GYMSHARKS vs Big Balls (4244 views)

be dimm
fi fatcat
be MetZor
si seareal
se Tetra
fi ZweQl
cz mnew
cz Sklamak
cz tezaXo
cz Rifleman
nl jeewee

CyberGamer EU ET Season 2
6on6 Division 2
Group B

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05.10.14 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET Season 2: 6on6 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: bob.cze (Requestee)
Maps: Missile_b3
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Total Pot: € 4951
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 19


seareal, come to the IRC channel #vegan on quakenet pleaase. i need to talk to u, its very important
Tetra will destroy these noobs LOL
if he wont get banned till the end of this game.
Effects caused by anal rape take a bit long to fade away, I know.
anal rape? That guy is so completely retarded and useless that only thing he's "good" at is playing up on the first stage at supply
Yeah, makes perfect sense to accuse someone of "hax" if you think he's useless. Rofl.
Where did I ever accuse him of hax? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
He's shit
LOL and you are really fucking skilled, let me tell you. Everyone seems to think he hacks, wouldn't be surprised if you did too. Meanwhile, there are random polaks and dutchies going around buying hacks for 2 slices of pizza.
Never heard of anyone thinking that tetra cheats because no one evne knows that fucking random and guess what, no one gives a fuck since he's not even able to win a single map against akuku
Funny thing is he's way more known than you or any of your friends will ever be. A random czech who started playing et when .6b was already out wouldn't know that, though.
The only reason that anyone knows tetra is because he's a terrible player with a huge ego, who likes to talk shit despite losing every single game.

Never played on a team, doesn't post on crossfire, never had a gtv account before today... how is he known?
2.55 highskiller bro
we're not bros. but good luck, I hope you rape this shitty.
np bro, rifleman is the key
rifleman is worst fucking player this game has ever seen :DDDD and when im done with him he will be sucking my cock
i'm the key!
just fucking repaired my phone to write u at whatsapp if you are there.... get on #czet before the match
Foreign, another mad burger who got his ass raped :DDD
the only time you ever beat me was when I went afk.
when you went afk? please fuckface, i had 60-15 against ur shitty team :) oh and dont forget i made anim cry like the little bitch he is :) cya murican
not hard to do that lol
not been able to win a map against akuku? the fuck are u even talking about? that retarded polak cant even reach the fucking flag @ supply.
There is a Polish cheater's website that's still active (all the other websites are dead (for ET)).

Guess that's nothing new tho.. Polish scene........
Not really true
Unaware, as far as my knowledge reaches
looooooooooooooooooooool bob, did i rape u too? u all seem mad
You've lost every time against me, so yeah not really
and nejm, ur a poor fucking cancer poorlak from pooland please die in a carcrash :)
oh wow you beat me when im playing with fucking jaymoders, ur really fucking amazing :)
shot over 70 acc agaisnt me next time, maybe u will be abled to win single map. And one of ur jaymod friends has been shoting 90+ hs on supply, normal day for jaymod noob.
be able to win a single map? ive won every single war against u :DD fucking retarded poorlak
u have to do obj faster than me, not to shot highest dmg.
dont give a fuck about obj in a 3o3 when i play with 2 jaymoders and no ts :) rather blow ur fucking heads off:)
gl tetra :3
ty :) will rape these fucking thirdies :DDDD
You need geography lessons. Uneducated titfuck.
u'd rather catch ur ban than blow anyone :XD
what ban? you fucking retard :DDDDDDD u call me a hacker? :DD so funny poorlak :D
This random guy is so mad :s
so many mad ugly fucking cancer nerds on this shitty website :DDDDDDD hope u all get cancer you fucking pieces of fucks :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
you have some issues.
another bob cocksucker?? :'(
I have no idea who you are but you seem to have some angerproblems :(
then i suggest you shut the fuck up :D dun even kno me :DD
hm did we played against you few minutes ago? (wrath, 1234 & hannah trigwell)
oh then i have to say... you guys have the shittest internet on this fucking planet + what most people here claim :D
shittiest internet?:))) i have 40 ping so please fuckin german trash go dig up hitlers corpse and suck his cock:)
hitler died in argentinia and i would fuck his corpse :)
bitch stop talking, u got 4-0d k? how is your ego still so high after such a fucking rape:PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP go awai faken german :PP
dunno what you think is a rape but not losing supply by maybe 40 seconds and grush we weren't able to secure the gold... nice rape but keep it up
:PPP our 3rd 5 kills, still u lose:) go to hell german
I make 1 nerd angry and whole crossfire starts hate :DD u like fucking turks :DDD need 50 vs 1 :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD get cancer you fucking retards :D
You really sound a lot like nackjee.....
I will be leaving you ugly fuckers alone now <333333 ps dont forget the cancer :)

gl fat THE CAT metzor and zweql :>
fuxk off
dont need gl, will be so fucking easy to rek those shitty 3rd world faggots :)
i dont think so
fapgod is a legend :>
Never heard of, so he must be fucking bad.
but what if they use the same logic against you
and? won supply 5 min vs tezaxo and sklamak, they r all fucking shit :)
inb4 4:0 BB
go eat some burgers you fat bitch
base here :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD pretty sure we won supply 2v3 :DDDDDDDDDD
won adlernest vs you,rgmann,metzor in 43seconds, just shut the fuck up already
waow won vs metzor :PPPPP heres a cookie :PPPP u veri gut :PPP
You had 100 dmg given and 1100damage received, anything else you are talking about and bragging about how good you are?
you remember all my stats :PPP i think u just bullshitting :PPP fucking braindead thirdie pretty sure i rekt u and ur shitty team bymyself :))
pics or didnt happen :pppppp:pppp
omg, jeewee is back <3
Tetra will destroy these noobs LOL
Avi if u need bobika =)
shiet, next time I guess... You didnt answer on snapchat so I didnt know if you would be on.................
nice to cu back dimm after disapeared last year !! ^^
gg :)
it seems this big egoed sweed was as shit as i predicted
yee i feel the same....bobika's team won?!?!??!? impossibruuuuu
tetra really quiet :D
That lil shit will never say anythng again I guess
yea he did try hard to frag tho since i got revived like once :{D very good game it took me 3 rounds to realise what game im playing
this is better.....

BB*Sklamak [Warmup]: FAST
BB*Sklamak [Warmup]: 22:00 play next offi
BB*Sklamak [Warmup]: :
o-|o|-o MtZr [Warmup]: jaja
garretwilliams [Warmup]: GOT another 3v3 offi 21 cet
o-|o|-o MtZr [Warmup]: well then your not really smart lol
o-|o|-o MtZr [Warmup]: each map could take 3O min

match started 21:15.....radar 3:58....missile 4:52.....match end at 21:50! TROLLOLOLOLOED hard

-get 5czech players
-win & rape
yes i did nothing thanks :<
That double teamkill strike at the end was amazing :D
try doing 5 fins :--)
yeye we all know that you have a skillboost after playing with nl legendarys
Rofl, gg
lmao u know ur rly bad when even foreigner is calling you out