SixStar Red vs Kind trotz Pille (8185 views)

be Appel
nl fritsie
ca rockstAr
ca rossko
de destii
de theman

CB ET 3on3 SummerCup 2013
Sixth League
Grand Final

gb SixStar Red has to win twice!

26.09.13 22:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 SummerCup 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Braundorf_b4

Total Pot: € 21040
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 11


gl 6Star R
not goinna happen
sixth league
gl kitropi
gl rossko
rockstizzledawg :*
rockstar+rossko making a comeback to ET!
omg !!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!11!!1
i knew the ! would make u reply lmao
SHUT THE FUCK UP ANIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gl mace
gl rock & rosk
hf fritsie & appel
Wildcard for KitroPi.
gl 6Starrr
nice to see destii still playing :)

Pretty embarassing that stownage and rockstar are in 6th league tbh xD
gl sixstar bros
gl six and stownage !
gl ca rockstAr
ca rossko
succes fristie <3
gl sixstar :)
6th league the FUCK
Have no problem against skillled players playing 1st/2nd league for fun

But under 3rd, thats a shame, just think about players who really belong there, wouldnt have fun if getting stomped by ppls who clearly have nothing to do there
6star were already in 6th league before i joined
why cancelled?
because I've forced it several times now, and each time the Germans haven't bothered to show up or contact me

noshow win for SixStar Red