Team ROCCAT vs Fnatic (2446 views)

pl Xaxus
pl Jankos
pl Overpow
pl Celaver
pl Vander
fr sOAZ
fi Cyanide
es xPeke
se Rekkles
fr YellOwStaR

Riot 2014 Season Championship Series
Round Robin - Bo1

Week 3


ula la, match of the year
You have € 40 on de ROCCAT
Possible win: € 132.8

izi money :D
go go go ROCCAT !! <3
looking at the champs, im guessing roccat is going to have a slight edge untill the late game, but fanatic will out rotate them at the end
and i was kinda right ^^, dont like fnatic but fuck them smug polaks
Not sure if Rekkles or Jinx OP