Germany vs Finland (8280 views)

de gr0ss
de s1LENT
fi Statti
fi Swanidius
fi vokki
#gMen 3on3 World Cup
Playoffs Final Series
Grand Final - Bo5
de Germany have a 2-0 lead due to coming from the upper bracket


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10.06.14 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #gMen 3on3 World Cup » Matchlink
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 90890
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 93


first :ppppppppp
"Germany have a 2-0 lead due to coming from the upper bracket"

it is cuz Timbo is a CS:GO fanboi :P
No, split matches are annoying.
gl both teams
now lets play real map
2-0 lead

duuuuuudevi don't think this is suitable rule for ET.......

edit. Gg bo5
edit. Not sure if there is even 5 decent maps.
2-0 lead or win 2 matches, what are you whining :D
That if it would have been bo3 then it would have great favor for German. Eg. They just could play supply as 1st map which is double fh 90% and that's it tättärää
gl deutschland freunde
Bo5 - nice lives

where upload? ^^^^

Quote by pl upload<3 Monday, 31st March 2014 16:17w koncu bedziesz mogl zobaczyc jak sie zloto zdobywa w taka stara gowniana gierke XD
fanatic dostane sie do repry znam swietny przepis na kanapke z maslem.
Daj go na forum z chęcią sprawdzę. Lubię nowinki kulinarne.
gl s1LENT
gl gr0ss

hf swanizzl
hast du sehr schön gesagt
gl cre <333333333333333

No cóż Arnold, znowu się nie udało
JRV is missing from this final ...
Play this match before sunday 3 march 2019
Schedule too tight, no can do
i see
Will do our best, swani will prac hard <3
gl swiruz and co
gl both
Are these pliers sharp? fin|vokki 27 deaths without fragging

sums up the game
touch your own nose [ K 26 - D 83 ]

didnt mock him :(

Die! Damn you, Die! fin|Swanidius<3woott 413 damage per frag
good owning swani