Team Decerto vs turbot (16658 views)

nl Cupra
sk filuS
be Kevin
nl L4mpje
de Oxy
nl saKen
fi olBaa
fi olden
gb razz
fi Statti
fi Swanidius
fi vokki

CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013
Premier League
Grand Final

fi turbot has to win twice!


First game: 2-4 turbot
Second game: 0-4 turbot
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 154131
The bets are closed.

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By: DtSje
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 51

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 73

Overall Viewerpeak: 124


Good luck to my friends kresti and swani.
iam avi if you need me saken :P
team decerto should play rtcw cups too!!
avi if needed :)
this gonna be good
delivery/erdenberg? :P
metsuri's homemaps?
karsiah_te2/missile_b3? :P
gl vokki and swani
vokki : wildcard
guys please stop delaying the cup :$
wow saken still nerding the shit out of this game

el oh el

and fanatic still whining about pointless matches that nobody cares about but it still means something to him

rof el
el oh el

U re still black "D:"

rof el
Scheduled to tuesday 17th 21cet
DtS and Voice from the Shoutcast Collective will be back to cover this game! Tune in from 20:30cet for all the coverage at
Nice :) Thanks!
No worries mate. We haven't really done any ET casting over the summer, so it will be nice to come back and cover another game!
Good luck Stownage :D
gl kevin bro
Better dedicate this win to me
gl & hf
izi raz
Decerto > Turbot
how can there be a score if the match is tomorrow young boy?
gl kresti & stownage !

Nice lineup decerto, gl
gl m8s :)
gl stown
gl swani
GL turbot
probably the 2 biggest nerds in ET history facing each other
why let statti play smh
exciting plays
No stream :(
Whats the score?
2-4 for turbot 1st match
You have € 250 on fi turbot
Possible win: € 3045
2 hours and still not done niggas gonna get ass cramps
izi money
8-2 for turbot
Déjà vu

You have € 2500 on fi turbot
You won € 30450
nice... :D
This guy got rich today! drinks on you
You have € 532 on turbot
You won € 6479.76
I wonder if Turbot didn't believe they could win, until the very last minutes of the first Supply when they surprised everyone (or at least the most of the viewers)? :-)

Good game, one of the longest I've seen for some time (over 2h30m?)
would have been 8-0 without that lagmoment ! :)
olbaa sang eye of the tiger on teamspeack... thats what made us win
Bb money haha
Well played ! :D!
:D no kresti no win
You have € 200 on fi turbot
You won € 2436
lol, I may have to watch this!
decerto? leb zderto
lol wat
Wp lads! Gratz swani and vokki!

Olbaa still proves he is the best!
olbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa : D
You have € 3000 on nl decerto
You lost

lol wtf

You have € 2000 on fi turbot
You won € 24360
Time to quit you fucking nerds, can't even win a final in 2013, cupra sort your life out
And which final did you won?
Shut the fuck up you wannabe, why do you talk like you been in this scene since 05? you started yourself 2 years ago fucking newschool then you talk about achievements in 2013.

fucking retard go kill yourself in a ditch somewhere in sweden. and I pray you don't even come up on news, you don't even deserve to be recognized
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A bit fucking homo that you pray for me you fucking midget, anyways i've achieved more in real life then you will ever do, now go back to work at mcdonalds to save up for money to go see your girlfriend in GERMANY, whom you met at ET, LIKE REALLY im out
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Did you just admit that your girlfriend looks like blairwitch??
Three years on this scene is like piece of nothing. But you seems to talk much, you achived so much in real life, but you rage in internet about some online game.
christ you just dont know when to stop talking...give it a rest
are u saurus :D!?
was gonna say inb4 terrorist jokes but this is champion stuff right here

edit: good job deleting your comment weslan lmao XDDDDD
Bro this fucking ohurcool guy deleted my comment, probably got sad cause i wrote something about his religion, fuck u pakis
Oh and ipod(what the fuck is that name) i dont know what u talkin about .pp
ipod, legend.
You have € 4 on fi turbot
You won € 48.72

geez a pity i had only 4 euros on my budget! :D gg anyway
Oh come on!
Lost all my money again.
You have € 10 on turbot
You won € 121.8
lost 15000, gg
You have € 300 on nl decerto
You lost

thx kresti

Done with ET,
bb thx to all friends supporters trolls faggots bitches over the years.
You have € 250 on fi turbot
You won € 3045
You have € 130 on fi turbot
You won € 1583.4

weslann and equanimity are 2 big ners without life we know already