Team-Visual vs credibilis. (8463 views)

nl iNsAA
nl outlAw
nl Aie
de s1LENT
30.10.14 23:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: inSHAIne (Requestee)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 2423
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Viewer Peak: 6


u want the D?
just ridiculous :)
we do everything to get our number 1 spot back!
with everything, you mean sell your soul?:S
cu in 10 years
sum crossroad [nl]D3M0N?
already buried my stuff, cu soon
it's a trap tho..
where is dean MOTHERFUCKING HO?!
im starting to like this knight suit
kroket still sleeping?
R.I.P kroket
sick shit

wp visual
wp insane bro
why people still playin vs cheaters? lal
Szkoda ze nie widziales co twoj bro o was pisal na waszym meczu z tydzien temu xd
thx sir:D
did anyone else noticed some skillboosts recently?
other than yours? ":D"
well bobika, thats what they call playing active again *<|:-)
I've noticed from all known oldschool players it was usually going back from massive skilldrop to previous skills, not like low/+, year or 2 break, low/+ again and med+ next week.
well i was bad so i dunno :?

PS: i never been or will be low/+ :-)
I mean players like base, supna, dnbradio, insane, nazty, rapz from 2012 and now hayzay, sherclock and many others.
Btw do u let me say smth sbout u or what? U are like upload, its hard to say, since u are playing on decent lvl such a long time already which makes u looking legit, but if u would be regular cheater, experience will allow u to hide it good enough.
base supna dnb nazty got busted,what are you saying?
I gave example of people who did improve much in short time. Maybe u are clean... or maybe u were inactive this time, when they get banned in single wave :pPPpPpppLPPpPpPPppp
i played like once with them. not really on their ts at that time.
Why would one trust you?
and everyone should trust you right? cuz you have been doing a great job at playing without cheaters. nejm basically stated the same at that point.
Trust in what? Am I defending someone right now? Your argument is invalid.
then i suggest you stick your nose in your own business because your arguments were invalid the moment you started typing here.
Comment section is public so I can do whatever I want here.
its always hilarious to read ur shit about some1's english level, while ur level is pretty terrible also.
Oh boy you're an idiot XD
Coming from a guy who's busted and still trying to get back into the game by faking other players, getting new ip pc and shit :DDDd

and also publicly claiming that you gave hacks to vyjii and others, funny guy
not all of them got banned for cheating btw.
Kan je dit stoppen? Er waren 5 a 6 spelers op teamspeak toen ik moest inloggen voor iemand anders in de match Romenie - Nederland? Wat zeg jij nu 'busted'. Er waren nooit cheats gevonden bij me + ik speelde telkens met ac op mijn eigen pcs de admin kon dat wel bevestigen de enige reden voor de ban is dat ik 1 x inlogde voor Damon op ac. Ook Damon was clean hij had windows XP daarom moest ik het voor hem laten runnen. En ook base was erbij toen op teamspeak.
Ik weet gap
T is toch waar moest mijn vriendin niet zo geil staan toen was dit toch nooit gebeurd geef toe? je hoorde haar toch bezig ^^
since u are playing on decent lvl such a long time already which makes u looking legit,

did u just forget that he has been banned from CB like 10 times?
Only 6 times and only 2 times for cheating, wtf man.
so finaly u figured out how skill and mechanics for players works :D
Not really :D
lekker boys !
Silent mad > licks admins balls > disputes match. Maturity level good. You guys win almost everything, if you take a loss dont fucking cry. You lost once against us before.
How can u whine about anything and anyone you little shit
you dont get to talk about whining igi. All you ever lived for is whining and accusing. im just defending this since they could not take a loss and disputed this match. kanker retard
i really dont want to imagine how i would destroy you guys with a 3rd program.
and i know when someone is cheating and dont tell me you arent. or didnt that match.That was quite obvious
What fucking 3rd program boy. I expected the whine from silent but not from you. And because you "know" some1 is cheating based on the weather doesnt mean he is. You guys lost motivation on second map wivh made it easy. Get over it jezus
"lost motivation" oh boy. stop defending yourself already. keep on chating in a dead game in 2014 and be happy that you would get fucked otherwise.
maybe you need it to fulfill your live who knows..
"Fullfill my life with it"? Like i could give a shit about your non relevant ass. I just hate the hypocritism that when you win you dont say shit, as if you always win. Bitch please. You got reckt accept it
talk to me again when i see you on lan and you perform like that :) and than again... who are you? but i will just stop right here guess i have to accept that this is et nowdays and i know why every quits playing
cuz of 15years old cheatscums that got a 20%hs acc without having a proper past nor have played in any decent clans OR even were so horrible weeks/months ago.

