SixStar Red vs (7542 views)

be Appel
gb B1gcHeese
gb jam
fi maik
ru mirror
gb sqzz
fr invi
fr Kaisen
fr kEEJI
fr Provok
fr Skynet
fr soma

CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013
Third League
Grand Final

fr sticked has to win twice!

First game: 2-4
Second game: 4-2 SixStar Red
24.09.13 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 39100
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 48


good luck sixstar :>
gl sticked sans compter le fils de pute
jsuis avi rom1
On jouera pas ce jour et encore moins cette heure là :)
GL rockstAr and b1gcheese
HF :)
On joue Mardi, tu peux être là ? On est que 4 en ce moment T_T
izi motoriiiiiiiin
HF les filles
Good luck 6*, bash them!
This match will be played Tuesday 21:00 CET


fr Provok
fr Skynet
fr kEEJI
fr Kaisen
fr invi
fr yokoo
hf all
good luck
merci gros <3 (fais péter les free sushis là !)
c est fini les sushis !!!
GL les gars !
thanks ma gueule
MERCI MON AMOUR TU ME MANQUE TELLEMENT <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Shut up! He's mine:(
Vous inquiétez pas les loulous je reviens bientôt ! <3
PS : Dommage, wp quand même :(
Kaisen , nous connaissons tous tes tendances gay avec Ange , mais si tu pouvais éviter de les montrer directement.....................

ps : Ange tu nous manque ! on t'aime on pense à toi tous les jours !

En résumé , bouge ton cul et revien
fils de pute de gay
GL :)
gl guys :)
Gl les sticked
gl sticked
You have € 2000 on sticked
Possible win: € 4040

could've played with yokoo and bash them but we aren't pussies, sorry bro <3
putaing* en grande finale quoi..

GL les boys!
gl mirror
gl jam sqzz third league is the right skill level for u2 so stay there
1000 on sticked, should be easy
why no comment about uk player in the middle?
he's so shit he doesn't deserve to be mentionned
lol good lineup changes...
bash em sticked
I allowed them to take 2 mercs, this is the last time I'm nice towards those kind of guys.
bash em
it's a bit hard, we don't play that much :S no teamplay at all
1 merc* jam was only merc and he came from sixstar blue so cant rly say hes a merc either.. You lose ur shit get ur head down in shame :)
They were going to play with ArtstAr instead of maik at first, stfu when you don't know the facts please.
congrats winning 3rd division guys, so deserved! Appel and B1gcheese stronk!
wp :o)
mirror is always been in the team didn't play sc 6v6 so allowed to play, jam was in our 2nd team wich was lower div so allowed to play this game. sqzz was in the team all summercup season long so dunno what you're on about
these try hard bagguetes very mad after all those praccs xddd
You have € 222 on fr sticked
You lost
rzryj gówno cwelusie
playing one mix per week is very active yes :xD
The docs run from B1gcHeese was memorable. I was pissing myself when he brought them home.
intense gamink. b1gcheese game winnah!
nice carrying mirror lol atta boy
Nice boys :PD faggots mad :d
What a faggot Appel taking sqzz,jam,mirror only to win 2k13 Third League gg tard
ye suprising that mirror actually played higher than 6th league :S
sqzz has been playing for them for a long time, jam played in some B-team of sixstar and mirror has been playing for them for quite some time:)
Only three of their real team actually played, but whatever, I can understand that people want to achieve some 3rd league pocal before the game dies, even if they get carried all game long by players with twice their damage. That's not how I see a team myself, never had to take better players than us to win something, winning as a team is more "glorious" I think.

You should've done the same Weslann, because you achieved nothing until now even with cheats. Looks like EC players are more reliable than cheats if you want to win something.

