amped vs abstraction (2341 views)

be SupNa
nl GiZmO
nl base
pl nejm
pl jin
pl tramp

CB ET 3on3 Ladder
16.10.13 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: base (Requestee)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 4421
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 18


easy for ampd get em boyz
give me ur cheats it will be easy for us.
I see my dick is a polak magnet lolz
You have € 20 on pl @@
Possible win: € 43.4

Tyle mam, tyle stawiam D:
you gave them your cheats in order to win or what?
cheats to win agaisnt u? who needs it XD
You have € 20 on pl @@
You won € 127.2

gl amped geef ze van jetje
You have € 111 on pl @@
You won € 705.96
wp gizmo, cu next time, maybe u will beat me in 20th try.

You'll have to pracc more to beat me in 2o2, gl
owned that trash with base too :P
owned? :D You werent able to leave ur spawn @ ufo :P
well cheated i hope u enjoyed letting your pc play
You have € 200 on pl @@
You won € 1272

thought this was lost money actually
Focking nice guys. ;D!

GG tramp ! Nice skill ! :D!

You have € 10 on pl @@
You won € 63.6
You have € 54 on pl @@
You won € 343.44

dobrze mowiles :D
all cheaters betting on each other, it is very cute to see: they are just like: 'hey mate, i will bet .... on you guys, just put the value a bit higher okay?'
Story of Poland
butthurt mad kid
but he is right
show me one action which was obvious in this match.. jesus christ.
yes, we are cheating obviously, unlike supna and base.
and how about check dmg? we won it with negative ratio, so are we using brain or just shoting like retarded cheating idiots? use ur mind.
the only thing i derive from this is that you guys cheated cuz you suspect the opponent of cheating?
is that how it works nowadays? would you kill a polak if i did it as well?
Nice logic there mate
GiZmO* Wednesday, 16th October 2013 20:32
all cheaters betting on each other, it is very cute to see: they are just like: 'hey mate, i will bet .... on you guys, just put the value a bit higher okay?'

oh jij
you are sup3r mad and retarded there :DD

e: we are grateful for ur compliment :)
yes i am so mad. Its not weird at all that some random polaks win against a way more experienced player that has beaten teams you cant even dream of.
Can you teach me how to aim like that and stuff? and how to brain situations? im so bad at it :|
random polaks? beaten u on deli like 10 times already. u never have been better so i dont get u bro XD
thats bullshit and you know it
First time ya win vs me resulte too happy, no rematch, big ego, excuses like have too go and still here 30min later : 1 word: polak
u dont understand it bro, i just wanted to beat gizmo and did it as usuall i do if i want to win. probably i didnt care much in last offi agaisnt u (we played 2 times already so i can use the same argument as u, u beaten me only one time in ur life :D)
4 times sseems like ya only counted vs ur team
next time i will cheat too, because i want to win. Wanna bet you can't leave your spawn?
just fucking request a replay, go there and find 1 obvious action. kkthxbb
well experienced? You mean in playing delivery only?
lol you are uber mad
:D Supna forever low
no razz no win
nejm prodigy always took him under my wing started from the bottom now he here
@@>phase apparently
Thank u for support man, what would i do without u!
:Oooo tramp <3 nejm :* slicznie