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06.08.14 00:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: nerdbot (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 4248
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Viewer Peak: 13


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Possible win: € 169

Woo Woo ! I am going to make some money again ! Easy money with Tramp.
apricock benched :P
easy peasy DaNe :)
intense gayming med+ xDD
1 time i go from Main to back and then suddelny 2 people waiting there.. walking into side and getting preshooted... gg never again
meh, our cheats just the strongest
i s like yesterday.. abbadabbadingigi pushed always back but when i push 1 times back he does not push... yeah fuck you
its because of cheats!
yeah, dunno how they won :S
cause you fucking braindead when ot playing with hax.. or even with hax like the link tell us :D
kitt cheating and yet whining about cheats. That is what a typical low cheater does.
where do i cheat you shithead. i dont disappears after updates or when new ac is out...
jesus christ you guys are pathetic :D don't you get bored of whining during and after literally every game you play?
my words!
begebe dich doch einfach zurück in deine mülltonne du vogel...
can you please shut up? even your admin brother told me that he don't care anymore and that cgac is shit and useless.

but you should play more with n-plane you shithead
actually I think most of the community would rather see you shut up instead

seriously, why do you even continue to play if you think everyone else is cheating? why not just quit?
hm do you even read what i wrote?

just the fucking coincidence and that shit aim at attack.. but why you even talking you fucking shithead when you play with known cheaters and that not only me who know that? so please shut up...

i play cause i enjoy it most of the time but in the last weeks it getting hard to have fun...
I don't play with cheaters at all, certainly not "known cheaters"

maybe it's time for you to grow up and learn to accept a loss instead of instantly accusing your opponent of cheating every time you lose a war
yea n-playn clean as fuck like that yii guy.....not gonn answer to you anymore cause you are a fucking useless piece of shit (after me)...

i can lose.. but that how you shithead.. but nobody ever replied to me when i ask that.. why did jin and tramp got 8k more dmg than 3 of phase, why they don't push when i choose 1 time to go back or when i go from main to back and there are waiting 2 people for me? or walking into side at grush and getting preshooted...

you need to chill
n_plane is not a cheater, and I've never played with yii

sorry but you lost your credibility in my eyes a long time ago :P it's really kinda sad how you manage to spend so much time playing ET and watching ETTV yet still have no idea how the game actually works

protip: outdamaging "objective players" like Clown is possible without cheats
i know that he send u some vids to watch it and i know that u never do that.

how silly of me, he seems like such a nice guy!
if silly or not you need to watch it cuz you are the highadmin in this community soz :s
not really, and I actually spent 1.5 hours or so reviewing a video he PM'd me with back in May (after losing an offi, surprise surprise)
credibility? why did i need such things as a random player? i got laughed at chilax and co too.. and n-plane is clean... yea why not

i actually watched maybe some minutes of replays in the last time.. i may started demos but left after a short time... i rarely play public...

so how does the game work? tell me or anser my question you shithead
what I'm saying is you've made so many ridiculous accusations in the past that I find it hard to take you seriously any more

you instantly jump to the conclusion that your opponent is cheating instead of taking even a second to actually consider gamesense/comms/sound/luck, which tend to explain most "fishy" moments

and calling me a shithead in every reply doesn't really help make you look any less silly
ok which one was ridiculous?

base, chilax, mitja, n-plane, yiii, vjiii, shaady, xictus and some other people like outlaw or the sms guys (which dropped skill <3)

and you still dont answer my questions.. .nah people just go s1lent or answer like you with some bullshit...
I don't keep a catalog of every cheat accusation you've ever made in my head at all times, sorry

which question? how does ET work? this isn't really the best time or place to answer that, but for starters: most games are lost because one team played better than the other, not because they were cheating
wow nice answer... not... you better keep your hands shut when you cant answer my questions...

i wont replay to anymore cause people wont give me real anser anyway.. or they will claim that i cheat aswell...

