Czech Republic vs Estonia (15425 views)

cz cpu
cz Green_Clon
cz malfoy
cz milhAus
cz Sklamak
cz Tezaxo
ee Cannonize
ee frEeze
ee fredd
ee Subbi
ee yEnch

6on6 NationsCup 2014
Upper Bracket round 2

#LIKEABOSS - Brackets - Rules
11.05.14 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 27079
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Enemy Territory TV

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gl mrdaci

You have € 100 on CZE
Possible win: € 192

sklamaku spoliham na tvoje rentgenovy videni :D tak ne ze prijdu o mesicni vyplatu
hf Sklamak & milhAus
Hej hou, trpaslici jdou!
Gl sklco & marianek
gonna be rescheduled
yEAH, we put the matches every monday on wednesday or thursday. Its to the captains to schedule the match in the matchweek. We force the games on ThursdayEvening if you didn't agree to play on some day. (to Sunday/Monday)
hard way, when the sCope is not able to answer @ IRC :(
I'll talk to him a few times/day maybe he'll answer to me.
rescheduled for the next week (probably monday or tuesday) the date will gonna be added / edited asap
Well, scope told me something else --'
[10:35] <malfoy> hez
[10:35] <malfoy> I am goin offline now, but pleas send me the dates next week, when your team can play... i ll react when i get back online
[10:36] <malfoy> send me that on crossfire
[10:36] <malfoy> pm
[10:36] <malfoy> "Flash0"
-milhAus , + Loo
why not mata..... id say he is better then a few people on that lineup :O) MAKE IT HAPPEND PIANOMAN SUBBI
gl greenclon :)
freeze no ET?
mida teevad scope ja jenka siin lineupis ma tahaks küsida ?
et sa küsida saaks
come irc, malfoy is online
ma tahaks küsida, kas sul oli sündides 1 lisa kromosoom? lihtsalt huvi pärast noh
türa nerd rahune maha , enne võtaks paar teist mängijat kui teid sinna lineuppi.
paku ennast kapteniks, siis pane tiim kokku ja pela oma ouneritega
GL Loocko,cpu,green ;)

easy EE :)
where is mata, the rtcw owner?
GL iR mtes & Yench/sinnu/scope
good luck cannonize !
This is the last time we're postponing this match! So it'll be played at this time! Noshow is forfeit lose.
HF Green_Clon. No fredd? GL Scope, Sinnu, Yench :)
co to kurwa jest :D
Loo still alive ;) gl to both teams!
GL Cannonize & sCope
shame no mant
Refused to participate. Playing BF4 with RELOAd.
he's playing RTCW
subbi you better not fail me !
gl Sklamčo
gl hosi po dlouhy dobe si vsadim a nahodim ET
gl Sklamáčku <3
estonia my friends!!! easy game easy life!!
You have € 100 on CZE
You lost
ted zas budu muset cekat az prijdou davky :(

skoda toho radaru ale jinak pekne :)
yep, gg estonia
but those admin, seriously. forcing date and day which favors our enemy quite a bit is ridiculous and reasoning behind it is even more hilarious.
Matches are forced to Sunday. It was in the rules and your team captain should be aware of that. I don't know what ChilAx said to you, but you heard the reason from me now, and you surely can't complain about me following the rules exactly.
his point was that we offered 6 dates during two weeks to EE. (sCope was answering every fifth pm what I wrote him) and still we had to play on the date what was the best for EE even it was much more complicated for us, thats not just fair..
That's not MY point, but your point. You just think that we are favor EE. But you can find the rules here: 6on6 NC rules . And i've talk alot to both captains and there was no other option to force this to today.
Quote by malfoy<malfoy> ok, we accept that, we gonna play @sundays

u r right I wrote that.
I accepted that because there wasnt any other option in this week (5.5. - 11.5.) to play that regularly (as u said)
But why we could not play this monday/tuesday/wednesday in last two weeks? Because u have inactive team in your tournament which can play only sundays and u wanted to be helpfullness to them... thats all...
Doesn't make it any less ridiculous. I am just probably spoiled by old good CB where admins tried to ensure satisfaction of both teams in NC. Sure, this is pointless discussion, tho I am kinda upset. You see, when you are forced to play on date and time that doesn't suit you, it's not very nice. And since this isn't the very first time I disagree with admins decisions in CG, I just wanted to vent my irritation. Also wasn't really forced exactly according to rules, was it. And as a admin you should be aware of that.

/tl;dr just being upset about stupid rules I don't agree with, that's all
Quote by Green_clonYou see, when you are forced to play on date and time that doesn't suit you, it's not very nice.

