greejtsjot vs uNsAfe (3912 views)

fr Snatix
be Azur
fr Pupa
us NaZtY
il UrANuS
il K1NG

CB ET 3on3 Ladder
08.11.13 20:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Azur (Requestee)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 1989
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 21


<NaZtY> snatix give a rest man
laughed hard :DDDDDDDDDDD
naztys new favorite teammates
yay erden
Nazty wallhacking level: ridiculously obvious at deli defence, still getting rolled. What a testimony to how shit you are :D
enjoy bann nazty
clean gaming by nazty
lol this niggas i was spikin whole match i went wher they gave me the coms
they atleast dont blame teammates, unlike you
LOL NAZTY, WALLHACKING IS QUITE obvious, but most funny part is that knife movement.
knife movements hard xD no shit he whs? Hello mr news, I think it is obvious for half year but ok :P
nazty u sad fuck, get banned
just good sound
i cant listen to coms or else i hack? they said 1 down 1 goin spawn and shit and if i act on it im a hacker if i dont im braindead sad rly dude this ppl are stupid
nice to see how you know what action he is talking aobut faggot
I'm just defendin my self from all the bs
and you know exactly what he is talking about ;DDDDDD
this nasty cheating since tzac went down and clanbase is doing nothing
another mr news :D stfu polak
yo Kwizlord hows life
fine man coding new wh, you?
I was thinking on totaly new way, like i record my pro voice and it says nerd 6 o' clock 1m away etc. Coz new ac incomming who needs screens if u got voice :D
fine too , im looking at m1tja's face and laughing hard
man check his tattoo :D besides ye his face is funny
I saw his tattoo already , got eye cancer since then
upload u became sherlock after i got banned
m1tja u became cheater after u cheated wtf
what XD
stop crying and lets play CS:GO im owning some noobs right now
pouaaa les zoooobs
Nerds crying about cheats cus rolled, like always. Wp captain mexico and my israel brothers.
ive been denouncing nazty for at least 4 months now
i rly dont get why admins ban fucking m1tja who cheated obviously 1 game, and then this nazty who is cheating like every game on 80% of his fucking aimbot, jon, shoereck, no offence but really...
jealous fuck :S he's just good
So pathetic, cheaterlover lets admin ban someone for being good.
whats the point of this game anymore. i cant play with uac cuz my laptop is too shit to handle it. but other people can play with it and still cheat. its just bs. this game is dieing because of people like nazty, and not because of people like m1tja who just had enough of this cheater scum shit.
He cheated against clean players too ( kwizja, lowdi ), wtf.
oh pls man get a good system
Rofl u defending this mitja guy, you are the reason its deaded
"Cheated only 1 offi" ok i said the same shit and boom banned on 4 tzac accounts, its bullshit and stop defending him
gg nazty...
ahah real gangsta nazty
<33333333 ma nigga mephi
Nazty won something?