good night useless piece of oxygen..
good night
Kräss wie du rumheulst, such dir nen anderes game wenn du nicht mithalten kannst:)

allahu akbar beim reply nicht vergessen
allahu akbar beim reply nicht vergessen

True. Luki is cheating, watch demos!
Kitterboy from Malta, ups Germany.
Calling me a cheater is funny, pathetic and again funny
so yea, it was ridiculous
Why the fuck they never call me a cheater :XDddddd
sry.. i should add mitja instead :S
because u suck maybe (??????)
were you really that bored or do you not see what a shitstorm you're starting yourself again here? :DD calling the guy(s) pathetic but still you're the one that spends the nights arguing here with the same guy, doesn't really make you any less pathetic to me atleast.. xD don't know if you're enjoying it or what, but your comment was kinda not suitable for an admin to make in the first place, man.. :)
actually I haven't "argued" with kitt for months until he replied to my comment here about a week ago, and fortunately I don't really care what you think of me (although I do find it rather ironic that you've chosen me to hate on here when he's managed to send a lot more insults in my direction than I have in his)

people like him who whine and moan 24/7 are harmful to ET and the community and shouldn't be allowed to get away with crying and accusing their opponent of cheating every time they lose
You should at least even try to use big letters when starting a sentence. Fucking painful to read long messages written like/by a retard.

n-plane is a cheater though :)
He's not a cheater since ohurcool says so, neither was/is nazty!
how can you even begin to judge me for playing with n_plane when you play with base every day? :D
hij defend gwn z'n maatje n-plane :D is bij enigste waar hij zoveel op reageert als hij accused word :D
:D its just the truth but whatever ^^
>preaching to me about being an admin and "just playing ET and having fun" while currently serving a 2-year ban on CG

good one
the only ones accusing him of cheating are the same paranoid weirdos who accuse everyone else of cheating too

it doesn't really bother me when cheaters, cheaterlovers, and hypocrites make fun of me buddy :P can we just skip to the part when you quit replying and awkwardly delete all of your comments?
again you got no point... cheaters state that n-plane is cheating but our lovely admin ohurcool don't care... you should play with opiate and tell that he is clean...
peaches, embarrassed, and I have been accused of cheating by many people, does that mean that we cheat too?

grow up
useless to argue with you... shittest admin besides your friend embarrassed...
yo leave my nigga opiate out of this
because I don't like it when innocent players are abused every day by morons who can't take a loss

as I said before it's bad for ET and the community and shouldn't be tolerated, sort of like cheating and returning while banned if you get what I'm saying
well, enough said he ain't a very trustworthy player, since he likes to play with cheaters (1 atleast).. I mean that's enough info for me to decide not to play against him :DD and if he cared for what's good for this community and ET itself, I think he would stop playing with hackers, but that's not going to happen it seems. :)
I am a bit confused as to why you've replied to me again, but for the record: playing with people accused of cheating =/= playing with cheaters

besides, I recall you playing with fi replan / vision / weebu / niiduk for quite a while
he wasn't even suspicious at the time I was playing with him and when others started to accuse him of hacking I looked into it and when he was busted I didn't play with him.. replan is anyways a different guy as far as I know (atleast that's what I've been told) and I've played with him once if I'm correct.

We all know yii ain't clean and it seems there's nothing going on to stop him.. that puts his mates on the list aswell and if you look the teams they've played against it just points out that these guys are really weird on a certain level. :) Those videos of nplane and yii that were posted here earlier should've caught everyone's attention since both of those were pretty obvious. Don't know if you want to see it or not, but I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way..
I've watched the video of n_plane, and it is far from obvious. People believe what they want to believe, especially if it will make them feel better after losing a war or two. It's just like with 'xD Trickjump - some players simply can't handle it when a team of "unknown" players (to them at least) defeat them and immediately jump to the conclusion that they are cheating. The video of Thamorez that was posted on CF a few weeks/months ago is laughable and nowhere near evidence of cheats, yet it was still met by a plethora of silly comments that prove exactly what I'm talking about.
Well I've never played a single war against these xD guys but I agreed with that video of tahmorez, he ain't cheating. But it has nothing to do with nplane's and yiii's bust videos, so I don't really understand why you even brought it up :D Anyways you've your own opinions about your friends and there's not much others can do to change them, so whatever. Hope you're right about the guy you're defending that much. :)
I brought it up because in my eyes the video of n_plane is just as "obvious" as the video of Thamorez. All I want is for people to quit accusing players of cheating just because it makes them feel better.
hm people accuse him and the mates for quit some times...
and u should be ashamed to show there after getting banned, u know?
Quotenope, its just about you defending your wallhackin budbuddy friend nplane, its not just kitt whining about nplane, everyone knows hes walling but you

He isn't "wallhackin", and who exactly is "everyone"? The people commenting on this page? Yeah, I guess you got me there.

