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TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup
UB - Round 1

#team-phase - Rules & Brackets
26.10.14 19:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 10877
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
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Hf guys!
You have € 250 on fi RAAB
You lost

You have € 250 on be BOSS
You won € 2272.5
You have € 250 on BOSS
You won € 2272.5
You have € 2250 on fi RAAB
You lost

2014 ET
cup admin bug abusing clearly to have spec tell all the infos, basicly cheating
anyone with a brain knows that wasnt by accident and you would never do it if he didnt tell you infos at voice
haha mate, you're talking bullshit and you know it. Our fh tank has nothing to do with that spec (He wasnt even on our teamspeak :))

You could have said 'no specs allowed' but u didnt and you were not smart enough to /speclock it seems so... Dont blame us for not even doing what u said we were doing

he didnt say a word mad boy ;)
Are you serious about this?

First of all: You allowed our spec, and second thing, he didnt say a word ^^

ggs, goodluck in the rest of the cup
nice bullshit you used server admin to remove OUR speclock, AFTER you had already given the spec invite ages ago
like we're so smart
What makes you think these honest mature lads wouldn't play fair? Grow a pair.
Yeah you're right. We are so smart to to that, and i'm admin, why should i break the rules...
when did we allow the spec, he connected in the middle of the match? we instantly speclock
then at the end of the round you remove axis speclock, which seems to be a bug and only our speclock was removed and not yours, which you must know given the great timing and not just using specinvite. our speclock removed is confirmed when i speclock again in gr when i seem to be suspicious if we are even speclocked and we were not....

so as far as im concerned we played around 1/2 the match with you having a spec telling what we are doing
Ahah those guys are sad doing something like that in current ET state
we didn't do anything wrong.. ffs :P
say what. Thought u know me ? And if u do, u know I wouldnt do that & dont wanna win that way
I know you and I know you're a nice guy, tho the majority of the players you're playing with are acting like faggots so yeah it wouldn't surprise me that much. Well see lettu's screenshot, everything's there
its hard to prove that our 'spec' didnt tell ANYTHING on TS but yeah its the truth...

Hmm, i dont see a point why i should 'cheat' with bugs in my 'own' cup hosted by phase?

Like eron said already, it's hard to prove but its the truth. But i know everyone hates me and they think i would do that.. but heeeeejjj 11min tankhold ln grush because of that spec??? Just stop the hate on me. We won 3-0 on a fair way. And now ill stop this shit.
So, now what? you're claiming a FF win because of this reason? He was not even giving infos, not even talking in channel :D
why do u sneak a bug like that if hes not gonna talk? its pretty obvious he was giving infos on us
All we can say is that he didnt say a word.. ofc you don't believe us .. still don't understand why you think we would lie for a dead game and even when we will lose the next match against turbot anyway :P
Think what you want, we didnt us that bug, he wasnt talking, have a nice day.
yes have a nice day, im happy this bug is more known now so its harder for u or others to keep pulling stuff like this in the future
Chilax would never cheat anyone

its not like ud be able to win a match without cheating or something similar
*We might have played 1/2 of the game with a spec telling what u guys were doing.

But we didnt, 2 bad, nice try.
dat config though :D what picmip is that lOl
just ask admin for a rematch..
If they are right they will beat you again :)
die kerel zat niet eens iets te zeggen :P komop zeg.. sommige mensen nemen dit spel te serieus xD
let them get their first pocal in 2014 lettu !
brb, going to laugh
All those haters, i love it :)

Why should we lie about that spec ffs :d
Maybe because you are actually busted cheater, or is that irrelevant?
Dunno what that has to do with this game and/or the spec.
Maybe that, he's not a 100% trustworthly player?
98% I'd say

