LIKE A BOSS vs craze (5076 views)

be ChilAx
be sN1p
be eron
be aNGER
be r4pZ
be Jerreuh
de Ava
de Kenji
fi biitti
fi Wrath
nl jeewee
cz mnewcko
23.02.14 20:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 6on6 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: ChilAx. (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 12332
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 20


gl LIKEABOSS & kenji ava :)
gl kratze
no symbol no win
Gl wrath, ava, jerreuh
dat gif hahahahahaha :-)

welche arme sau hat mein namen geändert hier?
ty mate!
np for BOSS
viel glück jungs
gl craze & eron
wat ben jij een kankerventje
gl biitti :)
gl jeewee ;)
gl be
avi avi
:D denk dak gnoeg spelers heb :D ma klaat wel iets weten moesten we echt tekort komen xD
gl Kenji
Nenko!! :D
Sup, m8. Where were u?
I move to a new house and I've been pretty busy since, sorry I wasn't around for that old summercup when I left :(
Im really glad to see you're still around and smacking bitches up as you used to, thats awesome :D
Sounds pretty good :)
Well, im not that active anymore. Playing 2 Times ET per week and then only for 2 hours. Doesnt have that time to nerd 24/7. Maybe we can play a bit? :)
gl kenji
jeewee wTf.
gl biitti
ChilAx eron aNGER r4pZ -> wtf Jerreuh gl baby!
gentleMen vs. craze 10 € on gMen Lost
padaka vs. craze 100 € on padaka Lost
craze vs. Alpen Starz 50 € on alpen| Lost

You have € 40 on BOSS
Possible win: € 108.8
Good luck wrath
chilax <3 jerreuh gl
gl ChujlAx
gl like a boss & kenji, jeewee
gl fausy brudi <3
r4pZ is playing, he was not sure if he was avi, but he is :D
easy for bootto :D
You have € 222 on be BOSS Cancel bet
Possible win: € 566.1
gl friends from BOSS
gl jerre
gl aNGER!!
GL Mr. Random Rifle :p
hovna litali jako nikdy ale nestacilo to jak by rekl hadamczik
You have € 2500 on eu craze
You lost

da leckt mir doch die eier
gg wp
Praises to the infinite Love of Jah and the coming of Zion!
kzat heeltijd te sprayen net zoals op combat arms, 35 acc in supply gg
gast wrm zeg je da ...
ja, maar laatste tijd ist alleen op onze offi's ... 'xD' of 1 man army :) kdenk daw ng altijd me 6 zijn
komt door die prac me mij e
combatarms student?

you are low in every game, especially combat arms lal
Ik heb ook delivered :(
You have € 222 on be BOSS
You won € 737.04
cu jeewee
Incoming Message – 23-2-2014 22:26 – aNGERbe(***********
I got banned? Why?
Hello admins

I'm playing this game for 4 days now and this evening I wanted to log in to play some games and I got a message that I am banned permanently?

I would like to know why I am banned? And if it is for cheating, i'm not a cheater for sure. Can I get more info about this please?

Kind regards
I want my GP and guns back :(

You have € 652 on eu craze
You lost