See you on lan? Why on lan? Funny kid ardennenlaan 60 amsterdam cu man you wont even make it through my neighberhood fucking suicidal piece of meat. Fucking nerd thinks this game is everything. Go cry behind your desk and when youre finished come look me up. Kankermongooltje
QuoteFucking nerd thinks this game is everything

You would be more credible if you or your mate "outlaw" wouldnt have been busted several times before and showed at least some part of gamesense. All you did yesterday was pushing out at 20 seconds :DD But ye keep believing you guys are clean if that makes you feel better. Just curious why nobody wanted you guys in the NC team when you pretend to be "clean and skilled".
Tbh sILENT, get your fact straight. insAne has never been busted :-).
I think u missed something
Yup was gone this weekend, just came back. I bet its some guy faking him, cause he was working but ye we will see :?
Yeah, he get banned while being in work, u got this, lets unban him. It doesnt matter, these pbss he get banned for may be even half year old, but he has been working this time too for sure.
zamknij kurwa już tą mordę
kurde, tyle juz grasz ze swoimi legendarnymi kolegami, ze nie wiem czy moge do ciebie pisac jak rowny z rownym.
hahaha guess i hurt your feelings little scrub. what you think you live in america? :).
Nice threat. Cu when youre finished crying those rivers full
ik kom wel een keer langs voor die gezette thee ;)
voutlAw [5:43]: BisteMad?
Even odds were in our favor so it wasnt all unexpected from within the community. Take a loss like a man.
QuoteEven odds were in our favor so it wasnt all unexpected from within the community.

congratulations - 1st place in 3o3 ladder good job guys

iiiiiiiiii szafa gra
You shouldn't brag about anything since 100% of your team has been previously busted and not just once.
wich is why i dont
I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club. You can't even get in. ahahaha

Other than that, iNsAne and I have never been busted/cheating kaulo monkey.
Hahaahahahaha bum bum bum badapkzzz

lol :DDDDDDDDDD I played with insane in a clan in like 2008?!?!? where he got busted.
Uhm no you did not?lolXD didnt even knew you till 2years ago. Guess youre mistaking with belgium insane.
Btw silent when you were winning against us you didnt seem to care about wether we cheat or not. But when you lose you cry. But thats none of my business let me set some tea
playing against one cheater is different from playing vs 3. + I was mercing the last time so it wasnt my team -> no rights
Dude i never played with you back in the day. I never will in the near future. I have never been busted and i never will. You can be mad all you want but at the end of the day, youve got nothing on us:D instead of whining on a friday go enjoy your weekend, as for you means play 24/7.
:D whats next? You claiming outlaw has never been caught cheating?
known cheaters for years arguing with people who've been around for years with no busts/clean record..."But thats none of my business let me set some tea"
the one who got hacks sent just before he started rolling talking... "But thats none of my business let me set some tea"
1. Are you shit talking ME? 2. WHAT? ROFL 3. Since when were you apart of this argument or even on the side of outlaw/insane 4. "just started rolling" HA spec me for the past 4 years i been active on offi's playing the same way since 5. i thought you loved me :[
HAYZAY played exactly the same, if not better, on Team USA 2012 back when he was playing with your butt buddy crono every day. He went inactive after that and kinda lost it until he started playing frequently again recently (around the time we all learned what a massive retard you are and stopped playing with you). He didn't suddenly start rolling.
Nerds mad cuz nerds bad.
what do you expect? my boy ins is fuckin active in this game.. do you think you willl win?
Did you quit again?
Never said I quit, I play ET when I feel like playing it, which is less than it used to be
cheaters complaining about cheaters

Thanks for the entertainment.
Ive seen a lot of shit, but the 2 lowest players in ET be called cheaters is really something new
das ist credibilis
and the players gonna play play play play play
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
hayzay on aimbot vs insane on aimbot, those were hilarious times lol