bSTURZ vs to Make odds even (7013 views)

be bltzZ
se fuchS
cz milhAus
hu powi
nl Testi
pl Abject
pl fanatic
pl grzesiek
pl hunter
pl Michalek
pl wiaderko

CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013
Premier League
LB Round 3

eu bSTURZ wins by forfeit due to pl tMoe playing with a banned player.
26.08.13 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 45181
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 78


GL & HF tMoe :D. Oby nie odwolali tego meczu jak z SICK6.
hf Wrobel
never ending story
gl bsturz
gl bsturz
gl lukaz wouter kris and fanam8
too easy for specula and testi
Not avi
why? what happened?
no fuchs no win
ultimate troll :P
Im in Sthlm with My gf!! Packing etc
hajrá srácok:)
co tam, znow gruszek podjebie gruszce nick? : -D
game of the millenium :p
dont make so much hope, this wont be played if tmoe agrees to reshedule it if not forfeit win for them

@fanatic: so just let me know
forfeit of the millenium then :p
We wanted to play this on sunday because we had full lineup for yesterday. You said you didnt play on sunday, so I just accepted your date - monday - to get this finally played - and let everybody know that the game is going to be played tonight. I cba to any further rescheduling because no one of us really plays this crap. So tonight is the night.
nvm i found a decent replacement ;) dont worry he is in the cb team
Tryhards going for the easy win!
gtfo to stockholm! our new replacement and further 6th is like 10times better than u
yeah man we are tryhards. we all have been playing et since 3 months and it's our biggest chance for summercup pocal
man you're such a nerd lol
New biznes for Chapjla :D ? Hax Shoping :D
new amount of "skilled" polish players inc!!! gona be fun tonight :)
Yeah hax are coming back !
too bad all of us were on multiple lans whereas you and your team...... meh
1 played once ET lan at my school (thats why I started with this game)

count this aswell? :D
Takie tam foto przed lat :D . Ale przecież wróbelek jest czysty:D
nie znasz angielskiego, prawda? XD
Ty chyba nie wiesz co piszesz , angielski na maturce 85 procent ustny pozdro poćwicz
jej, naprawde tak idiotycznej riposty nie spodziewalem sie nawet na gtv
To nie była riposta a stwierdzenie faktu dokonanego ;]
nie to wcale nie byla riposta
Glupota ludzka nie zna granic :) Pozdrawiam kolejnego fanboya (swoja droga jak mozna byc kogos fanem w grze przez internet) :D Ja nawet nie wiem kim Ty jestes, a Ty tracisz zycie na udowadnianie debilizmow, ktore nikogo nie interesuja :) Masz racje bylem cziterem grajacym na srednio 25 acc :)
Chuj tam czy czitowales czy nie

Teraz moge sie pochwalic tym ze wlasnie dalem reply Wroblowi :XD
komu sie tym pochwalisz, rodzicom czy kolegom klasy?
nie mam klasy, a rodzice na obozie w oswiecimiu :-)
Melduję gotowość do walki kapitanie fanatic!
GL powi :) GL bSTURZ!
+ who??
not u, base or xtream.
indd, we're not in that team..
+fuchs +bltzz
gl kot
lol bsturz give tmoe your tzac acc :XD
most retarted shit ever. shit oppo, shit tzac, shit waiting
grucha aiming at legs, change aimtags from 2 to another one. XD shity ncv_humanaimvalue also
nice aimswitches grucha xD
Selling exclusive cheats used by grucha! /q Robaciek @ #ET
Viewer Peak: 78

still a lot of polaks on this game obviously.
What about banning abj&grucha cancel this match and etc
banning me ? for what ? :XD
wtf grucha did? coz everytime i spected him he failed to rape :S
wp tMoe, tryhards lost
Wiadro ich tam cisnie :))
Grucha... you can't be more obvious

P.S. how hard is to learn throwing nades without a bot? :DDD
You have € 5000 on pl tMoe
You won € 9850
You have € 400 on pl tMoe
You won € 788

Kills and deaths are doubled right? 185 kills doesn't seem possible.
And it wouldn't surprise anyone that a polak cheat while there's no anticheat working properly anymore :D
Abj 76 kills on karirsah :D
he got 70 on axis defense on Karsiah... so its possible :>
poor hunter on karirsah :( 2x more dmg than Abject and 2x less frags :XD
poor hunter on karirsah :( 2x more dmg than Abject and 2x less frags :XD

poor. that's right
i havent seen the match yet but the cooment made me laugh for two reasons ............. the karirsah map and the 2x less frags
basic copy/typing and Math skills not detected***
anyway m8, now that everyone's talking about this new low on the aKa Polhackland a i guess i'll have to watch it

bsturz needs me 8D
bmeg fél etscene csal, menjünk quakezni
Game is canceled due to tMoe using cheater (wiaderko) under fake aliases of Michalek, therefore forfeit win for bSTURZ.
and the other cheaters?
we're still dealing with some stuffs and will be posted with time about any other measurements that will be taken against tMoe and it's players.
there wasnt any other cheaters :XD just using disallowed player
wiaderko is not a cheater.
oh yea, the famous "it was my brother" stories
ahahha pathetic polaks are pathetic
Only pl
You have € 5000 on pl tMoe
Bet was cancelled, you were reimbursed.


lmfaoooo polaks legends, gg!
easy bsturz