eXecutors vs Talented (2607 views)

si m1tja
de duch
nl snick
nl bubble
nl thommie
08.05.14 20:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: mitja (Requestee)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 8354
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 12


my pants are wet
gl upload
gl upload
gl upload
gl upload
gl upload
gl upload
gl upload
upload, we want your record <3
there is smth called gtv replay and u should know it since u are oldschool.
:XD oldschool. noobs
They want record because they cheated with CGAC ggwp oldnoobies
gl silent
gl upload
Im wishing m1tja the best of luck in this 3v3 official match :)
thank you :)

Cya in 1 year bruva
Wow that is so nice, especially considering that you're playing against him yourself.

Good manners go far I guess.
mmm we are in server now ( talented ) , they dont show up:/

man de match begon 20:15 lol
en dan zeur je 2minuten later ....
im not base... im snick for god sake....:(
hap hap kapot.... ze zitten al lang in de server
gl base
izi upload
Pretty easy to spot base, if one of them walks like a retard.. there you go it's base
nice ban mitja :sss