one.soldier vs phase (9914 views)

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Upper Bracket Final
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Legacy Cup 2013
Manager: MerlinatoR (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 84418
The bets have been cancelled.

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Video Streams
WarWitchTV HD
By: MerlinatoR
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 78


Game of the year!
OMG!!!!!!!!! so tie
Really looking forward to this one.
Are you going to stream it?
Would be nice.
RTCW games are Warwitch's territory! He will definitely be streaming it. You might see Shoutcast Collective back doing some ET matches soon, but it's difficult at the moment as I'm only on IRC about once a week and Voice has been quite busy too.
whens this going to be played?
in owzo i belive
glhf :D
play the match already -_-
gl phase
October 20?! lol
The longest summer cup in rtcw history...
set match to scheduled, Time: 58d 0s later MerlinatoR 03.10 19:03

(58 days after it was posted on gtv, rofls)
classic zed cup
the longest cup award is absolutely yours guys :D you even beat clanbase at it
really excited about this one
there comes a moment when a match with such star quality really sends shivers down my spine
I get your point, but most players are half-active, probably not in top shape.

And we had to wait like a month for it. Mine shivers are gone ;)
Same, cant wait for it!!!
razz not R.I.P after all!!!
You have € 814 on gb one
Possible win: € 2205.94

strange odds!
You have € 1750 on gb one
Possible win: € 5162.5

I agree, though not complaining xD
Unfortunately Phase has to use a wildcard because Razz and Sqzz arent avialable.
u srs? been waiting for this so fucking long
After 3 months, you have to use a wildcard because some arent available.

Let's wait another 3 months xD
how razz isnt avi? hes playing fucking random games vs lows atm, surely this game < random ladder ones
GL phase <3
Turned up for nothing, bastards!
zed such a bad admin got pressure by onesoldier to cancel this match, u cancelled a great match...
ww and the rtcw fans were so patient that we could be till waiting to december to watch this match!!!
it was so easy to arrange the match to the next sunday admin you are a good @#$&!
Not quite. We were the only team willing to play the game on Sunday, the rest is whatever you want to believe.