Belgium vs Finland (11387 views)

be chry
be Jere
be PlAyer
be r4pZ
be siL
be ViKO
fi Iron
fi Jewe
fi olBaa
fi Salaneuvos
fi squalli
fi twidi

6on6 NationsCup 2014
Upper Bracket - Quarter Final

#LIKEABOSS - Brackets - Rules
12.05.14 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 39376
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 113

Overall Viewerpeak: 120


Can we play this game on Sunday ?
ou moeke!
kvind u tricolore ook knapper deejvid !
Sunday isn't a very good day for us, how about Monday? I didn't spot you on IRC so could you /q me when you're online
Think Monday is okay. Got 4 players atm
yes, Sunday is a poker day for Matias!! :DD
gl hf twidi drunk friend
no mAus no win :(

Buzzer gl
Calculations proof that maus has no influence on the game.

no mAus = no win
mAus = win
mAus^2 = win*mAus
mAus^2 - win^2 = win*mAus - win^2
(mAus - win) * (mAus + win) = win * (mAus - win)
mAus + win = win
mAus = 0

2nd calculation:
mAus = win
mAus^2 = win^2
mAus^2 - win^2 = 0
(mAus + win) * (mAus - win) = 0
mAus + win = 0

since mAus = win, we can safely replace win for mAus.
mAus + mAus = 0
mAus = 0
This :D
my math has always sucked. i think i shoud take lessons with u :P
i think you should also take some english lessons no offense :D
Dear Mr. Grammar Nazi, I am pretty sure you mean "offence" there :D
i checked this also, but both versions are correct, tho 'offense' is in American english :x
okay, my bad. forgot that we live in times, where every typo is called "American english" :s
jezus christus lampje, wat summoners rift je wel niet brengt he :XD
True team NL logic
when A implies B, negative A doesn't imply negative B, therefore
no mAus => no win
mAus => win or no win, we can't say based on previous assumption. sorry to ruin your math.
im sorry but no mAus isn't the same as: - mAus
I can remove ''no'' because both sides contain it.

This is the same:
1*x = 1*5
x = 5
never said no mAus is -mAus
I just said, that "no mAus, no win" is clearly propositional calculus, mathematical logic, which rules you broke.
that means that /!\ is the same with no /!\ ?
nah u are still /!\
moze zapierdalaj na ts?
say that on cf bitch, oh wait
cool story bro ;)
if maus = 0 and maus = win, then win = 0
so win is nothing, but if u wanna nothing u need some nothing like maus to get it. gg
That's full of shit there, especially 2nd equation - your premise is maus = win, but your conclusion is maus + win = 0, which is maus = -win ; that's bullshit - squaring the equation in your second line is not safe adjustment and cannot be used in such way (but yet again - who the hell cares, your premise is maus = win, whatever you do to it will not change it)!
Are you all seriously failing to spot he's dividing by 0 or has all the sarcasm just flown straight over my head?
and what about you - has all the sarcasm just flown straight over my head?
hahahah :D
if mAus = win , then it would be

mAus - win = 0 not mAus + win = 0
I have two first class degrees in Maths and I think you're a fucking nerd

But I think Filus trying to act clever is even funnier than this shit

rapz hf :-)
gl belge
hf r4pz
Chry ? :S:S/S
Kers speelt, en geen rapz?
too many nerds in one match lol
needs more rapz! :-)
no rapz = no win ?
gl be
chry, Buzzer, siL, xAee.. toujours la aussi ceux la :O wow !
je joue juste parce que mon frere est la :D
fi: Iron, Jewe, olBaa, Salaneuvos, squall, twidi
why is my flag romanian wtf
its a /!\ replecament
People are really arguing about mAusmath, wtf?=D
r4pz is gonna play! this made me go:


Benched hard :( :( :(
Racism on walloons imo :/ :{D
call the engineer of mathematics, the most educated uk parrot ever to solve your maus riddle
komaan e zoetekes :D
Total Slots: 1,000

This match will need max 100 slots unfortunetly :(

GL both tho! :)
wtf were is buzzer ... grrrr i wanna watch him :)
Flemish people took over the team, see you in the NC 3o3!
rapzje nerd, push maar weer iemand in een landmine
gl ViKO!
YJZZ is offline atm, i think he'll come online soon.
soon? :D
yeah that's what he told me yesterday. Liar :(
But I could just stream it to watch : (
No problem mate!
lol jere
come back zeto vila lio
They'll play a third map for fun.

e: Finland won Goldrush as third map (for fun) .
no buzzer>?
what a supr.......NO
You have € 50 on be BEL
You lost

You have € 1478 on fi FIN
You won € 1847.5

et voilà pourquoi t'es pas en team belgique...
i get a hard on everytime i see the name squall
andyF1 GTVd oD 32
started by be zPaR 21m ago. BEL be vs fi FIN
et 12.05 21:00

i like to watch myself also, dont worry rapz, its normal :D
We were actually speccing Jere and Chry :d