Quotesame shit as with nazty :P

What does NaZtY have to do with this? I've never defended him and don't even like him.

QuoteAnd yeah, make some more jokes of returning while banned, you have no idea :P

Go for it. I'd love the chance to not only extend your ban even further but also give a timeout or two to the sad nerds who choose to help you return.

Don't you find it even a little ironic that you can't stop talking about someone suspected of cheating when you yourself have been caught cheating and are currently banned?
Shut up, just watch that aimbot in every match XD
wrom verspeel je je tijd aan dikke zweterige nerdjes,
die gozer werkt in een sandwich winkeltje in een sloppenwijk, lekker laten gaan
Hij schijnt erg goed te zijn met kaas
QuoteSome ppl dont feel like arguing day in day out with virgins like you and kitt on gttv, neither should I actually.

Okay, sounds good.

P.S. It's GTV or ETTV, not GTTV.
I'm pretty sure being incapable of reading sentences that don't start with a big capital letter makes you more of a retard than the one who chooses not to use capital letters
Never said I'm incapable, just said it's painful. Don't they teach how to write in your shitty country?
you do realize that this is a comment section on the internet, right? do you also get upset when people use slang and acronyms?

my ability to write is just fine actually and likely much better than yours, despite the pain I've apparently caused you here by not using "big letters" at the start of each sentence
Yes, indeed this is a comment section. I'd understand you writing like an idiot to a chat, because in chats people usually want to give their messages fast. However on comment section/forum you have all the time in the world, so you should write properly. Or well we could fuck centuries of writing and just not care about it, start writing books like you write.
right, thanks for the lesson
Love when one sad nerd arguin with another and thay both think thay so smart
polish cheater trash talking about being smart... seems legit.
Quotethay both think thay so smart

stop getting involved in discussions you have nothing to do with u cockhead polak
are you the fresh prince of belair
owned by embarrassed, gg
Internet hero attack
Accordin to few lines above you were sayin gramma aint so important in short forums comment you make yourself more ridiculous now.
There is a difference between choosing not to use a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence and misspelling "they" twice while ironically at the same time trying to imply that I am dumb.
Don't let the mongs beat you down my man
This is called paranoia.
You have € 1500 on eu w1ns
You won € 2145
The hate towards ohurcool is damn too high. All the people whining about players not being busted or ohurcool not doing his "JOB" should shut their mouth. What's the job of a headadmin in ur opinion? He's supposed to take important decisions for the game, isn't he? Does it mean watching records whole day? Does it mean satisfying the specific request of every single player whining? No, just no.
Plus you guys are already 3+ vs ohurcool and u still need to use arguments like capital letters? I mean wtf.

I mean yes ohurcool is admin and yes old admins like KB used lot of time in ET to bust people. But it was an extra and it's not the job of a headadmin in the first place. AC has to provide proof to bust someone and if you see someone cheating and not getting caught, u should just bring the proof urself and post it on CF. Ohurcool is there just to BAN. If he had to care about every requests he couldn't even sleep, and tbh looking at what some ppl whine about, he would waste tons of time.

This message is for kitt but also for the people whining in general without having an objective point of view at all.
This is nothing personnal I'm just tired of seeing the vieze kanker hond kurwa nuggets mac vittu fils de pute shit comments on GTV :SSSSSSSS.



ontopic: good point, but Kitt has been a whiny little bitch for ever, so you best just ignore him because all the lad does is whine
I know but he is not the first and last. And for the "personal" stuff im french man XDXd lords of english gg.
Was just messing with you. Your post was near to perfect English for as far i know.

