Netherlands vs Germany (10297 views)

nl aphesia
nl L4mpje
nl Lightning
nl perfo
nl SQuid
nl vANQ
de drago
de gr0ss
de Kevji
de s1LENT

6on6 NationsCup 2014
Upper Bracket - Semi Final

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 96165
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Williams & mental @
By: ChilAx.
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 34

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 117

Overall Viewerpeak: 151


jaja, de klassieker
gl you germans <3
el clasico of ET
gogo gr0ss & kresti
sry perfo but kresti will shit on you
sry perfo but kresti will poop on you*
gl perfonator@
good luck nl <3
perfo multigaming
gl freunde
gl kresti and silent
epic game
gl s1lent kresti gr0ss & kevji <3
dat heb jij goed gezien ;)
bratwurst mit sauerkraut
hf all
this needs tosspot
I ask him every week ;) still not able to cast, he's busy :(
Lets duo cast rito
rito wasn't able to cast this night :o)

e: you can ask YJZZ if you can cast in his stream?
Dont want to talk 24-7 :D duo or better not :D maybe Williams wants to
Well, you can fix something if you want.
Me and Williams will cast this :D would like to add my own stream later then
Ye, its ok for me. /q me if you need me

YJZZ gotta work tonight. So i hope you can fix a ?
Yea got a Account there - get me shout caster rights, i am at home later on
You can add yourself alrdy, or not? i dont see any admin on, that can give you that rights .
nope, he has to be made broadcaster on GamesTV by some admin.
Well: 1st i dont know his twitch account, 2nd i dont see any admin who can help me atm. But still 2 hours left :p
what is your stream url?
I gave chilax use rights, he can add it now
RetardCast 2k14
no kNocHe no win
maps? Really dont know who to bet on :/
keesköppe hinterher zwei tore mehr
We dont know if we will be able to fill the full lineup since we dont know if drago is comign or not and if kevji comes tonight so dont know anything about lineup yet :P ( stownage,silent,gross and me are here already )

*E* Kevji is here and is going to play only drago missing if he doesnt show up oxy is going to replace him over and out!
*E2* drago showed up

full lineup is going to play cu tonight
Backup avi np
adäquater ersatz garantiert
sunni ist avi hab ich gehört
aggro 4 team ger teil 2?
thx for info and nice life
no testi no win :(
Gl germans
stream is fucked up
my internets cannot into streaming

I men it works, but stops every few seconds and apparently there is no way to lower the quality for "non partners" (and they don't have any option to pay for it either) what renders the whole thing unusable.
No, it shut it down a few times because I had to paste him the ip etc
No, it was the stream that kept stopping throughout the WHOLE game regardless of what you were doing on your computer. If it worked for other people that's great, but I really missed the whole fun - for example when it stopped at the end of SD when the truck was near the gate and the strike was thrown and the next thing I saw was "Allies successfully beat the clock". At the other hand, having bet on .de it's probably a good thing that I've missed that :-)
haha, well sorry for that :D Going to fix things like that at the next cast :P Thanks for that :D I just had like 15 min to setup twitch and xsplit, which isn't even the full version :/ For next time I will use an other program!
> Going to fix things like that at the next cast :P

Not sure if that's so easy:

> Resolution transcodes (aka “quality options”) are one of our most resource-intensive products. Due to the cost of this service,
> we only offer these options to our partners.

I didn't have a time to look into it so I don't know exactly what they mean by "quality options" - whether's it's an option where the channel owner could allow the viewers to select desired quality, or if it's actually an option for the channel owner to broadcast the stream in a low resolution for example.

Thanks for that anyway! :-)
Thanks for the help, yea I already saw that page. I got a pretty good PC and just downloaded OBS which is giving me a better quality and audio quality :D So yea!
yo wenn du bock hast kannst bei mir aufn channel casten oder ich kann dir auch gerne helfen dein stream zu verbessern ;) pmme
hey, danke für das Angebot, bis jetzt klappt alles, saß gestern 1 std oder so dran um alles zu fixen :D
hast mal stream von mir angeguckt kann dir alles schicken damit du das auch so einrichten kannst
it worked @ that time for me though i saw when truck was going up the ramp and to the end but it was still kinda laggy, + they were lagging on teamspeak so i could not follow the whole commentary on what they were actually talking about.
Yea, I got OBS now and it is really better :D
Score atm?
Germany just set a time of 14 minutes on supply (first map/first round)
Oh ok, thx!
2-0 nl now, really close one though
nice fuck up gr0ss and kresti
:( NL played better
didnt spec goldrush, since it's awful match to spec.. but supply was exciting, shame you didnt revive kevji and kresti ran out of ammo on that engi/medic up :D
gg wp nice match :P
You have € 570 on de GER
You lost

there went all my moneys
You have € 2000 on de GER
Possible win: € 6040

fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu
You have € 40 on nl NED
You won € 60


