serenitis 3on3 vs nutella (3845 views)

pl Suro
pl suvin
pl Baczo
de kitt
de Chordagoth
fi Vrotdugi
18.08.14 19:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: Suuuro (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 1799
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 7


nie pierdol bo suvin to n!ke dostalem info xD
Nike :XDDDDDDDDDD stary wbij do nas na ts to przekonasz sie kto to suvin , a kto to nike
no jak mi ktos mowil ze to wy :D
QuoteSuvin not playedw ith ac and he didn't even started his ac...

amazin skillboost...
clean skill xD
no no win
aiming on the ground and still owning the shit out of us.. et 2k14... too bad that shithead called ohurcool would do nothing....
you got owned, enemy cheating ofc cu
my offer is still there.. come on ts and speak to me instead of commenting on every post i write... but you will never do it...
you never gave me an offer plus i cba talking to you huso
i did,, when we both got an argument about my leaving or in your eyes my ass kicking out from craze.. too bad i can't find it anymore...
u can say what u want,this guy "suvin" was clearly cheating imo,but this can happen if the cgac not works,maybe admins take a look on it..
Maybe if you keep calling me names then eventually I'll be more motivated to do things!
n-plane, suvin, kaczor etc.

but not motivated to do any timestmaps anymore... so iguess we have do deal with it..

That is a bummer.
can you stupid trash actually be usefull and asnwer my question?

so why should i submit timestamps when you obviously like cheaters so much? szczurek don't care anymore.. i gave him a obvious thing from kaczor... wanna see kaczor cheating? see how i do the egoquit after few minutes cause they talked about using aimbot...
the whole match is a timestamp...

getting rolled nowadays by hm not so good players, aiming on the ground to avoid any wallin but still his crosshair is fast on your head than you can say "ohurcool is nice"..

and n-play.. well he is untouchable.. cause you should be banned then aswell because playing with a known cheater.

hm even kaufje played clean in my first irc war yesterday since days...

over and out...
oh my fucking god.. and i really thought that de Kitt is the most retarded person in et...
After kapot you are
and boobika.. don't you wanna argue wuth me about gramma and shit? :D
It's useless, you're too stupid to ever learn proper grammar.
i know.. because i needed to learn it for myself.. or wahteva you call it...
Still banned ?? :O)

No, I'm unbanned already. U MAD?
cant believe you think nplane is cheating. Playing years with him and if someone hates cheaters its him. And that video from delivery... Cmon everyone can do that. But keep on going the way you are now, cuz you give all the players you insult one big egoboost. Plus I wonder what would happen if tzac came back and all those players you insulted are considered clean. Guess you would delete all your accouts and will come back under a new one since you're making a fool out of yourself. Same thing for bobikalow, cheers
yeah is not a fact that n-plane us playing with cheaters atm. is not a fact that more than bobik and kitt accuse him for cheating.

seems like you have nothing to say... which "all" account and why should i come with a new one?

if tzac would be back those players would suddenly have a rl or shit...
come over cs:go
Wtf das geht doch nicht mit rechten dingen zu jungs wat war los?!
Clean gaming????lohnt es sich das anzuschauen?
suvin alles andere als clean bin ich der ansicht schaus dir selbst an :P
Geb ich mir morgen direkt:D diese polen... wusst doch das geht nichtmit rechten dingen zu noname skillbooooooooooost ja gege
I'm skilled 13274 dmg with cgac
this game is dead deal with it and play League of Legends.
this game is dead deal with it and play Counter-Strike Global Offensive .
hab ich auch auf steam, ersmal LoL nerden dann CS:GO vllt, Enemy Territory wurde von den Polen und Holländer + ohurcool kaputt gemacht
+cheater, +gutes anticheat
I'd say it's time for another ESL ET revival cup!!!!11
no pls jon, i dont want to run another esl cup myself
maybe when didnt need 1 year for it and put it on a date where the half of the etpro scene isnt avi XD

Hail us ohurcool

you should send me a poster :)
ESL asked if u could be ESL Admin for this
so u can control this and save ET for the future
I nominate you instead. Good luck!
Wow... nice admin...
r.i.p to ET and ohurcool the last hard ET saver #1
Wow so much comments, i wonder who runs the drama about cheaters