new terror vs craze (5925 views)

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CG EU ET Season 1 Tournaments
6on6 Division 2
Grand Final

eu craze has to win twice!

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01.06.14 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET Season 1: 6on6 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: Woyzeck (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 12238
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 20


Based on terrible teamplay...from bunch of the shittest players of all time, comes the grand final of players who arent skilled enough for 1st league....and not even for 3rd
you will be on the edge of your seat as:

-craZe.symbol and craZe.mnewcko are so scared of action that they always have the smallest dmg received
-craZe.Wrath using selfkill button only twice in round (accidentally)
-and craZe.Ava dont give a fuck to gib someone (yes its 1 gib per map the gtv count it)

trcomplaining in german cause say fuck off isnt cool enough
depretending internet hardware issue to go outside and f**k real girl (what a Douche Bag) im just kidding...Testicals
finotevenalittlebitblack finguy
czseriously!....seriously?...i mean seriosuly?!? seriously?....seriously guys...... but definitely not the Serious Black
cmon bit fun havent killed anybody :)....yet
king of gifs hat wieder zugeschlagen :{D
Salak VS Rinne tomorrow gl bro
ye epic match of losers teams (3rd and 4th in brackets) incomming :D anyway nice to see USA and CAN going home but still russia has to be stopped from someone :)
Kontiola Skilldrop cgaced
Hardware problems, u dick :D
My internet was running but my pc crushed the whole time. Now I get some new. Will be there tomorrow 4 sure.

(Damn, stop talking about my reallife. Nobody has to know it, biatch!)
- symbol

kann morgen nicht sorry ava bro

aber falls du keinen mehr ranbekommst schreib mir mal bei facebook
vllt schaff ich es zeitlich doch aber versuch besser ein anderen ranzuholen

are you kidding me?
you know what happend last time when we werent in our normal line up.....we lost :(
dont even try no to be there
ich werde dich zu sucuk verarbeiten und den elchen zum fraß vorwerfen
ruhig achig
Sag mal heute gegen 22 uhr bescheid ob du eins hast mal schauen vllt kann ich eher kommen
das match wird wahrscheinlich auf montag verschoben
zum einen, weil du nicht da sein wirst und zum anderen, weil die troglodyten morgen eishockey sehen wollen
Ja LaL, Montag bin ich aber nich da, hab Spätschicht.

bist du am 1.6 noch da?
Ja, da bin ich noch da. Ab 04. nich mehr.
gogo craze
no way we will win this due to the fact that we haven't had a decent prac or prac at all since our match against randomZ........
this is the division 2 grand final? lol my god
ye seriously lowest 2nd grand final ever, noobs everywhere, terrible teamplay....but who the f**k are you?
This will be an epic match actually...
keep on hating faggot
too easy for Caej <3
gl gleums!

Lets see if we will have players xD
gg wp
well played
and that is the way how its done :D
gg wp
gg wp Kenji <3 and craZe
I was clearly the best so I would say I won this 2nd div.
deKenjiiiREPLY 9 Mar 2014, 13:23
What the fuck, second Division? oO
Im sure we went there cause we won against turbot...

Fuck you xDDDD
Never expected that we gonna win this cup xDDD
:d rly? cause when i saw the divisions i was like "really turbot in 1st div and we are in 2nd? wtf?!?! this gonna be easy" and then yes it was at first we lost almost every match in group 2:4 :D but then our epic journey just started :P
mnew do ur job and tell something about us

richtiger achi der kerl
ok just for you :D

from the bunch of idiots that arent able to get into 1 division, came the masterplan to take over the world from the 2nd and not so skilled division, their epic journey started in amazing groupstage performance where they lost almost every match 2:4 and with same score they kept rollin in the playoff just to get to losers brackets to face theirs biggest challenge of theirs poor lifes......
you were at the edge of your seat as:

craZe.Kenjii killed everyone without mercy (13 team kills) and obviously he was not giving revives (TD 1756)
craZe.symbol and his inability to use pistol P/R (0/9)
craZe.mnewcko the dumbass whos accidentally killed himself so many times that is not funny anymore (Sui 6)

was starring:
and the 3on3 stars team that is not afraid of losing anything

be sure to watch the replay cause of kenjis teamkilling sprees....triple teamkill at gr specialy

PS: thx for the gayming together hope to see you again at some other almost death game :)
Bla, Bla, Yeah, I made a lot of teamkills, but still I did my job, so suck my balls and say something positive xDDDD
I think he is already sucking it.
He sounds jealous.
yep cause i made only 8 TK :D im fucking mad at him, he is better than me again
glückwunsch zum sieg