Admins will always receive flame comments because admins are the ones who stick their neck out for the rest.
u friend with uploadi and mitjo fufuffu
i havnt spoken to upload in a very very long time, is our basketball pro still alive? xD
He is on CSGO sherif star or something! His dog and him still so handsome :SSS
hahahaha o god u still know what pictures i replied to every whine comment of yours. you must have felt really butthurt by it xDDDD
better go and play cs go with your cheaterfriends ipload and mitja
what about lordi
I havnt played with these 2 in like 6 months so i dont know what you are on about
wrom geef je hem nog aandacht,
tis duidelijk dat ie daar op geilt
jaa maar ik ook dus we plezieren elkaar eigenlijk
dat vind ik wel een goede daad van jou
"what you are on about" -> this expression should be forbidden to anyone outside from the UK
yeye people cal me whiner but what is my "accusations" from the past?

i believe they are banned... but people don't bother to take it seriously and comment something like above: paranoia, no point of view etc.

so now i wanna lmow which players i accuse beside jin, tamp and abbadabablablabla...?

but nobody ever answeres to my questions or gave me anyhing in return which is no bs...
you have even accused me bro :(
hm coolio cant remember...
u did accuse me also, wtf
Accused me also
wat... you were low at nbs kicked me and other people and then you started playing with base <3 and suddenly you are good?

wateva.. you didnt even responded to my irc logs cause everybody could see that you are retarded like me <3
He should've never become head admin though. He lacks the intelligence, experience of ET, and maturity for the task. Whoever gave him the position should be ashamed. It's not like people are blaming him for nothing, since he for real is one of the shittiest admins ever seen in ET. His attitude alone is keeping new players from coming to play matches. No one wants to deal with a person who is being a dick to everyone when a small conflict appears.

I agree on it's not his job to hunt the cheaters down. Killerboy didn't actually hunt anyone down either, he just cross-referenced info from pbbans and crossfire/clanbase. However, it is head admin's job to decide on what anticheat to use. If the anticheat in use doesn't actually detect anything, then he should at least look for alternative options. Then again, community should also make timestamped demos to help someone get a ban. I totally understand how frustrating it is to just hear "he's cheater, ban him" without any solid proof given.

While still loosely on subject, I think the main reason I don't approve of him being admin is how he forgot some of the clanbase rules when cybergames became the thing. 10 years of perfecting rules just to fuck it all. One of the most important ones that would make the game so much better at this point, was that insulting opponent or distracting opponent via chat will lead to forfeit loss. With that rule still on, people wouldn't be such dickheads all the time and playing in general would be more fun.
I respond nicely to those who deserve it. Cheaters, cheaterlovers, hypocrites, flamers, whiners - they don't deserve to be treated with the same respect as others do. Compare how airport security deals with typical passengers to how police officers treat reckless drivers. However, I'll make an exception for you here and will even use proper grammar.

I didn't ask to become "head admin" (whatever that even means), and I certainly never asked to be the one to make such major decisions as which AC to use. There was a spot to be filled and I filled it, simple as that. Although I've certainly made mistakes, I have accomplished a lot more than many admins before me and with a lot fewer resources.

Again, do you think I ever wanted to be the one to decide which anticheat to use? I would have gladly handed that authority over to someone like Killerboy (undoubtedly a much better admin than I am or ever will be), but he is/was inactive just like pretty much everyone else. And as I've said many times, if a better alternative than CGAC existed, it would have already been implemented a long time ago. I have done my best with what is available.

I haven't forgetten anything and actually have a copy of the entire ClanBase ruleset. When CG started supporting ET, I put together rules that made sense based on the state of the game and the level of activity. "Insulting opponents or distracting opponents via chat" wasn't even a major offense at CB (at least not from 2012-2013). It's unnecessary, difficult to enforce, and would cause way more harm than good. I'm actually a bit baffled that you consider this such a problem when almost the entire rest of this page has been devoted to discussing how many cheaters there apparently are at the moment.

I'll happily offer my admin position to someone else if you can find someone both willing and capable of doing a better job.
Now that was a response I respect. No insults, properly written. Thank you. The reason why I brought up the rule against insulting, is because for many new players it's something that ruins the game even more than cheaters do. New players don't necessarily notice cheating or be as paranoid as veterans, but they surely will lose their joy of the game if they get insulted in every match. By any means I don't mean to say cheaters aren't the biggest problem in ET, but this is another main reason that turns new players away.

