Hungary vs Finland (6680 views)

hu CS4f1
hu jerK
hu lajt
hu phobeus
hu powi
hu sebi
fi Iron
fi Jewe
fi olBaa
fi Statti
fi squalli
fi twidi

6on6 NationsCup 2014
Upper Bracket round 2

#LIKEABOSS - Brackets - Rules
04.05.14 20:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 382313
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Ez durva lesz :D! Gl th
umm finland lookin good
just not the same without ensam and sample though.. Iron is like having Schwarzer instead of Petr Cech
If you had BoRi and adze on that lineup you could make atleast one map. gl tho
if they had Future logic Nonix on that line up they could win
lol, sure if they wouldnt stop ET and kept on playing all these years they could win... but if they would just jump in now then no chance ofc
5 per 6 finnish players just jump in after break.
Iron playing in sick6,
Jewe played with polarbeers at the end of 2013,
Matias is kinda inactive but he always jumps in for some matches, and he plays in top teams always,
Olbaa playing for sick6, turbot, playing rtcw also, only in top teams,
Salaneuvos was active in 2013 and played for team finland,
Squall active in 2013 and still playing some matches only in top teams,
twidi is active and playing for top teams,

Future stopped ET in 2008 and never came back
Nonix stopped ET and didnt play any official war since 2012
logic stopped ET in 2007, came back to play in TH at 2008 then stopped and didnt came back

Also their best team was underscore (except future), but underscore wasnt really a top team.

All in all, finland's players were always active (little breaks here and there ofc) and also all of them played for top teams while the hungarian guys stopped ET long ago and didnt come back.
I dont play for sick6 2nd i havent played ET for quite some time 3rd i only play rtcw (official only, okey did 3on3 like a week ago) so first rtcw game yday for weeks. so yeah. You shoulda get ur facts straight but i get what you mean with ur things. Basically only active players in team finland is Twidi & Iron (somewhat)

Last time when players like matias, me, sally, jewe were/became active was when we played with fin6. we only played to play @ lan which was @ early 2012? cant remember.
I just checked gtv for every player. (date 04.16), (date 04.13), .... etc

Maybe u dont play for sick6 but you merced for them. You had 4 officials in april, and as the stats say you still own in this game :p.
Anyway my point was that your players never really left ET for long, so they are still "in the game". When they come back to play some, they can play in the current top teams, they still have their skills, while Future or logic who didnt play ET for 6 years probably couldnt compete with you guys.

That lan was 2012 June btw
haha yeah i know what you mean by it no worries :) just had to point it out! haha cool seems like you know better than me when ive played :D (with a bit of sherlocking!) but yeah cool! nice to see phobeus back in action :P
nice to see? im horrible :D and im not talking about rtcw, thats even worse :D but nice to see that some players still remember me :D
haha i just meant that nice to see old players back! just needs some more to get the game alive again!
Im glad that you mentioned #POLARBEERS !!
Thats why you managed to be in final of NC back in the days if i remember correctly ??
BoRi was a cool guy but not skilled :3 if adze would be active then yes he could fit in.
BoRi was great fop imo, adze a great aimer.
rambos imo
he was a nice spam & brain player, he was good in every kind of spam (panzer, nades, supports, artys etc). also he had pretty good pistol aim, but not really good with smg for some reason.
are bori's and adze's fragmovies still somewhere?:)
i got that movie, rly cool (however i think adze has some cheating frags inside :// )
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Bori szereti a faszt! you should replace bori for varadi atleast or some1 else imo ...
Bori is a nice guy remember him when we played in overdose together.. but no skill ;/
hf hungarianpowers.
You have € 86 on hu HUN
Possible win: € 1920.38

Where is dtec7
Will be played on Sunday, but starting at 20:30 CET

I'll inform the correct lineup for Finland as soon as it's confirmed
if u gona lose it seb1 then im dissapointed dude
lol u srs? lol
nope but i hope u gona win this :D
don't bet too much on us, I'd say :D
Could you play 3v3 WC game on sunday 18cet?
betting on you sebi
You have € 989 on hu HUN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3431.83
all in dude ALL IN :D
izi for Hungary :)
ez bash
no walle, no win
gl swani
nice lu, hope it won't change much from that :DD
confirmed players for this game: me, OLBAA, squalli, Jewe and Iron

6th will probably be Salaneuvos, but unsure atm
not this time, Sunday is a poker day for Matias :D
őket is csak anya szülte... :D gl HUN
avi for finland q karma at irc
Salaneuvos, twidi, olbaa, squalii, Iron "walle"

idk jewe ):
Statti Swani olBa Iron Salanevuos twidi and gege
jewes a fag
remelem buli elott fogy a vodkajuk, gl
finlands missing something!
+Statti for Finland

You have € 989 on hu HUN
You lost

i forgot to cancel the bet :D
ahhahahahahahaha nooooooob!