Team The_End vs Team Tomun (4555 views)

us The_End
us Ceres
us drAke
us ben
us ppE
ca Tomun
ca monkey
cl m@x
ca Colin
us curses
us Hornet
us Fiz

North American ET Draft Cup
Upper Bracket Round 2
20.01.14 03:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: North American ET Draft Cup » Matchlink
Manager: foreigner (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 6697
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 18


gl ceres, drake, quo, tomun, monkey, fiz, curses!
Not playing this but thanks though
some people just can't handle the stress
Because everyone know how stressfull it can be to play a free game cup with no prize money.
Work on that day.
dont worry quo, they all nerds and virgins
gl both
pretty sure ben died again
nah ben just doesnt want to play with the end
sad to hear about ben :<
Tomun didn't get washout? He seemed to want to frag hah
wash0ut is on Tomun's team, but like I told you before only 8 can be on Gamestv. also I haven't seen him online in a while.
yo tomun avi for this bro ima be home at 8
I think you are completely missing the point of these matches.
Players had to sign up in advance and be drafted to teams
damn I was tryna roll the end and kardon well I guess next time. Thanks for the info
Pretty sure no name trash is not gonna roll me and kardon. No matter how many hours you dedicate to this game. Maybe if you train really hard you can have a shot in 2020
I heard you're crumbling in fear and refuse to play, is that true?
Don't ever comment after me especially with lies. Stick to what your good at and go back to sucking men off at truck stops.
you scurrrrrrrr kid pm me when you wanna set this 3on3 offi we tryna go 20-0 cu
yo he doesn't play this game 24/7 like you nerd, you should take it as an honor if he even considers playing against you, you god damn race traitor.
I'm 100% positive the random nerd nazty plays everyday, it must just be a coincidence he comes on exactly when I come on , and with the amount of dick sucking foreigner sucks I expected you to play more then the 3rd spot on the bench for every team games /pugs that happens
ok snitchnigga very known etplayer alive pm for the offi stop talkin n play
who the fuck are you?
easy to talk big with cheets buddy boi
and if you 3v'd vs me end and anim you would not leave spawn. ever.
lol easy to talk n not play go bak to ur LoL kids ya aint ready yet
Such a nerd hahaha, take a break from video games
lmk when you rdy. Take ur time np cu
Been posting all day, do something with your life nerd hahaha, internet isn't a career
yeah im level 6 LoL. pretty nerdy stuff. nah, got a career, make more money than most even without a degree, hit my girlfriend raw. in my spare time i frag losers like you to give myself enjoyment once every few months.
" without a degree " explains alot hf gettin 8.25 an hour
and hittin ur girl probably a steady 4 lulz
sorry I don't speak eubonics.
I'm sure you dont
yeah, it's only $12 an hour. Which is $25000 a year before overtime. But on top of that I make these kind of commission checks from 3-4k each month. lol you too low to make my kind of money. lol plus i won an ipad air last month. when you're making $5-7k a month let me know hahhaha. Got myself google glasss, acura rl. life is easy for me.
lol is anyone supposed to be impressed by this?
I stoped readin after "12$ an hour" I was gettin that while I was in high School lol gl hf on life

ps: congrats on winning that ipad you say it so proudly lol
Why can't you afford buying a wallhack to a polak then?
why are you on ur pc at 3am? Lol oh snatix fail at life
Don't sleep at 3am - fail at life. Guess i have to give up on you man sorry
with or without cheats?
are u kidding me? did u ever see nazty cheating?
its me bark bro hmu i got you
yes and i have yet to see you not trolling
all this talk about how much money is made... LOL... who gives a fuck really
This is better than cabletv :'D 5/5 would read again

gl niglet
the nerd level is strong with these ones
end dick so small hes injecting roids through his dickhole now
all the hate ...oh i miss NA et
Lol. Any match with tupac turns in to gamestv shit talking.
fat yanks everywhere. lol

stop sitting around playing games and getting fat and leave your house?
''Say that to my face fucker not online see what happens.''
kamz why do you post the same shit every where. leave this website?
murican drama awesome
Team End 4-2 over Team Virgins 4 Lyfe
sigh. boring.
You have € 338 on us The_End
You won € 943.02
There is always 2015 for Team Tomun
You have € 342 on us The_End
You won € 954.18
Lady Macbeth The cERIUM End 140 kills

Accountant The cERIUM End 113% kills/killed ratio

<detdet> ceres is like a better version of larky..
<detdet> hes just a larky that can hit gerand shots
Ha ha ha
but he cant hit me LOL
gg was fun
Man ben really played a supporting role. I think he handed out ammo really well. He must play alot of soraka.
You have € 800 on us The_End
You won € 2232

izi moneyz
sorry guys i dont play with mediocre talent such as the end