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CB ET 3on3 Ladder
05.12.13 19:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: BorN (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 13219
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 11


abbadabba: base is clean
The funny thing is, he is uber serious
You have € 200 on nl unreAl
Possible win: € 916
and busted sooner or later xd
who, me?
no ,me :'D
its gonna be fun seeing how you gonna bust a clean player and with what proof.. idm streaming the game ;) talk and think whatever you want but I ain't base or chilax and I ain't cheatin ;)
its funny how people were laughing at me when i accused base over half year ago :p
well i was surprised to see that as well tbh.. i've never suspected base.. but after watching that video I lol'ed .. i've never expected smth like that from him.. he's such a nice guy irl..
being nice has nothing to do with being a cheater lol
he was clean half a year ago, only the past month or so when he's been playing with chilax and co he's been obv.
yes, being obv - cheating, not being obv - not cheating, u are not retarded at all.
man tzac was still working half a year ago... you're the one that's fucking retarded.
last half year of tzac without support, YES :'D
lsk is 12 years old like his other friends from htf he cant understand.
On another hand, people should just ask me whos legit or not, since i always know whos cheating
wow, gratz! Go buy a cake and celebrate it! :D

could do witth some chocolate cake tho good idea
base and chilax are not cheating,

wtf are you talking lately dnb, jesus
Sorry but yes they are.. if you don't see it you're blind lol
lol ..

whatever man, I trust them. you 2 could do the same. instead of that yu 2 backstabbed them by calling them cheaters ;)
now stop talking shit, they are not cheating
Chilax is freaking obvious, he was crying to dnb asking him not to use his name when he is using name of clean players to cheat in offis, base himself even told me that chilax is cheating. If you watch a game you will see base is also wallhacking. We watched his 2o2 grand final ODC yesterday and he isn't clean anymore bro.
You dont have the whole story than :) shittard, if you dont know everything dont act like this man.. And how you think that base 'think' i'm hacking??.. tsss think mate , think
chilax is preshooting like a boss. Base at least was trying to hide it :)
I lost my movie about my bust :( not famous anymore :'( sniksnik
thanx mate! i forgot how obvious it was :o this is fucking hard preshoot and shit :) not comms at all, and obviously no sounds sometimes ;D
atleast you can admit it now :)
ye they're cheating constan stop talking bs, you have no brain , stop defending your teammates, they were cheating 2obvious sorry
good and you my friend

cu in 1y btw :D
Constan is cheating also, i dont know why shouldnt he defend his cheatbuddy
do you rly think that anybody in this group is clean?
sup kitt
im damn clean :O i shower everyday :<
hahhaha xDDDDDDD
haha ha hah ha hha hcant stop srlsy laugh ur jokes aer sickk ebSFSbhnff dfCXDD

ooh c'mon, can't see on who you react.. Stupid replys
ye i agree they should improve that reply system :S
to kane, his jokes BSDGNXDDD awesome guy, would cheat with him together just for laugh.
You're the man !!! you would bring ET to a higher level
i would cheat with you... just for the lolz ofc :S
sure thing, o wait i never cheated nor will i ever cheat :O
just /q me... will read it tomorrow :)
Base chilax and nazty says exactly the same bro XD
Kitt du kleine süße Maus :) wieso wirst du bloß nicht cb Admin...
cause et would be dead then...
english plz thanx :
Kitt you little sweet mouse :) why you'll not just cb admin...
de Kitt Thursday, 5th December 2013 23:21
cause et would be dead then...
ye,, :) true shit man..
bust me xDDddd
You have € 50 on nl unreAl
You won € 302

trust in karma
i replaced karma xD thx! ;d
then in Z i trust...
You have € 1350 on nl unreAl
You won € 8154

You have € 150 on nl unreAl
You won € 906
gg abba