Valkyrie vs craze (4043 views)

pt silver
pt nomearod
pt takerj
pt uTk
pt torako
pt LezhAr
pt To Madeira
de Ava
de kitt
tr symbol
fi Wrath
nl Testi
cz mnewcko
07.04.14 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 6on6 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: Woyzeck (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 17279
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 6


no kenji no win
gl takerj
omg valkyrie omg
missle <3

dont know why we play missile anyway, hope we will change it in the end
i think missile isntt your biggest problem "mr.imnotdownloadingpornidontknowwhyihavelagz" :D
bah, better pracc gr for next sunday though
Missile is cool :s
what snatix said
You have € 100 on eu craze
Possible win: € 141

GL Guys
i am not here before 21:30
gl prorifle wenm
gl mnewcko, vim ze me milujes
mnau takej prebehlik
Sorry couldn't come earlier :/ and wtf is this.
You have € 600 on craze
You lost

sem na dne ted uz jenom vezmu kytaru a jdu do podchodu :D
so confusing to play 6on6 XDDDDDD
ggs wp craze
You have € 5100 on pt V
You won € 16983

torako seems legit
I trusted you :(

You have € 2223 on eu craze
You lost
cant beat a cheater brah
If thay are cheating, cgac will ban them surely. U can pm ohurcool and send timesnaps anyway.
request the game and spec torako on adler
torako seems legit
niggas be ragin'. they see us rollin', they hatin'.
just spec your mate:)
They are playing official games since 2010, couldnt they improve for such a long time?
they didnt play any offie for 4 years
We were hibernating, waiting for the right time to strike.
u got beated vs ppl who are hibernating bro.
not worth the time
Lol..... seen adler, whats wrong there? o.O
just nothing, its only a low+ loser's paranoia.
rofl we just spectated as a team. every single play is absolutely normal OMFG LOL "JUST SPEC YOUR MATE", GUESS I BETTER SPEC YO MOMMAS!
yeah, torako famous known player
rapz improved in short time too, so why the hate on torako? cause he hasnt a famous brother?
he dont have to aim good on teammates around.
Well, i've seen adlernest and there is nothing weird there. The only "close-to-weird" shot is when he recovers the objetive first time, and it's still a perfectly normal shot.
Also, torako (also known as saint or tiger weeds) has been around for some years, played enough times in opencup / ettv, so i couldn't call him "unknown". On the other hand, i've been around long enough. I don't recall your name.

But i will challenge you and Testi to create some video with r_shownormals showing something weird because i can't see.
You have been challenged. Prove otherwise.
The demo itself proves you are very wrong.
I will be waiting :D
You're mad because you got served, deal with it.
:XD u guys need me!
You have € 250 on eu craze
You lost
I've missed the ET drama. Keep it up.
reaver!!! :o
olá! long time no see
yep 4 anos sem tocar no jogo, primeira offi q um gajo faz e isto lol
lawl, wtf? oO
konnte dein Aim nicht ersetzen :(
lulz, nice one
Saint is clean, been around for many years on pubs, so he ain't an unknown, and he always had a decent aim, nothing surprising here.
all i see is predictions due to ts comms, not defending him tho
gj testi :D
Nothing weird at all with torako
he cant even strafe, he scanns all the walls and never leans, tracks players behind the walls and shoots really good with 120 ping and 4 years of inactivity. I'm not even mad, but If he would actually showed some decent strafing and normal gamesense I wouldnt think he hacked aswell
Ye, because you can't strafe you're a hacker??? because you never lean, you're a hacker?? - its 6v6. If you've always been laggy, you're able to play with 120 ping. And ye inactivity says it all..
he doesn't even use sprint LoL
come irc fug
watching anyone with shownormals and you will see the same shit.
What, you cant shoot good with 120 ping and 4 years of inactivity? with that mindset im not surprised that you are accusing him of cheating
fucking random hack trash this torako
I would bet torako is azerty/rote/roth
azerty, rote/roth and torako are three different people, torako has played with valkyrie for several years.
he's better than those.
why are 4 year old stats relevant :D
the only one i found about him
haven't visited this match page for weeks. Just came by to call you retard.
Was zum Teufel ?