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nl base
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CB ET 6on6 OC Fall 2013
Third League
Group A
10.11.13 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: base (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b3

Total Pot: € 11536
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


groot vijfertje om uit te vissen he =))
gl base, donmatthias, rapz, constan, anger
We will lose this one, trg nerds praccing hard :S
toch ga ik all-in op ons=]]]]]
yes, playing ~ three maps per week with our main lineup is truly praccing hard :S
just praccing with ur mom
u serious?
wow so many cheaters in one team... amazing :S
this guy XD
prepare your cg_teamchatonly 1 command guys.
you are calling almost everyone a cheater
youre just a piece of shit

cya sunday
maybe cause half of your team was busted?
names ? xD
they are all allowed to play

so busted is the wrong word, arrogant fuck
you really need to learn how to read...
if they were 'busted' why are they not banned thn? rofl

and like I asked; names?
half of his team?

ANGER tryhard..
1) calling someone tryhard when you post comments or just watch this site everyday
2) you've won OC, calling others tryhards
3) just get a life instead of accusing others to get a life, nerd.
4) your nationality is polish, no need to tell more
5) nice face
Latest Comments
• ANGER tryhard..
• hahahahaha cwelus geimbazasjcweel! pdierdole dupe pedales & cwelus kurwa jepaierdole
• nice lives
• u will be next so stfu
• Ur still nerding this dead game evreyday so shut up nolive dipshit

forgot ur nerding on gamestv
Well, atleast he won the OC, you didnt even acomplished that bro.
nerd alert!
Making alert on yourself is pretty shit tho
tryhard bobika, one day you will get pm'd on crossfire after making all those avi posts to play in OC/EC :DDDDDDD
always played in it when i said im avi, so your comeback is kinda shit bro

get life, atleast on saturday night
are you only going out on saturdaynight? How sad :P
last saturday I didnt play btw :D it was some kind of mitja case if you know what I mean :D
EDIT: And I'm not the one who's praccing 3 days a week for OC or making avi-posts on CF to play in OC, so you better get a life :D I'm playing this game just to get some fun :) Why so serious bro?
Im playing it for money > your logic.
you just defined nerd for me, thank you very much. cu
i talk like :) this because :D im not mad :P at all bro :D why u think im mad :) bro bro (:
Deze keer was het puur om te haten, na gister avond ;-)
heel je latest comments sta vol met haat op andere, je hebt precies echt een leuk leven. Internetheldje :p
rapz jij slet, speelt ook echt met iedereen he :D

hf hennie en doe de groetjes aan sebas als je hem op school ziet xoxo
gl kenji =))))))
Thx <3 When do we play together again? Miss that :D
8vs6 izibash!
gl nick&tom <3
Wrath <3
gl Wratha
gl kittzor
wenn mich der Türke nicht kickt ;)
Kittyboy niemals! Hatte gestern übels Kopfschmerzen + war übels mad irgendwie sonst haben du und ich keine probleme du wurstfinger
Ein Türke hat das recht dich zu kicken ?! xd
hab sogar mehr rechte als du denkst du nichtsnutz
Braucht ihr'n Schiedsrichter? :D
Für das Battle hier :P
Und die bringen was denkst du?.. lass es lieber die schaukeln sich die Eier.
Wer sind "Die"? :D
Komm Sonntag nicht zuspät haben 2 Offis..
Das bezüglich wollte ich dir noch was mitteilen.
Komm mal schnell ts
bin anderen TS komm irc
haha, er hat dich komplett missverstanden :D
prepare your anus

- aNGER, can't play tonight, blame my gf!
gl guys, may hitler be with you!
Hand doesnt count as a girlfriend.
this guy keeps spamming me shit, calling me tryhard XDDD
have fun watching the game tonight, i'm sure you will because you have nothing else to do
anger, be nice :S
Why would I watch bunch of tryhards? :Dddddddddddddd
cause u tryhard on gamestv 2
deDuivenMelkers wildcarded
oh my god.. dat hurensohn team
i think he mid, what u think?
Reason for wildcard? Did they say anything?
dunno, ask them
'almighty' aNGER couldnt play :$$$$
No man, our anuses weren't prepared yet!