Happy Tree Friends vs nasty warriors (2365 views)

nl base
nl xtream
be snip
si Kwiz
pl nejm

CB ET 3on3 Ladder
30.12.13 22:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: base (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 0
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 20


name my nigga, come on
why cancelled?
Where do u see it canceled?
get dmg
where you don''t?
Dont know if troll or stupid
take a wild guess
Its ironic that this guy deletes his comments second after.
using chillax
whats with chilax if you dont bother to respond on IRC?
ah. well we don't mind. could we still use gtv resources?
GTV policy doesnt allow any banned player, regardless which league.
tricky hmhh which league then? regardless..
i'm aware of that but isn't CB down therefore previously banned players can be considered unbanned now?
no shit, sherlock just detected 2 min ago
Regardless of CB being down, they re still marked as "actively serving ban" if CB was up, which is enough for GTV to decline their services to banned players, the fact that CB is down, doesnt change a single thing.
So finally, was snipi a chilax all the time or some games only?
Some particular games only.
It's hilarious, that base isn't considered as the one "banned" there... oh wait
It was actually 8

nerdje <3
when ESL went down I saw lots of ESL banned players since of different ESL policy vs CB policy of baning regardless of tzac accounts. Still matches were not canceled at that time. This is what just prooves ESL vs CB facts here and in whole ET history.
However we also saw CB changing their own ban policy or its admins on some CASES regardless of that tzac accounts vs main account... so much about this facts
And again ur wrong. Players which were anyway banned on that times on ESL and were playing on CB their CB offis were allowed to play here, regardless of league... rly lol

where are their active bans marked, if bans are not valid anymore? How can you focus on league that does not exist anymore and mark banned players on that league which does not exist anymore as active banned? And again ESL active bans on that time were not valid also, why should be CB's?

And no i'm not carring so much about chilly or mitja, there are lots of ppl to play with or play with none, just your explanations on current system in ET is wrong, this is what I care at the moment.
Yes, indeed.

& They would make ET more active, if they get a anticheat, and give the banned players a new chance again. Because it's a different league. If there is a anticheat = no cheaters anymore. But they wont listen to me or my friends where I play with. 'Cause i'm banned
shut the fuck up

:D mad
you just sound like you are the one who care about anticheat, and who care about busting cheaters. Oh the irony XD
Ye, i'll play with a good anticheat, to prove i'm not cheating. & ye, if you have a anticheat, they can't cheating anymore, in offis. And ET got maybe 100players?? it would be x2 (even that is not much, but a bit more than 100)..

And then you'd be back to: "3v3 low+" on irc as it should be. Just do not try to tell you are not cheating, because some of ur preshoots, or wall-trackings were just amazing. Of course you gonna play with anti-cheat, but then you are going to suck balls even more than now :'D
Dude :D you dont even know me and get headset and stuff mate. We'll see, but if i dont get the chance, i'm accused 1 year, for nothing ;)
i will rate this joke with 10/10, cuz it was the most hilarious thing ive ever read
Thanks mate!
In about 10 years were all laughing together about this time

ET, Lovely
Than you're finally grown-up <3
And you finally clean <3

Inkoppertje, grapje, 10/10 kweet t XDDD
:) nerdje
I think u have no right to speak about 'who is clean and who is not', what u think?
Me? explain xD
I'm already am.

lalalala kabouter plop
talked to base :P
ok, sry:))
so, you got database? :) show me
So is snipi chilax or snipi is a different player and he only used his name?
snipi is different guy, polak I think
it is chilax stop defending ur buttbuddies
Vatuh u r talking shit xD

Snipi = snipi
Chilax = chilax

About the buttbuddie part, quite sure hes not a friend of chilax xDDDD
we were friends some time ago, he's just my nigger now
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