Polak has a bigger logic sense than eron, call it gg day
so all cheaters are no trusthworthy persons ? =D After all he did for this community AFTER the cheat story ?
yes, he said, he never did cheat just after that ban. Even if there are trustworthly ex-cheaters (sounds retarded, what u think?), he's not one of them.
Well yeah, thats your opinion.
ask aNGER if i'm a trustworthy person (he knows me in real life)
Anger, is chilax trustworthly person? U know him in real life and u would tell me true if u are cheatbuddys or clean players.
Why do you keep talking about cheats, it's about the fairness about this game.. And if i'm a liar or smth., but why am i still replying to your posts... pointless
Yes, i have to believe ur irl friend, who wont lie and tell me everything about u xddddd, good argument.
U did lie about ur cheats even after ban, and "year ago" excuse is stupid. Why would smth change for that year?
Why do u reply to me? Why not. U did the same year ago when u get banned. Also u are an admin and pointless insults against arguments would make u looking ridiculous.
U were never been fair for any confusing moment, so fairness sounds like a joke in ur mouth. I never did use rules against anyone to win or get an advantage and thats called fairplay.
Don't you remember chilax saying he would never cheat just like few hours before that bust from kitt? :DD
Didnt know ChilAx & friends when they were cheating (cuz I was inactive)
thats why they are trustworthly for u now :'D
So what are you trying to tell him now? That we are cheating now or what? ...
are u trying to tell me, u just stopped cheating right in the moment when they removed (decent) anticheat :D?
It's funny that you still think i'm cheating now... Thefak xd
dont worry bro :P noone did believe me when i said, u are obviously cheating like 2 months before ur ban so noone gonna believe me now :P
Well, MAYBE u even playing clean right now but u were always playing unfair like cancel match u lost because gtv went offline for last round.
thats another thing what i did a fking year ago.. Stop trying to accuse me of all things... I thought the past is the past .. but idc what you think about me :p cya
it was like month ago :PPpPppp
Oh really, show me
Against ipod
its not easy to admit but i believe you and the 2nd person whos cheating its eron ;)
What ? Do u say I'm cheating now or ? :D

Prolly the same hax as I used @ LAN etc ? Who are you ?
mentioning lan to meehow who was getting rekt there more than kapot online is funny :D
Well yeah actually I dont have to mention anything. I'm tired of this discussion and I'm gna stop reading it. I know I'm playing like this for several years and there are a lot of people who know that, some are still active, most aren't anymore. I dont care what a polak/anyone else thinks of it.
die kerel meent da gewoon he XD
imo game should be replayed
merci gasten!
You have € 500 on BOSS
You won € 4545
Godverdomme, den jerre vol vertrouwen in ons :D
Ok for the ones who are saying this is a bug or 'cheating': don't focus on that ss's, i specunlocked after round 1 of deli when the scores were in the console, so BOSS was still AXIS, that is why it said 'Axis were specunlocked by boss chilax' .. It's more an ET bug than i did /specunlock in my own console when i was axis :D

And still: he didnt say a word(can't prove that, and the haters wont believe me because i was busted 1 year ago? oh well..) so this is just a fair match.
I requested match and all I can say that n!nja dude specced RAAB side twice in a start (prolly could have given ST) and during the pause.

So speccing just axis I dont see he could have given any comms to them unless he was having a wallhack :)

and for lettu&maza&walle you should already know that swapping teams bugs speclock and u need to speclock then unspeclock and speclock again
alright, seems like most he could have done is given our spawntime then. i have no idea about bugs like that or that you can follow a spec in replay and see who he watched.
case closed and looks like we didnt get cheated after all, but a lot of coincidences that suggested otherwise
just request -> in the server do /players and /follow that guys number
Idd, he COULD HAVE given the spawntime but he didnt so.. A lot of coincidences idd and I wouldnt believe the oppo as well so I understand you. Its just hard to prove that he didnt say a word and we didnt won with bugs/cheats or w/e.

Case closed imo
Thank god! Yea he was about to give us spawntime when I asked eron if that was the correct spawntime I had in game but he didnt even know he was standing on AFK button at TS (that's what he said after game to us). So he didnt say a word the whole game but yea too bad we can't prove it just like chilax said above ..
what aNGER (& Swani) said.
ET nowadays...
Some are just rusty imo...