke, u can take this one, you can take them all, u win XD Ure telling me im mad? watch ipod raging man, then talk to me again.
this is why i keep having those nice conversations with you, it makes me giggle about how hard youre trying XD

anyways, im off to sleep. go tell ur online girlfriend on skype u won another conversation on, fucking nerd XD

"online girlfriend" you don't know shit about me, yet you talk like you do. so fucking sad, you're the one replying to me every single time you start shit, so you should tell yourself not to start these "arguments", fucking idiot
base, i think he's mad cuz u told his secret /O

how is she? /q me on irc or pmme here
there you go again, hypocrite at it's best. claims to go to bed, then continues to reply to me.

follow your own advice nerd
was about to go watch serie yes, but im not sure whats better, tv or watching you trying so hard.

anyways, still didnt get a pm. so pls tell me,how is she?
stop trying so hard and follow your own advice
next time i should start talking about ur gf in my first comment, cu ;)
Nice try mckloot, stupid fat american go back to your cave
Base destroyed ya in one message, umad?
oh my, getting "destroyed" in one message, I don't know what to do anymore.
yes yes XDDDD funny guy XDDD trying so hard still XDDD
Go offline and never come back

hf together


and why the fuck are you defending him?????????????
lol you gotta do something about his virginity already, this is going too far!
this made no sense
what makes no sense? I just asked your e-girlfriend to end your virginity, you should say thanks.
she's not online, and she already have, but thanks for caring
well I am glad she took care of your virginity man, its 2013 so it was getting late, but I don't think she will appreciate that you go around telling everyone that you fucked her.
haha :D umad?? i dont reply on this. lan

Nice to meet you girlll :D
another fuckbuddy of mekloot trying to defend him, i dont care about you, i dont care about all his e-friends and e-girlfriends ;)
If he wouldnt be so stupid to reply on everything i would never start conversations like this with him XD but every match of ctrl i see hes posting 10 posts cus someone says ctrl sucks, its so fucking hilarious XD Anyways, its not funny anymore, so i stop arguing with this faggot

u can call me whatever you want, i dont need a reputation on some online videogame like you. hf meeting girls&boys over the internet, fucking nerd;)
you sound upset
good thing u have nothing else to say then '' you seem upset '' seems like i won my first conversation vs you, ill go tell my online gf now ;)
tho im not mad at all, like i said i keep posting comments cus i think its funny how pathetic you are, but like i said, you can call me whatever you want, i dont really care;p

thanks for the laughs<3
ye now seems like you're the one writing retarded long posts.

yea, but im doing it once in 2weeks with you, you do this everyday

idk mekloot why u don't try to be the smart one and not respond to this shit at all? if u want to be mature and stay above it ignore it, base loves to make ur retarded long posts :))) me 2 cause its full with trashhhhhhh
implying that any of you are smart or mature. you are right, I shouldn't waste my time with retards like u and your crew who have nothing better to do than play offis and talk shit all day everyday, but what can I say, I enjoy seeing you guys get mad over your own game, then when I play it. you throw in the towel and run. making yourselves look like complete retards

so you're not the only one who loves to see your long retarded posts :)))
idd srry that u play more offi's then me + obv et :) but have a nice day not worth to respond to this shit, wasting time
who is mccloud anyway :<?
definitely not a 2.55 player who got busted once for cheating
are you refering to me being caught on 2.55? haha nice try faggot sneak junior :XD 2013 player go hide urself
im not sure but are you mad? cause i see capslock and loads of rage but im not sure yet if ur mad.. idk..
I think you are right xtream

I think you are right xtream

We still love ya, idk who you are tho
Pleasure to meet ya
im biggie nice to meet u
im kapot nice to meet u to
thx for comedy, enjoyed.
lol virgins spent saturday night whining on , mccloud seriousy grow some pubic hair.
I enjoyed reading all this on my free sunday, thanks
Bien saNjih! Et pourqoui vous jouez seulement des offis pedant la nuit?