Doctor vs brudii (5743 views)

de Mabuse
de Lagz
de ers
de hAVOC
de g4mma
us ecLipse

CG EU ET Season 1 Tournaments
3on3 Division 6
Upper Bracket Semi Finals

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04.05.14 19:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET Season 1: 3on3 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: LagzZz (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 3566
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 8


gnome??? :o
Autofill from last match, he won't play I guess :p

we lost him to cs :S
crim m8 u still alive
sorta :)
bring gnome back to et ! :)
dunno where he is :(
HERE :D and I tried and didnt go too well crim LAD <3
hahah ur telling me :D so bad these days. Still playin lol.paly paly??
me and boardy have our own ts get on skype
Glhf glenn
ge leeft nog?
Ge gaat al weten wat de reden is alsk zolang weg ben :P
gestraft ofzo?? of da ding van ne keer op ne zaterdag? - zijde er donderdag?
Wss wel, kga het u nog laten weten
Danku, ma ik denk da'k ni ga spelen. Backup
good thing you added all those randoms on bruddi :/ ordering a new router soon, so might not be able to play
not eligible since you played with CORNERS.
i played with bruddi before also :X
Once you played for a higher div, You're not allowed to play for a lower div.

Quote by Cybergamer's rules
Players are not allowed to play for more than one team at the same time. If a player is in multiple teams, he is only eligible to play for one. To play for another team during the same season, the following requirements must be met:
The new team is not in a lower division than the previous team.
The player must spend 1 matchweek (from Monday to Monday) without playing for any team in the league. For example, if the player played for Team A in the first matchweek, he will not be eligible to play for Team B until the third matchweek. A matchweek is a week in which matches are scheduled to be played according to the schedule. This includes the wildcard week which takes place directly after the official matchweeks. Any extra weeks off are not considered to be matchweeks.
div 6 xD
Gl matess
-gnome -glenn

dunno if eclipse will be avi but leave him in the lu for now, ty
I'll be around, will try to also be around so we can do some 3on3s bruddi
good thing bro :)

btw: are you avi later today?
I think Ipod will be avi too, and I think we'll be playing.
So I think that the thought about the thinking is really a dreadful thought, but basically a lot of thinking and thoughts about YOU

Anyway, all that thinking gave me a headache. I usually don't think, I let Ipod think for me.
So wanna play with some brainles person, who thinks to much (contradiction)?

My thoughts would be very nice towards you, if you can play.


Your brainless friend,


And btw: I missed you. <3 <3 <3
And lets do some offis on times I can play(serious now) :p
that gave me aids
That made you THINK you got aids.
Come here, and I'll give you some real aids.

Free of charge!
no...that really gave me aids, just read what u write
*wrote :X
You posted 3 times when eventually having an image that doesn't load on Gamestv.
I expected more from you :(

your fail image, before you delete that as well:

Edit: looks kinda hot.
All of them looked kinda hot :p
promise will do better in the future, if we win today

never happend :D
I have to really contact admin to announce our map?
ecLipsee contact me at irc
gl Doc
whoa dich kenn ich doch auch noch
m0k spielt auch wieder aktiv jaymod h3h3
echt bei euch im ts? oder woher ze knowing?
easy money
good job
you're welcome blacktail
what a bad game by me -.-
the carry

Ty eclipse for playing.
wp guys, wp.