Unplugged - Team Pries vs Best Aimers that's alive (2081 views)

be jetro
be Amnii
be emzii
be dooppi
be pum4
nl kARMA

CB ET 3on3 Ladder
12.11.13 00:00 CET
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth prie^DS. jetro 45 kills
Killing Spree pries. emzii 4 frags without being killed
Accountant prie^DS. jetro 88% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! prie^DS. jetro 12 gibs
...and stay dead! prie^DS. jetro 27% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning prie^DS. jetro 25 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! prie^DS. jetro 4 SPAM kills
Fragstealer prie^DS. jetro 176 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! batA/ Kherzakov 352 damage per frag
What objective? pries. emzii 167 XP
Red Shirt prie^DS. jetro 51 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? batA/ Kherzakov 7 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore pries. emzii 178 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut batA/ AK47haze ext3 1 team kills
Gingerbread man prie^DS. jetro 13 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
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prie^DS. jetro881494551120013780170621680/01/025/154/217313844
prieS. Amnii6113327446005591862972060/01/216/112/221914334
pries. emzii8316733406006699770921200/01/017/112/021217742
pries. 7844910513524002420716204514940/03/058/118/020115343
batA/ BubbaKush8010741517006855778661780/00/218/203/320915436
batA/ AK47haze ext3768832426013588962072000/00/010/220/118414826
batA/ Kherzakov66863147300760056643370/02/110/171/419414137
batA/ 7428110414016011620451207164150/02/138/174/419614836
Player Summary for adlernest
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
prie^DS. jetro81843644110010619359421680/00/018/123/1K/DKK/KDDDDKKDKK/KDK/DDK/DDK/KK/KKK/KDKK/K/D
prieS. Amnii458317374004440952151880/00/28/51/2DKDDK/KDKKKDKDKD/K//DD
pries. emzii7412026351005583961691200/01/010/72/0KKDK/K/KDKKKKDDKDK/KD/K/D
pries. 672877911616001916441173264760/01/236/246/3
batA/ BubbaKush877134395004727961911240/00/112/122/2KDDKDDD/D/KDKDK/KKDKKKXDDDKDD/KKK
batA/ AK47haze ext3845128334012513848502000/00/06/140/1DK/DKKDDKDDDDDDT/DDDDDK
batA/ Kherzakov77522836200449095400370/02/07/111/3DKKDDKKDKDDDDKKK/D//KDDD/KDD
batA/ 831749010811011017326164413610/02/125/373/6
Player Summary for et_ice
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
prie^DS. jetro23357731002125464900/01/05/11/0KKKK/KKDK/
prieS. Amnii16030851001115974400/01/06/41/0DKK/KKDKDKKDK
pries. emzii1333843400176662500/00/04/20/0DKD/KKK
pries. 175125191160043179201800/02/015/72/0
batA/ BubbaKush3324391002807119500/00/13/50/1KD/KDDK/DDDD
batA/ AK47haze ext3422737100154298800/00/03/60/0KDDDK/DDKD
batA/ Kherzakov121118000266999600/00/11/40/1DDD/DDK/D
batA/ 296272420052018317900/00/27/150/2

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
prie^DS. jetro50824000135447100/00/02/20/1DKDK/D
prieS. Amnii10020221000350338180/00/02/20/0DKKD
pries. emzii150932100039229800/00/03/20/0KKDKD
pries. 1003778200110961107180/00/07/60/1
batA/ BubbaKush13312431000471480540/00/03/31/0KDKDDKK
batA/ AK47haze ext3501012100020936900/00/01/20/0KDD
batA/ Kherzakov662323100142724700/00/02/20/0K/KDD
batA/ 834578300111071096540/00/06/71/0

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Player Chats
prieS. Amnii [8:40]: wtf dude
[7:34]: Match is PAUSED! (Axis)
[7:34]: Match resuming in 225 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 10 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 9 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 8 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 7 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 6 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 5 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 4 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 3 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 2 seconds!
[7:34]: Match resuming in 1 seconds!
[7:34]: FIGHT!
[4:44]: The Doors are opening!!
[4:24]: Allied Command Post spawn active!
[4:24]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[3:42]: Main blast door opening!
[0:08]: Allied team has transmitted the documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Objective reached at 9:51 (original: 10:00)
[Countdown]: batA/ Kherzakovis ready!
[9:05]: Axis have captured the Forward Bunker!
[9:05]: The Axis have blown the Main Entrance!
[9:00]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
prie^DS. jetro [6:55]: :))))
[6:35]: The Axis team has transmited the Secret War Documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 3:24
batA/ BubbaKush [Warmup]: ready !!
prie^DS. jetro [Countdown]: heads
prie^DS. jetro [Countdown]: =D
[2:55]: Axis have captured the Forward Bunker!
[2:31]: The Axis have blown the Main Entrance!
[2:29]: Allies have reclaimed the Forward Bunker!
[2:05]: Axis have captured the Forward Bunker!
[1:42]: The Axis team has transmited the Secret War Documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Objective reached at 1:42 (original: 3:24)
batA/ Kherzakov [Intermission]: Tails
prie^DS. jetro [Intermission]: zonder al de chance van de wereld lukt het hier ook niet e
[Intermission]: prieS. jetro disconnected
batA/ BubbaKush [Intermission]: NCIE HEADS
batA/ Kherzakov [Intermission]: gooi je kanke reet weg
[Intermission]: batA/ BubbaKush disconnected
[Intermission]: batA/ Kherzakov disconnected
[Intermission]: batA/ AK47haze ext3 disconnected

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