new terror vs TAG (6875 views)

fi caej
fi crew
fi Jacker
fi kolibri
fi Sankari
fi SR
nl aphesia
sk filuS
pl Kirej
nl Lightning
ee sCope
nl Skyllaa

ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVIII

The winner qualifies for EC!
07.10.13 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVIII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 74070
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 111


omg drago omg
gl nterror
avi to replace Sankarilow
omg drago omg
hf TAG
izi for Jacker& kolibri GL
come to fucking nl again and xfire im missing you fag

TAG in qualifiers? Must be a joke.. :s
gud lak tag
why everyone talkin about Drago? fi Caej! EASY LAD
U want a smack? Start on caej you start on me
U can tell me that face to face at lan, cu there.
I'll bend you over desk and go through you like a trian
Im scared, since i have no idea what is trian
get nlabort
he's playing for one.soldier :)
lol well it's not like they're that busu they pushed off their most important match for 41 days
but if he plays for TAG in the qualis then he wouldn't be able to play for one.soldier in the groupstage for at least one matchweek
oh i didnt know one signed up for EC i thought u meant rtcw
EC sankari:D
izi for TAG :)))
Gl kireju!
izi 4 TAG ;)
why yu no play?
they need engi, I am not much of a use as an eng
then I shall play !! Lol :D
ET is not THAT dead
Do u even play et kid lol or u just gamestv troll
11/47 gg :D

And that nmxz guy is obviously a cheater, 1 year old cb account, played maybe a dozen offi's on gtv(and all since tzac was fucked except one), searching med+ @irc and nobody knows this random gg.

I mean after 10 minutes of digging i found out he is SOOSSI, well know cheater, busted multiple times with cheats, want proof? ok:

Note the same ETPro GUID with 2 different tzac accounts (one of which was his most recent and is on his cb profile - 00085718)

Now look here:

His old account with multiple bans, and here is his current account:

All he did was change his IP, make new cb & tzac account and continue playing. Cu, crawl back to your fucking hole cheater scum - thanks.
i think we've got a mad noob here
I can only imagine how many objectives you completed when you were dead most of the game.
I bet if i was to watch that game i would see you get benched for leku at some point aswell lol
had to go fuck my hot gf, oh wait u dont know what gfs are
haha soossi was fucking beast not hacking ":D"
mad much? :p i was in the army for 6months when i didnt play et, much. after that i wanted to play for fun and since im so good in it i couldnt stop =D nice digging!
painuhan soossi vittuu, kukaan ei kaipaa sua edelleenkää paitsi ehkä blueman
sut on bannattu jop gatherin tessust, koht et-finlandilt ja muiltaki irkki kannuilta kuhan porukalle alkaa selvii et oot sä
:DDDDDDDD enköhä mä tuu takas jollaki IRC, etpro, PB guidill ja IP:llä mil porukka ei tuu KOSKAA tietää et oon mie ; ) mul on 3 kämppää mis voin vaihtaa guideja kuinka haluan. Tää peli on vaa niin vitun kuollu et ei ees kiinnostais viedä konetta niihi toisii kämppii uusil kovalevyil, mut kai se on ny pakko ku tuli tälki bustattuu, pitää varmistaa ettei seuraaval mikää täsmää ; ) kiitos!!! ; )
gl dutchies.
GL nterror mates
Good Luck TAG! ;D
good luck suomi!
nice to see drago back
gl tag :)
avi to replace fiSankari. He is a cocksucker
TAG only 5 players? GG, forfeit.
Im last player from lineup TAG: )))))))
avi for tag :)
since we made r@g , you said avi for 5/6 teams already xDD
i saw what you did there
gl urtier
You have € 50 on fi nTerror
Possible win: € 165
sankari vs drago, epic battel
Avi to replace sankari
gettem scope!
Why would you use UAC after posting so many "negative" comments about it, filuS? :D
wat? I was not playin'...
sure sure :) then you got a fanboy from Slovakia that plays with your friends on filuS uac account :)
ye, why not ;)
if you decided to use it in spite of all these comments, I am gonna use it too!
I used it because TAG guys desperately needed one player. I figured - what's the worst thing that can happen? Getting (false positively) banned for god knows what that AC finds on my hdd - if they can live with it, so can I. First thing I noticed after starting scanning and executing ET - nice error message saying UAC is not compatible with color depth I am using. I nicely ignored this messag. I didn't worry that much about screenshots, but after reviewing I had to laugh so f-ing hard - 90% of all screenshots were blank - either grey or black. I think there was only one player out of 12 in that match who had normal screens, others had blank. Only times someone had normal screens was when he was out of game (not running or minimized) or when he was running game in windowed mod. All in all - very useless. However, I still stand my ground on this - I consider this AC to be extremely poorly tied with game itself and it works on very strange basis.
You have € 50 on fi nTerror
You lost
You have € 50 on fi nTerror
You lost
ei vittu mun gtv mani sankari vitun low noob!!!
sori :S tuu tänne ni tarjoon parit lohutuskaljat
EC caej
Viewer Peak: 111