Team SoloMid vs Lemondogs (2817 views)

us Dyrus
ca TheOddOne
dk Bjergsen
ca WildTurtle
us Xpecial
fr Myw
be ImSoFresh
fr ShLaYa
nl Crazycaps
nl Zerious

Battle of the Atlantic 2013
Match 2 - Bo3
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Game: lol League of Legends
League: Battle of the Atlantic 2013 » Matchlink
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Summoner's Rift

Total Pot: € 6226
The bets are closed.

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By: timbolina
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 259,994


tsm with bjergsen, it promises to be good
tabzz needs 4 to complete line-up

be avi to go to de cologne

/q tabzz on irc #gMen
im bronze 5 my main is teemo pls add me pussydestroyer666
confirmed certified non-nerd allowed to go to germany
Perhaps se YamatoCannon and de Noonia will play for LD, but this isn't confirmed gg
yamato cannon is pure dumpster level, i still remember i absolutely rekt him at top ;)
TheOddOne sexier
u sure its lemondogs? eheheheheheheh
holy shit that lemondogs is pure cancer, especially imsofresh