I acknowledge it is hard to control, but you could have like 3-strike system for it. Players could report bad behavior in match, and the insulting player would get warning. After third warning he would receive ban of week or two. This would forgive occasional brainfart that might come to anyone, but it would punish the faggots who do it all the time. Also the penalty wouldn't be too harsh, but it would still show people they can't be total dicks. It wouldn't be much work either to check for example from GTV Statistics chat log of what has been said during the match.

Please consider it. Even though I'm banned myself and can't gain anything out of this rule, I still think many other people would like it. I know at least 20 newcomers who stopped playing after first match because they didn't want to play with dicks.
We'll see. I will discuss it with the others.
well i stopped to send timestamps to ohurcool since he played with n-plane and co and after szczurek told me that he doesn't care anymore i stopped completly. i guess that we are in a bad position.
lol Kitt still fucking whining about this game? Can't believe it seriously. I watched this game (1 round of goldrush) , Kitt is claiming that the enemy cheats because he was shooting at the main gate and then suddenly he stopped doing that, ran and jumped all the way to the back and when he attacked the guy on axis guy shot him dead.....

Can't believe this even needs an explanation, I mean seriously kitt you are low as hell, you egoquit 2 times from 1 round because you were killed face to face, then you start whining at this stupid shit?
While you are accusing other players and admins of playing with cheaters, why don't you ask symbol his old nickname and talk about his bust? Ops sorry I will keep that to myself. Also, while you are saying "cheaters are saying n-plane is a cheater so it must be true" , then well cheaters are also saying that you KITT cheat every day in irc wars, I am also accusing you of being a cheater, a very low whiny cheater.
and which old nick?
Oh so you think no one knows? LOL This gonna be gud. Better talk with kitt first so you don't fight over this, but if you really want I can link here to your jaymod pb ban...and nicknames.
are you sure about this tevez? You can still delete your comments
wanna see it gimme link
hm you didnt watched the other match where abadababababaab not heard the guy at cp or even that the engi built it.. nice sounds even when he were 2m away..

wat my cgac closed and so did my et aswell.why you dont give me the infos if you got any?

people call me cheater but they never give any infos or shit...
"hm you didnt watched the other match"

No sorry I didnt (WATCHED) any other low match of yours, you were whining here about this match and it was a very stupid thing to whine, so I am not really wasting my time on whatever delusion you have.
better create another fake account to flame..
what fake account?
I am searching it, don't worry jackbauer I will post it here, I will even make a journal about your low ass ban if you want, it is just taking longer to find than I expected as some of the old imagehack images were deleted in several forums, I will find it though, keep hitting f5 every 2 seconds that will help.
if you not posting it ur the biggest asshole here.

still waiting for you links and shit...
Member Since 21st March 2014
I smiled
finally i have a personal hater
i'm proud of you mate <3
personal hater??????

Kitt ;p
hm i rly thought my "hate" is against all from winnermansia :S
wow, so abba cheats also? :o

Maybe its only tramp who uses wh and we have exact infos?
hm didnt know that i abba need to cheat to be hated by me :S

but i believe that abba is somehow clean...
he smells bad sometimes but most of the time he is clean, true

was asking it quz you replied to me;)
weer lekker met de telefoon in bed op gamestv en crossfire + je 10 forums nog eens nachecken en postjes maken XDDDDDDDDD
weer lekker met de telefoon in bed op gamestv en crossfire + je 10 forums nog eens nachecken en postjes maken XDDDDDDDDD
Leuk dat jullie weer stoer komen doen XD, ooit van een laptop gehoord?
oh. my. god. i nominate this thread as the nerdiest thing in the world for 2014
Jesus fucking christ, who are these germans
"Kitt" rofl, what a gay nick, and symbol is equally gay LOL
gimme ur scrotum
ehehe hohoho seems like you have nothing to add than some bs?

LoL, Guys, dont u have anything better to do then discussing about cheaters, cheaterlover, banned players or use hax while playing? :D Unbelievable.
Snick = Not base.

Base = nOOB
Snick = Good

all of u here keep in mind that u are low fucking minus.
gg sstille :S
watcha doin here xD
deleting his comments :S
hab dir geschrieben dass nur ich OAH schreiben darf, dann habe ich gemerkt, dass das hier schon voll alt ist lOl