LIKE A BOSS vs empyrean Gaming #euF (3682 views)

be ChilAx
be r4pZ
ch Kazzam
de Arma
de kAuby
10.01.14 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: ChilAx. (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 11871
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 8


gl manne
ja man teamkeen2low dus doen we dit :s
Bédankt :)
do i really see 3 cheaters in one team? wow
4:2´for embyrean
4-2 for empyrean, but w/e
cu at banlist
go with them sucker :D
If the match was played on ETTV and there is a complete replay available, all demo requests are invalid xD
5/5 u busted cunt, be happy that u can play again retard
said chillax haxor :D:D:D:
atleast i'm recording every offi
YIIIHAAAAA wollte da schon immer stehn ;p
haha chilax.. bust yourself :)
indeed :)
for sure...maybe demo or whatever base? :)
kauby that wh xD xD xD
da haben die schön schwanz bekommen
deutsch - ers
ers - deutsch
ja idd vraagteken
You have € 777 on BOSS
You lost

maar je krijgt het wel terug, no prob
gegaat t direct terug hebbn geen probleem wacht een minuutje
Whats wrong there? I dont get it.
you'll see
5 months experienced guys beating 6 months experienced guys, happens.
:DD the fact is that they all got humanaim (arma kauby) they got aim of a fucking men with 2 left hands. And they shoot hs's ye right :) but wait a second :) maybe we got enough proof to get 1 of them banned :) in the new league :)
nice try, going uspet for opponent using higher values.
you guys even entered the wrong score. butthurt is butthurt
chilax...fact is u are a cheater..without cheats u cant play ...when u win all is fine and when u lose all cheats...noob :)
i think, and i hope we got enough proof :) and ye i'm a cheater :) sureee , it's all because i WAS busted. I got a new chanse now. And now i record every offi to proof i'm not cheating(if they would bust me again)
" i record every offi to proof i'm not cheating(if they would bust me again) "

dear chilax, they can't bust you again if you're recording every offi you play and there's nothing curious in those records :D
new chance for cheater :D ..awesome ...once a cheater always cheater !!!! you also can lose the next time you are just better :) ! in this game, no one has cheated ..and now accept that u lose this game with fair-play :) !!!
waarom reageer je eig nog op die nazi's? xD die hebben precies nie veel verstand
btw - waiting for proofs :)
Hope u will find some :)

And yip, iam just a random lowbob since years and will it allways be but i care - im playing for zeh phuuun! =)

And Chilax - Chill your life man, just accept the loose and dont be mad about it ;)
Get some Practice and try it again
Me too, im waiting for proofs that im not a queen of england, as long as u cant prove me that, im a fucking queen of england and u have to respect me faggots.
wtf chilax?

you need to train more 24/7 :S
go to bed nerd (:
Too busy liking what I'm reading here (:
geht einfach ins Gas
kauby hat sich ein ziel gesetzt.. 100kg hantelbank ..

wp kaubyy
get rich through et to buy this ?