Well, you have your main lu to play against EE (except Loo maybe?) whats your point? We have to force games , otherwise we're here till next year. EE played with also 2 '''backups''' .

After long talk with malfoy, he agreed to play on sundays. - Since this is the forcing date.

Was nice to watch this game ;) gl in lower bracket
we played with backup aswell, as Loo is in LU, not milhAus.
we gathered here two minutes before supposed match time after almost a week of non playing, no warmup no nothing. I had to rearrange some irl stuff just to be able to play. honestly, I couldn't care less about .ee backups, they are able to play only one day in the whole week.
yeah, well, malfoy didn't really have any other option but to agree, did he..
Proc vlastne neni milhAus v lu?
various reasons, but mostly because he was incapable to come to praccs he knew about. so we kinda played with Loo and managed to get decent teamplay with him
I came back from 1 year brake to play this NC with almost no preparation, just some public games.
I myself haven't played since last NC, just few praccs this season. don't see your point
We followed the rules and i've talk alot with scope and malfoy.
I know you have - except for forcing time, ey? Still the decision favoured .ee quite a bit perriod
This cup is not run by CG - just hosted through the site.
why did it favor estonia?
to, ze jsou admini tohoto cupu picky bylo jasny driv, nez se vubec zacal hrat
mym a myslim ani clonovym zamerem nebylo neco takovyho rict,
spis je proste hloupy, ze nekomu nabidnes behem 14dnu, 6terminu kdy muzes hrat a nakonec je stejne zvolenej termin kterej ti nevyhovuje, v takovym pripade by se melo vyjit vstric tymu kterej ma vseobecne vetsi tendence a chut "neco" domluvit, coz jsme byli my....
but you managed to get on the server with line up,tell me plox how it affected your performance ?
okay, but how about you read next time.
we weren't in LU. and it was in bad time for us, some of us had to rearrange irl stuff and then rush to pc to be on time from somewhere. haven't touched ET for almost whole week, so we jumped into match straight with cold hands so to say. not to mention hockey being played disturbing us big time :p
thats too bad then, Im sorry.
I am sorry just aswell. I am not saying we would win or anything if it was set to different day, all I am saying is we would be in much better mood and shape
eesti on meil südames

I was on the opposite side of barricade :s
eesti ei ole meil südames

with you being cz there is only one side you should be on :)
didnt play for a year and you talk about cold hands : (

3o3s dont count? :P
liar, I know you were playing with froxe from time to time :p
and according to gtv you played last match 9.5., two days prior this match, so your hands were more warmed up than mine ;) also you might have had some pracc, as this is the ONLY day you can play ;o
2 officials and 2 3on3s like a week before

other than that, havent touched ET

tezaxo and sklamak not so strong on ettv
its cause TV gives you and extra 5 kg up can you just.....ok?!?!
Most idiotic comment from the biggest idiot, nothing surprising there
not sure if i ever talked to you, so i'm not sure why you're hating on me, not like i care that a 12 yo hate me tho
Nah, Im just letting you know what even your former teammates think about you...

Wish I'd be 12 again!
You have € 50 on cz CZE
You lost

sklamak no..
diky, tvoje podpora nas vzdycky v kabine podrzi, kdyz jde do tuhyho...
sorry malfoy víš že levné malboro vyhrává ;) to ej těžko sklamák mě nasral s tezaxem atd... a česká komunita je plná EGO master mrdáků že je z toho na zvracení místo aby se lidi podržely hazej si klacky pod nohy... takže hodně zdaru kuci chce to ještě zabrat máte na to !!!
cim te nasrali?
long story bro ještě že Quakeri jsou normalni :) cu @ nationscup
ale, já nevim kdo ma nosanek nahore.. spamatuj se... cu wolfe.... to ze se vratis k et a mas nalady jak na houpacce ,za to nikdo nemuze.,... Takze fu .. ;)
Jedinej kdo ma nos nahore si ty a ja mam nalady normalni. Aspon ostatni neurazim ze jsou low- ...
Asi tim, ze jsme meli normalni team a kluci obcas hrali s wolfem kdyz jim chybeli lidi a kdyz jsme potom meli normalni trenal a kluci nehrali s nim, tak byl ohen na strese.
Quishi nic proti tobe nekdo mi totiz sliboval hory doly cernej les.pak sklamak rek ze budete hrat 6tky a u me ani noha... už to netěšil a je mi to jedno ;)
A malfoyku podpora strasne Low Wolfa je bezprizorni. Tak pro priste budu hodny GL a GG
Kluci hráli dobře, za tuhle prohru se rozhodně stydět nemusej ....:) A jestli ještě něco natrenujou a stoupnou týmově nahoru, tak to bude radost se dívat ....