Anyway congrats to 6star (no sarcasm at all).
Yea, because you never get carried by yooko in 3o3 :)))
I know yokoo for like 5 years now, he plays for sticked since more than one year, and I'm the one carrying his ass with my awesome engineer's skills :D

And like I need to get carried to own some random polaks like you :S
It was 1 year ago :) I remember when you said that gave us fake lu when some ryan whas playing :D And when yooko enteren you said that his first name is ryan :) And yea, you need him to carry you :D
his first name is Joris gg
I knew if I told them yokoo was playing, they wouldn't have played against us :D
all of these guys that just played used to play 6on6s all the time, maybe not jam but few times atleast
I achieved way more then you will ever do, and why do you even bring that up? You lost fair and square gg
you achieved to be /!\
dont get why people are whining for, we had zero teamplay in this game and if we played with the normal lineup aka rossko,rockstar you would of got crippled anyway so less of the whine saying omg getting 2 good mercs. you lost fair and square, wipe them tears of ur faces :))
dem throws :P Go tryhard sur DirtyBomb là !
dat game :XD
toujours aussi con...tent de toi même à ce que je vois !
ROFL, there was 1 merc Jam and Jam is in our sixstar blue team, plus the map you always choose ie missle you know the lame map that no one enjoys - Jam didnt even have , he dl it during in game lol.
Lets face it French never been great at Warfare history tells us this. Im suprised you even turned up. To lose and then whine just confirms my thoughts that you guys must be right childish badlosers. You said you will no longer play this game now, I hope this is true. It Will
mean missle wont be chosen as a map again as your clan seem to be the only lame cunts to choose it. GG your rifle - I jumped on his fat head as I ran out for an amazing Docs run on adler, his pegs need brushing bigtime rofl.
calm down, you're normally a cool guy but don't forget you're utter shit.
Wtf man, just enjoy ur win instead of blaming a whole country for one guy being mad.
calm your tits
mirror = rockstar
rossko = jam ??????

if thats true then all is well
otherwise you guys are bunch of faggots
"cool guy" dont talk like you know me snatix, I say and do what I want boy.
There's a reply button on GTV if you ever noticed. Yeah we played a couple of games already and you were quite quiet and relatively a chill guy. Dunno why you're acting all cocky, but calm down and enjoy "your" win.
je voulais pas lui dire...
no never noticed maybe my 3rd post ever, Could not be enjoying the win more thanks, sqzz and I were crying with laughter, but I say and do what I want French boy.
was hard work playing without a monitor wasnt it pal, had to turn it back on 1 minute before the end on adler
we should try playing with a 15 euros stuff and no sound, I assure you it will be hard work
I dont think they are taking it well mate, I think the fact that utter shit stole the Docs is hurting them.
Dunno if talking about me or not, anyway i didn't watch the match and i don't give a fuck who won it, you're just acting stupid. Understabable tho, you never won anything else :)
> 2013
> reply on gtv
You just proven once again that you need EC players to carry your ass. Normal lineup in OB Final, lost 0-4 and then you take de Kevji (who had 10k more damage than you) and win it 8-0. You're so pathetic, even more than I thought :D
Bunch of nerds whining, good old ET
nice joke
says a 20+ year old girl commenting on an all nerds site :)
I wouldn't call this thing a girl to be honest.
don't talk to deryn like that yu frog eating piece of shit keep practicing mayb in 2K16 yu get a chance to win somethng in life lol
lol man provok owns u irl, he got bitches and money. One of his muscle = ur body, show some respect please
HAHAHA I make wat he makes in a week in a day man that's all I gotta say and if he wants to get it poppin he can come to NYC anydays to whoop that ass ADR
then buy a game and leave us alone thanks
lmfaoo nazty <3
un trans le bordel
Gotta love the harshness.
You have € 1237 on sticked
You lost

These line up change on gtv always make me lose tons of emoney
why did you bet 1237 instead of 1337 :(?
1337 is too mainstream
I probably had 9237 €
No, you had 11492 €
After winning the 2 LoL bet I did 2/3 days ago probably

( did like 4 bet and one got rescheduled )

I always get ride of random last numbers as xxx € when doing first bet. Thats why it ended 237, not caring anymore about 1337 :>
Dont explain that to me. I dont care, Highway asked you.
well played! nerds crying!
Bad losers always cry.