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gb Artstar
fi devix
fi Webe
lv Clown
ee mata
gb razz

ET 3on3 SummerCup '14
UB - Quarter Final

Brackets - #LIKEABOSS - Rules
07.08.14 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 3on3 SummerCup '14 » Matchlink
Manager: Tergas (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 12256
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 21


GL Clown, Razz
gl Webe, Artstar, Clown, and razz!


Artstar's lowsens delivers.
my sensitivity isn't low. :l
Tell me your sens then :|
Can't remember the values on my drivers but ingame I can do like 780 across my pad (puretrak talent)
That doesnt say much.. You for sure know dpi/ingame sens :PPP
hmm? telling you the distance I can turn in game is everything. 780 (360*2 + 60) is by no means even close to low sensitivity.
It seems pretty low for me, if I can do 360 on approx 7cm maybe less.
what difference does that make at all? you could play with a sensitivity twice as fast as mine and mine is still not low. the point is I can do a 360, 180, or 90 degree turn with no effort at all.

good example:

~180 turn -> kill -> ~180 again in continued _left_ direction (360). if you're calling it a low sensitivity then I must say you have no idea what you're talking about. :P
You have also a fairly huge mousepad, or atleast it's very wide (I do also - 43x40cm if I remember correctly)

You got lowsens, it's easy to say from your movement and tracking :D
my movement and tracking is controlled. what would you know about that. :P it's my movement, do you ever see me losing my mouse because I turned too far? I purposefully reduce the movement of my mouse (because of playing rtcw, if you know anything about that). that's a decision I make, not that my sensitivity is too low for me to track in a certain way. :D if you don't understand what I'm talking about go speak to some guy like razz, night, clown or jam who pretty much pointed out the way you need to aim in rtcw.

also you can't tell from anyone's tracking whether or not they have lowsens. eg. phyzic, sqzz and nuggan all have way lower sens than me. but they also have better tracking than me, and better movement. so you can't tell anything from those points.

ps. owzo has like x5 of my sens and also had better movement than me. these things are completely unrelated. :l
You must be using those scripts that lowers your sensitivity when you're shooting.
mouseaccel would be enough
or just.. control your hand movement? 0_0
Ok, play with 50 sensitivity and show me how you "control your hand movement".

shots fired
QuoteArtstar deleted your comment with the following text: "Artstar's lowsens delivers.". Please watch what you post.

Why just my comment? You racist.
ohurcool deleted picture of kapot in other offi.

They are hiding something. Illuminati
Because you're trying :(
You have € 250 on fi thef
You won € 1305

lol you re in nl?
Ya doin my masters here :) will stay for a year

*edit* lol you re in nl?
cool come to Amsterdam im there until tuesday
red light district, gogo
leaving tomorrow already :( coming back in a week though.. still need to pick up some stuff from my old home
master in was wenn ich fragen darf?
international business and management
ok nice aber definitiv nix für mich^^ bin eher der naturwissenschaftler xD deswegn studier ich grad bioanalytik

dann mal viel glück und so
players who have lost ice have been shunned for the rest of the summer
You have € 1620 on phase
You lost

I hope u will burn in hell with jews.... fucking mongol farmers....
You have € 10 on fi thef
You won € 52.2

i knew the outcome from that scrim before the match lol
nice lineup change ....
from mata clown razz crumbs to mata clown razz, ye nice lineup change :D
when i betted it was different i guess
because i wouldnt bet on this team :D