Internet! vs xtreme fragz (4468 views)

us blunt
us Larky
us Max Pain
mx Pancho Villa
ca shivji
us alea
cl nozz
us ouch
us steve
us taaps
xx tba
Finals Match
03.04.08 04:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: STA Enemy Territory League
Manager: shivji (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supplydepot2

Total Pot: € 6734
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
By: GLH-Candyman (ettvd)
us eQ.ettv
By: shivji (ettvd)
us ETL League ETTV
By: rainypoo (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 147


nice to see USA W:ET league! gl both and keep fragging ;)
ar alea
jo nozz
cu ouch
na steve
so taaps
sr tba

Steve from Japan or USA?
USA, I put their flags according to their IPs =/
way to ruin the fun
need more slots imo
enough slots, imho.

nice flags btw

ps: gl larky, shivji, pancho and the rest of the hackers :)
its cl nozzZ . all my money on netz.

izi 4 nozz =D, gl xF too izi whit your lineup =D
gl xf!
i bet my soul

GG players
shivjiboi kill them all <3
please have him change his name to every european fad

sHivjiboiiii & co

then he will achieve utmost greatness in north american ET
I will :p <3
got all my money on you taaps don't fail.
dont lie
ctrl + v or it didnt happen
go cochina ;P
gl xf.
easy for alea and taaps ;)
alea35? o:

gl ouch
Can't go wrong betting on hackers. ;)
bet on netz u dirty neegas
Adding - 'ji' to the end of your alias is big nut hug and labels you an large idiot.
talking about butchji here?
I think he is trying to comment on me. But it doesn't matter either way because he is utterly stupid: "an large idiot."
xf gets hacked
dont know one of these guys xD so bet on xf hope i got luck xP

You have € 85 on xf
Possible win: € 148.75
Easy for Nets :D
2:0 xf

4:0 xf, since apparently NETZ can only scrim supply... The cheaters failed me.
thx4money =9
pretty gay playing sd2 twice on a final, still good match wp both teams
ggs 4-0 xF
double supply and still lost gg
arrogance... LOL
......what is happened

uhhh....i beted to you on my all forturn 490 but you lose this game so i 'm disappointed!
rotfl you are broke, i feel your pain! :<
tba was anim:x
nope :> us revildab [snowblower]
wp xf!
LOL nice. im the new bd|snaps