amped vs SteelSeries (2857 views)

be SupNa
ro Damon
nl insAne
us NaZtY
pl wassabi
pl upload
fi webe

CB ET 3on3 Ladder
19.09.13 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: OmgItsNaZtY (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 3583
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 16


gl amped homos
gl upload and webe cu supna
izi for webe
nextime ill reconnect too perhaps gives me better aim
lol, but who r u
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth panamera SteelSeries 114 kills
Killing Spree panamera SteelSeries 9 frags without being killed

lol, but i think he rolled u, what do u think?
lol, reconnect rolled me
[8:43]: moinotor SteelSeries disconnected

moinotor =/= panamera smarti boy

Ps. Use reply
ps get out of third world country
and ps come to holland to do all our dirty work like cleaning shit and whiping bosses ass
You seem mad bro, calm down. Stop playing with known cheaters, otherwise I wont give you chance to whine just a bit.
he is the main cheater in this team, wtf XD
Who would spec some pub whore which discovered irc wars few weeks ago.
Its not him. This guy is buRn aka insane.
BURN??? WTFFFF HAHAHAHA damn retarded dont say nothing f you know nothing. pls search artificial, fucking retard. never cheated.
I said that real belgian "insAne" used "buRn" nickname, not you kanker mongol. Im not saying that you are cheating, too shit, sorry.
then try talking english
and nejm fucking cunt, cant find out the difference betweend red white blue flag and black yellow red huh? fucking nerd cunt accusing me of cheating when you dont even know the right guy. goodjob polak. proofs you retarded people have no brains at all
I see the same name, u may carry to another country, im accusing nl guy with name: insAne who aimbotting obviously every match last weeks. Its u or not?
Ja pierdole, ty pało. Ten typ najzwyczajniej w świecie sobie ekhm "przywłaszczył" nick typa, który grał kilka lat temu. To nie są te same osoby, zresztą po grze tego gościa widać, że prócz strzelania to nic nie ogarnia.
Nie, holendeski insane grał już parę lat temu, z outlawami itp. Zresztą chuj którym on jest skoro gra na bocie, jebie mnie czy ma na imię patryk czy marek, zwracam uwagę na fakt że holenderski kolega się nie pierdoli z kryciem bota i jeszcze próbuje udawać że nic nie ma.
known cheater? lol yu don't even know me kid. lower class polak talkin shit cuz he cant afford good computer lol
yes and you pming zaba to send you back your wh lololololololololololololol

are u stupid? im not busted
you would when some Admin just confirmed your were haxing... Forsaken even told us that you used WH to quit this game... now you can hax on CS:GO :)
I didnt quit it, and im not playing even cs:go, just busy with school :)
I played with your couple of times, you were wallhacking for sure. Also most of peoples in this community know this. You jumping around with your bot and losing every game.

Your gamesens level is like a guy with some extra chromosome.
Bored of cheaters ? leave the game then, oh u can't leave ? :D
I said something about being bored of cheaters? I have nothing against them till they just play irc wars, pub.
you actually are/were cheating at some point. Liked playing with you from time to time but it kinda was obvious last time we played.
ur the most brainless player and ur acc went from 25 on pubs to 40 in match in 1 week gg
dont accuse me of being someone im not fucking nerd do your research.
Yeah, we already know that you fakenicked belgian insAne, huh.
So arent u guy who "played" this match and matches before with amped? My bad then, sorry!
fakenicked XDD bitch please rather fakenick insane then some random-dazmet-no-meaning-who-the-fuck-r-u-thirdworldcountry-fuckfaced-bitch-behind-his-desk-who-cannot-shoot-so-started-

btw thx for watching the match tho, appreciate everyone, even you punk ass lil haters
If you are not cheating just shut the fuck up, why u r even responding without reply (that makes u even more retarded btw). Keep flaming more, this only proofes you are hacking :)
because who the fuck are you? i know im not cheating but i hate the fucking retards who just came around the corner trying to accuse everyone if they get owned the fuck out of their butt. stop that ish 3rdworldie
im not, i replying to braindead lows who blame everyone for cheating if they get fucked in their ass:)
wow, you really are stupid ain't you
aren't *
don't tell me you're actually trying to correct me? please don't. Looking at your messages, it'll take decades for me to correct everything you wrote
but why did you interfere in the first place?
Re-read your message, slowly. All the bullshit you just wrote gave me cancer. Anybody reading one of your message will just find you retarded, I just stated it
and i dont give a shit about my english aint even trying to write properly
then don't correct me on anything if you don't care about it, retard. But you're one of outlaw's friend right? it might explains a lot of things
fucking stalker arent you? jees, ye so wtf does that mean?
its better to faking and cheating instead of using own name and playing clean. I wish i were born in netherlands to understand ur logic.
says the guy living in the country where they dont know proper internet and most cheating cunts of e.t , anyhow cant figure out how you blame me for cheating, dont even aim that well ;p
Why the fuck u keep talking about countries? Have you ever been to Poland? I guess no, so go back to your cheating cave :)
because it seems like you and all your polak gayboys are accusing me. guess you know more then i do
So what have accusing to country? Loel. You are just as retarded, as any other dutch (except Domi). Fill your application and send it to aegrus. you have a potential to join them
I dont need to aim well since i letting egoquit high skilled irc players like u and scow.
Amp'd iNSSAA 64 339 49 77 14 0 1 18 10907 11452 237 0/0 2/5 44/46 4/8 223 149 4 6

how can that be cheating btw i fucked up:p
you can be ultra low skill even with cheats take yourself for exemple XD
nice, in just 1 day they be calling me low then high then cheating.. you guys should go together, stick eachothers dicks in eachothers asses, and perhaps, you'll get to a similar accusation
btw nejm, i scrimmed against you, you won that war. i even wasnt whining and said well played even tho you making retarded comments everytime. grow up lil pussy
i didnt win, u quit after fh, btw im not whinning, im accusing u of cheating thats all :D
bro i NEVER egoquit. could be 1 of my mates had to leave but its never that i leave. i dont mind losing and i dont get angry its just a game remember, for some its life after seeing all this responses and posts
yes, and u never cheating.
just like you won't find a cb account of him unless you check for his IP :D
not even gonna talk back again keep believing heroes
gg upload, rolling cheaters once again
yokoo cheater talking about cheat
say no more newschoolers.