U are idiot! :DXD
thx for money
Has been a while since I saw such a nice game on supply :D wp both!
NL is going to tha club now for some hardcore partying with booze and chicks
good match, but drago is off the skill mark for team Germany and a lot of Rambo play cost team Germany but well played by dutches :)
they need more mental:D:D:D
Ty for your analysis
was the quality really that bad? :x
<perfop> drago confirmed for shit player
<Oxy> drago out mental in
<Oxy> decisions have been made
<Oxy> ty williams for supporting me
<SQuid`> williams for teamger capt

Dutch superstars agree. Will you coach Germany for us?
For me Vanq played very well and the dutch team play was great they showed a lot of balls on supply by keeping defends and going for the defuse which I think was great.

For team Germany it just looked like there was a few times were calls could be made but the team didn't look like they knew what to do.

IE gold they killed all allies and didn't go for the defuse and had 5 seconds.

Also the 3on3 players showed like were gross didn't heal rifle at top and went to take on 3 players with lugar alone.

All together was fun game, and with twitch I play other games got 23 more people that never watched et watch the twitch which was good.
agree at gr0ss, shit player :(
Sorry never played 6on6 before, 3o3 only
Hey I don't play game no more :D and crap at shooting on my laptop what im writing isn't any insults just views on what could help :) But was a good game (dam you Germany I had money on you)
agree at gr0ss,s1lent shit players :(
Too bad Colombia is going to stomp all these euros in the World Cup.
timbo, die wisselbeker die jullie straks krijge mag ik ook wel een paar daagjes he? :)

wp boiz
wp dutchies
Sorry, there is no record available at twitch. I just came home and had no real time to setup everything good. At the next match it will be surely recorded!
Good effort
Your mic was pissing me off all the time :D
got a other mic for next game :D some clip mic, np bro shoutcast inc
could you hear me ok? :P
I think it was actually a really good shoutcast (Williams talks really fluenty, which is good...), but your mic was always going off after 1-2secs when you started talking, not sure if it was stream or your mic, but that was really annoying :D

Yea i fixed everything now and should be fine for the next time. If tosspot wont cast the final, we will do it for sure! :D Since I wont be playing anyway even if germany would reach the final :)
Thanks Bob :) Yeah at one point mental forgot he had push to talk on so was talking to himself :D made me smile! We plan on doing some more so hope you guys will listen and we will get better at it :)
I'd prefer playing with you and the fus (the one before you went to hospital) again :D
gotta go into profile settings and check that recording is enabled
yep did that. Well I had like 10mins to setup the stream, once I streamed, I disabled the recording, since it was some random shit :D
perfo for matchwinner
Wat he do
lowest dmg,effi,kills?
Game is hard
Not just the game ;-)
> Relax, you're doing fine!
dmg is overrated
vanq was their best play by far, triple anyone elses headshots and some really important doubles
perfo was always in the right place at the right time - pressure is the keyword
good owns
gr0ss my old friend, why u made me lose money? :-(
Vanq too stronk :-)
gr0ss so low
Quote by Williams For team Germany it just looked like there was a few times were calls could be made but the team didn't look like they knew what to do
as if Williams had any clue about ET
everyone is entitle to comment, I don't know who you are. Never heard of you guys. I ran some good teams and play for a long time. not saying I was the best play but that's my view and I was shout casing you don't have to read my comments or listen.
haters gonna hate bru
He is galiathus aka ayhity aka DrLagAlot (A random noob) who did an epic selfbust , ever since he acts like a kid and an idiot all over (probably because he is like 14 years old) and does this random hate comments about everyone in the community. Just ignore him like everyone else or simply reply to him with his selfbust screenshot and that will make him quiet and sad and will make him go cry in a corner in his room, here the ss for his selfbust:
here the crossfire journal about it:

You have € 1000 on de GER
You lost

Thx silent gross xD
Mental mad cause i was getting fame with casting now he wants to cast
Rito mad cause he got competition now