Cloud 9 vs Team SoloMid (2626 views)

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Riot 2014 Season Championship Series
Grand Final - Bo5
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Game: lol League of Legends
League: Riot 2014 Season Championship Series » Matchlink
Manager: szczurek (Highadmin)
Maps: Summoner's Rift

Total Pot: € 8580
The bets are closed.

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By: szczurek
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 96,099


that throw ;o

btw: 435 534 viewers ftw

When u gonna request the worlds matches?
QuoteThe bracket stage begins October 3 and ends October 19 with the final in Sangam Stadium
need teacher for LoL
Ers contact me XD 2000 wins <-
Shut up Nick!
yeee lol'd at this while ago :D!
needs more KiWiKiD
Thooorin jelly