Western Europe vs Eastern Europe (6647 views)

gb koop
gb R0SS
gb razz
gb sqzz
nl perfo
pl Abject
pl fanatic
cz jalo
pl kot
hu sebi
pl zMk
ET All Stars 2014
Upper Bracket Final - Best Of 3

Matchlink: http://eu.cybergamer.com/match/519643/

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10.06.14 22:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: All Stars 2014 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 24742
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 95


Can we play that at 22:00/15 so zMk can come back from a work already instead of playing from it (what is still unsure because it depends on how much work he gonna have that day)
tak, możemy
Polak Węgier dwa bratanki i do wódki i do wódki.
omg kot omg
omg kot omg
omg kot omg
omg kot omg
omg kot omg
omg kot omg
omg kot omg
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omg kot omg
[20:43:53] <@kot> jak ja nie gralem w et od stu lat
[20:43:58] <@kot> i nie tesknie :D
do tej pory jak wracał po stu latach to dobrze grał z tego co pamiętam
nawet jak wracal to do tej pory dupy jeszcze nie zdazyles wylizac do konca, w koncu masz komu. ! PAJACU.
omg perfo omg
shut up rude nazi
shut up, nazis in germany are death u cunt!
omg kot omg
gl Stevie.G !! :)
izi Abj i kocur!!
good luck team UK
zMk :'D
nie, dajmy lepiej za niego BLACHY :'D

gl Abject, fanatic, zMk no i kot! ;)
Iris nerd, hope you fail :D
what iris goddamit
jalo using mAus' old fakenick at pubs :P
who's jalo?
I only know Iris, jalo's skill sucks compares to iris's skills.

What makes it even more weird is that they are the same person! :D
omg sebi omg
Match of the year if it's real kot. GL
nie kurwa, podróba z biedronki :D
Dzień dobry, Komenda Stołeczna Policji. Dokumenty proszę i przygotuje się pan do kontroli alkomatem.
Match of the year if it's real sebi. GL
omg sebi omg. GL
stream?? wanna see some ownage from perfo :P
like R0SS said:
yeah maus fits into a reviving posistion very well bro:)
razz reviving medic
Ive got half my keyboard binded to syringe :|
Ale dostaniecie wpierdol :D. Nawet pies gra :)
ettv not working? :|| ?? *Ű**Ű**_*
Just fyi - it wasn't razz playing, it was mAus
that makes sense :p
it would make sense, but why I really doubt it :DD
I watched the replay, that wasn't razz :)
it was me since when does maus revive like that?
since when you can do anything? :D
let me think winning ec's summercups owning every 3o3 cups winning lan? hmm i wonder
pls, totally carried to all of that

(and who cares about 3on3)
Rofl, you got carried in every of those events
dat mAus comeback
gg mouse
wp mAus lol, nice smurf
fuck you all
wp mAus
Razz used to play like this before, not a surprise to me
24 gibs it cant be mAus
wp mAus