bacardi team vs POKEMANS (3554 views)

pl krychA
pl Kaczor
nl yii
ch fumoffu
ca n-plane
27.03.14 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: upload<3 (Requestee)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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Total Pot: € 2200
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 10


gl yii
wtf upload xd
oh my god last time i play vs randoms with bots
said polak, lel
też na nich grałem dałem niepodważalne dowody w których akcjach czitują i grają na bocie , admini dali to do democrew i czekam 4 tygodnie znając życie będą dalej grali jak pixel na pełnym aimbocie gratulacje dla adminów
Teraz wyslij swoje meczyki i się zbanuj to będziesz spełniony.
A stulisz morde ty jebany cwelu?.
No dokladnie
You have € 192 on pl bacardi
You lost

You have € 150 on de POKE
You won € 1435.5

izi cash
you made my day patryk and krystianek
yii to stronk
loooooooooool, and i nearly all-in'ed, canceled bet in the last minute :XD
pokeyiiii > upload
FUCKING AIDS anticheat
paranoic low+ like upload spreading accusations about everyone better than him, gg.
a co ty kurwa uważasz sie za lepszego od uploada :XD?
mam pytanie: czy ty jestes niedorozwiniety czy tylko udajesz takiego glupiego zeby moc sie przyjaznic ze skylinem?
Po chuj ty sie jebany idioto wypowiadasz na temat innych jak chuja o nich wiesz?.Podaj im adres to wyjasnicie sobie wszystko.
spec that match with r_shownormals 1 and you will understand..
that guy doesnt know how to play yet he knows where they are even when he cant hear them (btw few switches on guy behind the wall gg)

If you want 100% prove he's wallhacking, go braundforf poke defence 8:25 spec yii
that was sarcasm, i said they are cheating since the begging, wtf...
but they are anti-cheat proven?
fuck i forgot there is a cgac, i take back my accusations :<
Do you know how to play then?
avi for 6on6 NC?
sure, can think about it
link to your cf profile please
Paranoia strikes again
Switching on players behind the walls isn't paranoia you dumbshit
Paranoia strikes again
this game is so dead , more cheater
weren't you the one whining about hAVOC cheating?
cheaters strike again :D that yii so obvious on b4 XD
Oh fuck, we agree on something
antishit working
If you got a decent brain then you would know that behind every corner, theres a possibility that theres a polak camping. But obviously you gave the answer already
yea and also if you have brain you can see through walls and shoot through trees, you're right XDDDDDD
n-plane mah boi xd<3
Paranoia strikes again
Paranoia strikes again
yiii > olbaa at the moment. Decent aim, brained. This is ET nowadays.
winning random 3v3 offi against upload instantly makes him better than olbaa. :D
Not sure if you're using sarcasm as an answer to sarcasm :D
Well, I thought he was serious. :S
yiii so clean
yii braundorf 8:03 shooting on the tree headshoot :XDDDD
Can see the allied player thru it
braundforf defence 8:25

switches on guys that are half of the map away and behind like two walls
Gtfo, what shall i do? Aim my crosshair to the ground xD.
Yeah, because randomly switching TWICE to players behind wall is normal
it isn't? even gibbing players behind the wall is considered normal nowadays.. you have to change your mind or even destroy it..
What is considered cheat by people then? :(
yea, and why should somebody cheat in old and dead game if there isnt anything to win anymore?
and Risk please tell me where are ADMINS ? where is decision from DEMOCREW ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? KILLERBOY COME BACK !!!!!!!!!
i will be in democrew :XD
how about you kids stop whining on this page and directly contact admin with these timestamps. just an idea
It would take them 3-4months to do something like with nazty...
Hi marvjee :XD
Surely with that attitude, always complaining and never saying how good of a job they actually do for the game, it won't speed up the progress
talk to ohurcool instead of crying about it on comments. lol
when i come back to home ill paste LOG and u will see reacton of admins
no reaction cuz there is NOTHING
Ok. fumoffu try to defend ur friend :XD
ye from false accusations
GL getting more replays than me yiii ;DDDD
xD dankje
hij hackt wel :) wie dat ontkent lol :p kijk b4 maar xDDD
Ga jij nou maar je eerste breezertje drinken vanavond dan mag je morgen verder praten
doe niet zo stoer joh, idioot.

vind het lachwekkend hoe jij overal op aan het reageren bent hier, kan je niet zo goed tegen aandacht?
laat het toch gewoon gaan man
Damn,, ik ga bijna beginnen wenen omdat je zoiets zegt, ik weet zelf toch wel beter wat'k al gdronke heb en hoelang al :) en ben vast ouder dan gij

Het valt zo hard op jongentje
Yii is as clean as a whistle.
haha ChilAx stop dromen je bent niet ouder
ja hoe oud is dat hackertje dan
24 cu :)
dan ist 'n nerdje der nog keer bij :)!
Well you was cheating but for ur luck CB went down
wp yii :)
yiii so clean as my ass, when I just took a dump.